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Padded Ring For Keeping Mrdanga On
Prabhupada Cap -- Wool
Nrsimhadeva Iron-On Patch
Dhoti -- Heavy Khadi
Cow Print Neck Scarf Cotton
T-Shirt: OM Sign -- Embroided
Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 7"
Waistcoat / Vest -- Khadi Men's

Customer Testimonials

Lovely service and devotional product

By Theresa M Yankovoy

I received a well packaged devotional product. I could feel the devotion in the product as I opened ...

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By Roberto Foco

Excellent choice for variety, types of products and prices Website understandable and very accessib ...

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Don't know what I'd do without the Krishna Store

By Michael Lindsay

I've been a regular customer of the Krishna Store over the past year and my experience has been cons ...

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Good Yogi pants.

By Charan

I like these yogi pants,seem a nice design. Maybe i'll become a Sri Krsna devoted yogi some day, if ...

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Krishna books are worth more than a $50,000 self help library

By Marvin Flyer

I am on my 2nd reading of Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS. I have read Prabhupada's Library. as well as the F ...

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A blessing on the senses

By Ryan Fletcher

I found the materials a joyful experience to watch and listen to. His Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swam ...

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My neckbeads were sent from India!

By Thomas Haroutunian

What an exciting experience to order genuine Tulasi neckbeads and have them delivered from India! I ...

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Amazing Yoga Pants!

By Darren Ferris

These garments are of excellent quality. They are so comfortable to wear & wash well. My favourite a ...

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Lovely items

By Peter Morgan

Great items my friend was very happy with.Fast delivery.will be back soon

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execlent incense from vrindavan

By Shastri

very good quality fast delivery by DHL ,i will buy many more times hari boooo....

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Krsna is love

By Blayre :)

I really like this website a whole bunch. I use a local Krsna website also, but that dont have thing ...

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Blessing to humankind

By Vinayak Raghuvamshi

Krishna store has the best collection of divine books, even those that are not available easily anyw ...

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Very Happy Customer

By Mitra Ramroopsingh

Very fast shipping as items ordered arrived earlier than expected. Very, very pleased with items pur ...

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Love the Krishna Store

By Bryan Millwood

Hare Krishna.....a great place to shop and always fast delivery...have been buying kurtas and other ...

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Correct delivery

By Iris Goosen

Haribol! Accessible website, good shop, all links are active, inexpensive shipment India/Europe, co ...

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