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Jagannatha Iron-On Patch
What Is The Difficulty?
Metal Elephants (Set of 2)
Raw Silk Chadar (2.6m)
Saffron Wool-Cotton Chadar / Shawl
Marble Radha Krishna Deities (11")
Mahamantra Plate -- Large
Cow Print Neck Scarf Cotton
Kamadhenu Cow with Calf
Hindi Bhagavad Gita As It Is
Kurta -- Jute, white
Brass Surya Sun God Deity (8")

Customer Testimonials

Amazing Service

By Sarnaduti Brahma

Hare Krishna! I am very satisfied with all the products I ordered from KrishnaStore.com. I have o ...

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True and authentic

By Anamika

When you purchase from krishnastore you are sure to get a good quality product at a very reasonable ...

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Hare Krishna!

By Richard Azari

I have purchased several items from Krishna Store. Each one of the products is marvelous, and I coul ...

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Great Karatals

By Nicholas Francis

I bought some karatals from Krishna Store recently and I was very happy with them. They chime very n ...

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Krishna books are worth more than a $50,000 self help library

By Marvin Flyer

I am on my 2nd reading of Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS. I have read Prabhupada's Library. as well as the F ...

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By N/A


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Flash of Light

By Purana Das

I smile when I receive emails from your shop during a day otherwise consumed by the intense and seri ...

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Super excellent packaging & fast delivery with hassle free payme

By Akhilesh Jalakanta

Hare Krsna to all Vaishnavas pamho , All Glories To His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila ...

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Very happy with all my purchases

By Richard Lindke

I am very happy with everything I purchased and hope to by more. Thank you for getting everything to ...

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By Navrang Patel


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Gratitude and Personal Satisfaction

By Timothy Onucki

I am very much satisfied with all of my ordering and order processing and customer care follow-up ex ...

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Perfect Gift

By Jurate Balseviciute

I bought several things from Krishna Store for my best friend and she was really happy with it. Espe ...

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Peacock feather diety fan

By Sri

Very happy with the purchase. Items are as described. Its a beautiful piece to any place of worship.

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Always Delighted

By Kshitij Gaurav

Always a delight to order from KS . The service is prompt , which is so inspiring . All products und ...

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Great product and fast shipping!

By Sean Khang

I ordered the wool shaw. Arrived fast and the product is very beautiful! Made a very big difference ...

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