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No Tracking in United States

United States Postal Service are not as efficient as they used to be. They are still reliable in the sense that they do deliver all the packages but sometimes they take a long time and they can not track registered mail packages once they arrive in the US...

As far as online package tracking is concerned USPS is now worse than most third-world postal systems.

So very often with packages delivered by USPS there will be no online tracking available once the package arrives in the US.

So please be patient with any delivery through USPS. Typically packages do arrive within two weeks of the shipping date. But sometimes USPS can take a month or even more to deliver packages after they arrive in the United States...

Also USPS are inclined to not deliver packages if there is even a slight problem with the delivery address you provide us with.

So please always check that you have given us your correct and complete delivery address including your apartment number, the correct zip code, etc.

We are hoping that USPS will return to their old efficient service but it is out of control.

If your package does not arrive within two weeks from the shipping date please contact your local post office directly and give them the tracking number. Your package is with USPS and USPS are the only people who will be able to tell you where it is and when it will be delivered.


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