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Loading Audio and Video USB Thumb-drive / Sticks to your Device


The audio and video files we supply on USB sticks / thumb drives are compatible with and can be played on all modern devices including:

  • Computers running Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Phones and Tablets running Android and iOS
  • Smart televisions that can play audio and video files
  • USB speakers can often play audio MP3 files
  • Game consoles
  • And many other assorted devices.

Our audio files are encoded in the universally compatible MP3 format, which will play on virtually any device and our video files are encoded using low complexity H.264 codec in .mp4 files. With the exception of some very old phones these video files will also play on virtually all devices.

Getting the Audio and Video Files on your Device

On devices that you can physically plug the USB stick into you can just plug it in and view the directory of the USB stick and click on or select the file you want to pay and it will play.

On devices which you can not physically plug the USB thumb drive into like most phones and tablets generally you need to use a computer to transfer the files to your device.

For iOS devices including iPhones and iPads you can install iTunes on your computer [there is a Windows version and Mac version of iTunes available]. You can download iTunes from:

Download iTunes

Once you have downloaded iTunes on your computer you can add the files from the USB stick to your iTunes library on your computer and then plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer, it will be recognised by iTunes, and then within iTunes you can very easily transfer whatever audio and video files you want to you iOS device.

For Android devices including phones and tablets you can plug your device into a computer and transfer the files to the "Audio" or "Video" folders on your device. For Windows computers your Android device will be automatically recognised as an external drive when you plug it into your computer and you can just navigate to the Audio or Video folder and use the Windows File Manager to drag and drop the audio and video files into your device.

Apple Mac computers running MacOS do not automatically recognise Android devices. So if you want to transfer the audio and video files from your Mac computer to an Android device you need to install the "Android File Transfer" app:

Download Android File Transfer

When you have this Android File Transfer app installed on your Mac computer as soon as you plug in your Android device a window will appear showing the directory of the files on your Android device. So you can then just drag and drop the audio and video files you want to transfer from the Mac Finder to your Android device.

These are the standard ways for getting the audio and video files from the USB sticks / thumb drives onto your devices. Another option is the open source audio and video player, VLC. VLC, in addition to being a very good player, allows you to transfer files from your computer to a mobile device on the same network. VLC runs on all devices.

Download VLC

Selecting the Audio and Video Recordings You Want to Play

For the video files it is sufficient to navigate through the directory structure of the USB stick / thumb drive and select the videos you want to play. The Video files also have iTunes Television Show tags in them that can be activated in iTunes, described in a seperate help-desk article.

Audio files, however, have a lot of information stored in the MP3 tags. This information is not available from the file names. This MP3 tag information includes:

  • Title: The recording date plus a description of the recording.
  • Album: The type of recording (eg: Kirtan, Bhagavad-gita Class, Morning Walk, Room Conversation, Bhajan, etc.)
  • Genre: The location of the recording (eg: Los Angeles, Mayapur, Sydney, etc)
  • Year: The year the recording was made

So using these MP3 tags you can very easily select exactly what you want to hear. If you want to hear Morning Walks in Los Angeles you can select the album "Morning Walks" and the genre "Los Angeles" for example.

There are so many MP3 players available on all devices which will allow you to do this. VLC will do this on all devices. On all the Apple devices iTunes and the corresponding iOS apps will do it. On Windows there is Windows Media Player and so many other options. The MP3 tags we have used are very standard and will be recognised on virtually any MP3 playing device or app.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

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