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My Order Has Not Arrived Yet

Your most up-to-date order information is always available online:

You can always check the status of your order online at

Order Information

Please check this before sending us a support request about the status of your order.

Please be patient:

We ship items on your order from different locations depending on where they are available and what is the best way to get them to you. We have found that generally our customers prefer the most economical, reliable deliver method available. So with our shipping we concentrate on economical shipping cost and reliable delivery.

We aim to get your order to you within 10 days to two weeks of the shipment date. So please wait at least two weeks after the shipment date before enquiring about your order.

There may be more than one shipment on your order:

Currently most of our items ship from USA and India. We also ship from Europe and England for customers in Europe and we ship from Australia for customers in Australia.

So you may receive a number of shipments from different locations to complete your order.

Always please allow 10 days to two weeks from the shipment date for these packages to arrive.

Occasionally there can be delays beyond our control:

Sometimes a package can be delayed in customs or delayed in the postal system. So in these cases it can take longer than two weeks for your package to arrive. However we are sending hundreds of packages every week and virtually all of them are arriving safely at their destinations. So our delivery system is very reliable.

We simply ask you to please be a little patient and wait at least 2 weeks after you receive the email notification that your order has shipped before contacting us and asking us if your order has been shipped.

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