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Men's Pure Woolen Chadar / Shawl
Wall Hanging -- Sri Laksmi Devi
Jai Sri Radhe Nameplate
Sari, Cotton -- White Flower Print
Kurta -- Color Jute
Fancy Silk Scarf

Fancy Silk Scarf

Lord Shiva Brass Deity (4.5" high)
Bengali Bhagavad Gita As It Is
Tulsi Mahamantra Necklace

Customer Testimonials


By Rao Valivety

truly simply, timely, convenient and as promised

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By Maria Stevenson

My items arrived in a fair amount of time and I was very pleased with my order and will order from t ...

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By Bailey Pittard

The product is fantastic! I love my Jagannath Balarama and Subhadrā dieties. It is so nice to have ...

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By Clair Bird

I had been looking for somewhere to buy Vindaban Incense for quiet a while. So I was really happy wh ...

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A very beautiful and inspiring picture

By Emma Brown

I bought a beautiful poster of Krishna and each day I feel the beauty and energy from this picture i ...

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Lovely little pictures

By Kathie

I am very pleased with the little pictures I received from you. The colors are bright and pretty.

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The Hare Krishna Explosion

By Pauline Maley

Excellent service. I read this book many years ago and loved it then. When I saw it on your list I k ...

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Prompt delivery/Excellent Products

By Sarjit

Second time I have ordered products thru' the krishnastore website. Both times, received prompt deli ...

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A big thank you to krishna store

By Anand Jalawadi

A big thank you to Krishna store for delivering the order on time and with quality packing, Appreci ...

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~15 years of orders, KrishnaStore has always delivered!

By Petteri Ödner

This 30 Vol. Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam edition is the one Śrīla Prabhupāda lectured from. The pages ar ...

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Very nice work

By Jules Ramundt

Very nice stuff.I am satisfied and very nice contact.I will order again.Haribol

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Thank You

By Jessica Prichard

Great selection, great product delivered. Beautiful handmade products. HARE KRISHNA _3

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Krishna store is the best !!

By Netra Pandilwar

We are very happy to receive a nice service like this. It's very easy to buy all the important thing ...

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Very Nice

By Nikelda Cave

Glad I bought these as a gift. I also purchased a pair for myself. The service and communication ...

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Very satisfying buy

By Sam Mohan

The malas were Just as pictured and described in the web site and they showed up after 2 weeks as pr ...

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