Incense -- Highest Quality, Temple Grade: Pure and natural world-class temple grade incense handmade in India.

We have many pure and natural scents from flowers and resins. Incense is used to create an auspicious atmosphere of calmness and serenity. It enhances meditation, yoga, kirtan and other spiritual practices. The best incense in the world!

We supply 250 gram and 100 gram packages. Incense is sold by weight so the number of sticks varies. Generally 100 gram pack will have around 50 sticks and 250 gram pack will have more than 120 sticks. Some varieties have thicker sticks, others have thinner sticks. So for thinner sticks the quantity of sticks is greater.

Masala Incense Variety Pack
Vrindavan Flower Incense
Sandalwood Supreme Incense
Nag Champa Incense
Parijata Incense
Frankincense Incense
Kesar Chandan Incense
Opium Incense

Opium Incense

Patchouli Incense
Everest Incense
Rose Incense -- (225 gram pack)
Lavender Incense
Musk Incense

Musk Incense

Dhoop Pure Incense Sticks 3.5"
Kesar Chandan Incense Cones
Steel Incense Holder Stand
Steel Incense Tower

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