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The Status of my Order is Still "Processing"

Occasionally there may be a delay in your order's status changing from "processing" to "shipped"

Our target is to ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Occasionally this is not possible and it may take a little longer to ship your order. We have to deal with many things. Also the status information is updated on the computer after your order ships, so there is sometimes a slight delay in this updating process. So please be a little patient and do not immediately send us a support request if you do not see your order status change to "shipped" right away. Please give us a little time and you will soon receive the email notifying you that your order has shipped.

Please understand that as soon as we receive your order we are working on it. Every order is different and we face many challenges in quickly sending out all of your orders. Due to various reasons it is sometimes not possible to ship within 24 hours, so please give us a few days grace here. As soon as your order is in our system we are working very hard to get it out to you as soon as absolutely possible.

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