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Bangles, Calcutta (6 pack)
Round Tulsi Japa Beads
Harinam Neck Scarf Big Letters
Radha Krishna in Chakra Stand
Marble Radha Krishna Deities (11")
Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 5"
Womens Churidar Stretchable Pants

Customer Testimonials

Very practical

By Anandamaya Dasa

Whatever is needed in our daily practice we find it there.

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Mother yasoda

By Janet Misch

It looked like a real painting. The colors were great and it was printed on canvas.

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Krishna Store

By Priti Singh

Hare Krishna . Im very pleased to tell that im satisfied with the service provided by the Krishna St ...

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Return Customer

By S. McRae

Krishnastore.com.au is a Godsend - a lot of useful items that are well-priced and purchases arrive q ...

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Priceless Nectar for the price of meal

By Craig Neubauer

I have many of Prabhupada's original books in hardcover and paperback which I love. However, I love ...

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Peacock feather diety fan

By Sri

Very happy with the purchase. Items are as described. Its a beautiful piece to any place of worship.

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Wish fulfilled

By Saraswati Pramudi

I am extremely happy and thankful to this website for e-books on various topics. I am able to read t ...

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Only Real Website

By Harshit Sareen

Best website to buy Krishna Consciousness products Great support and delivery is also fast

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very pleased

By Cemal Eren

i have received your goods and am learning from you. please keep sending me your informing letters o ...

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Wonderful Products

By Srila Amrata Awenyd

We have a Bhakti Yoga Ashram in Cashmere Queensland and are very happy with the service and products ...

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Love Krishna Music

By Tinju

I love Krishna music. I just ordered some music cd's and Prabhupads talks. They are great. I am olde ...

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Ordered two item. Both arrived in good conditions and are of goo

By Shrijit Mukherjee

I ordered a can of Camphor and a Peacock Fan. Both arrived in good conditions and are of very good q ...

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Great Store

By Muhammad Hesham Hasan

I really like Krishnastore.com and would buy from them again. I purchased from them the Hari Krisna ...

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Extremely pleased!

By Rukmini Devi Dasi

Hare Krsna! I just received a very nice package full of high quality devotional items, and I couldn ...

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Always Awesome

By Dennis Gress

I have ordered several items over several months. I am always satisfied with the quality of the pro ...

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