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How Can I Track My Order?

All Current Information About Your Order is Always Available Online:

You can always get the complete and up-to-date information about the current status of your order by going to the order tracking page. You can get there by clicking HERE or clicking on the link in your order confirmation email or clicking on the "Order Tracking" link at the bottom of the Krishna Store website.

On the order tracking page you will see the complete information about your order. If we are sending your order in more than one shipment you will see each shipment listed with the products in each shipment. If there is a tracking number available you can see it on this page.

A Note on Tracking Numbers:

Even if there is a tracking number provided the shipping companies and postal services do not always scan the barcodes on the packages. Therefore in some cases there will not be detailed information of the shipment on the companies tracking website. Do not worry. This is normal. If you see the tracking number recorded on our order tracking website you know that section of your order is shipped.

EMS Tracking Numbers:

For the items we ship directly from India we send by registered EMS Air Mail. The EMS system provides a tracking number which can generally be tracked in the destination countries postal website once the package arrives in the country. For example if your order is from the United States in many cases you will be able to track the EMS number at after the package is actually in the US (allow 7-10 days from the shipping date).

Of course this tracking depends on if the postal service scans the bar code or not. Sometimes they do not. So if you do not see your tracking information do not worry.

There is a list of EMS tracking websites worldwide available HERE

Not all countries postal services support tracking of inwards parcels. But, again, do not worry, if you see the tracking number on our website you can rest assured that your order has been shipped by registered mail and you can expect it to arrive typically within ten days to two weeks of the shipment date.

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