Kurta -- Saffron Jute
Masala Incense Variety Pack
Yogi Pants Saffron Cotton
Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 7"
Bandej Lehenga

Bandej Lehenga

Harinam Chadar Super Fine Cotton


By Bhakta Bruce

NAMASTE, I thank You so much. The items arrived on time. and were properly packaged. THANK YO ...

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well managed reasonably priced

By Tirthankar Bhowmick

Finally, a well managed reasonably priced website for devotees !!

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Great Products Unavailable Locally

By Tony Smith

When I worked in London in the 1970s and 80s, and was young and healthy, it was easy to pop along to ...

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Everything Is Awesome

By Abbeygale Quinn

I've been ordering things here for a long time, and I am always pleased with my products. The produc ...

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By Kristina Hamilton

Thank you so much for the speedy dispatch and very well wrapped package. Upon opening it, I was just ...

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Wonderful Products

By Jagye

I was very pleased with the products and pricing. Everything was as described and customer service w ...

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Hari Bol! Jaya Prabhupada!

By Jonathan Haddon

Thank you for the quick shipping of my purchase; It is a blessing to be given the gift of enlightenm ...

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Always a great service

By Tom Lee

As ever, a super speedy delivery and extremely reasonable prices. Quicker and more efficient than mo ...

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You knock and the door opens

By Arun Mukhopadhyay

I asked for a little you gave me so much. I asked for the Sacred Srimad Bhagavatam books and you sen ...

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Krishnastore.in and Bhagavad Gita As It Is Review

By Prathik Mohan

The book 'Bhagavad Gita As It Is' is without a doubt the most powerful book I've ever read! I didn't ...

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Good quality product

By John Brown

As ever the product is excellent and you cannot fault the service from krishna store. Hare Krishna

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Amazingly fast delivery of 2boxes of books

By Martina Edler

Very fast delivery of 1box life comes from life and 1box beyond birth and death,also its perfect tha ...

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Great service

By Asaf

I ordered 4 books. Something went wrong with the delivery so the devotees in charge took personal ca ...

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Great product with lightness and good sound

By Tulasi

Easily Tunable: Indicates that the drum can be quickly and effortlessly adjusted to achieve the desi ...

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incense from Vrindaban

By Ksetrajna Dasa

nice incense

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