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Marble Elephant (3" x 4")
Mahamantra Plate -- Small
Metal Tortoise (set of 2)
Bracelets, Bengal, White (6 pack)
Gaura Nitai Clothes & Jewelery
Brass Surya Sun God Deity (8")
Ladies' Top -- South Indian Style

Customer Testimonials

My neckbeads were sent from India!

By Thomas Haroutunian

What an exciting experience to order genuine Tulasi neckbeads and have them delivered from India! I ...

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By Tini Rode

so beautiful and nice. all the the best for all of you. hare krishna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Always Happy With Krishna Store!

By Melinda Moore

I’ve been purchasing from Krishna Store for many years, from both Canada and the United States, re ...

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Great Website

By Priyesh Shah

Hare Krishna, I really love this website. I have managed to get a lot of things from here which I wa ...

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Wonderful service

By Sonal Patel

Dear All at Krishna.com Thank you for your meticulous and efficient service. I received my o ...

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Mantra Meditation Kits

By Jade

Hare Krishna!! My kits arrived today, thank you! One was for my mum who was as thrilled as I was. Th ...

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I am satisfied

By Marjolaine S

Haribol, the delivery was fast, everything I order arrived, I'm very satisfatied. Thank you. H ...

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By Rainer Herter

Hari Bol, finally I play on my lovely Tilak Mrdanga. The Mrdanga has a nice sound with a deep rev ...

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Very Nice

By Govindand Das

I was very happy to have received Kurta, chadar, neck beads, and yoga pants. Everything arrived as p ...

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Quick professional service and quality merchandise

By Chris Galacgac

I have been buying from Krishna Store for many years and have always found their service to be excel ...

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Wonderful handmade items!

By Dustin Vano

I love the beads and the bead bag. So happy with my purchase! I’ve been looking for beads like the ...

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A Direct Link to India

By Brahmdas

For many months I was frustrated in trying to find plain Indian Kurtas in white to wear while facili ...

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Wonderful service and products

By Karen Griffiths

Thank you for the wonderful service I received when ordering products through your store. All the g ...

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Tilak and Cymbals

By Pradipta

I had ordered Gopi Chandan Powder for Tilak, Tilak Stamp, and Hand Cymbals. I was surprised that it ...

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A wonderful and peaceful and honest experience

By Swami Gyanananda

It is a lovely period of my life, where I follow my inner wishes, and I’ve always had a warm feeli ...

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