Tulsi Japa Chanting Beads: For Chanting Hare Krishna Japa

Huge range of Hare Krishna tulsi japa chanting beads (tulsi mala). Available in different shapes and sizes. Also inexpensive neem japa chanting beads and a complete range of japa bead bags in white, saffron, plain colors and beautiful embroidered bead bags.

Basic Tulsi Japa Beads - Large
Basic Tulsi Japa Beads - Medium
Basic Tulsi Japa Beads - Small
Neem Japa Beads -- Colored
Neem Japa Beads -- Standard
Round Tulsi Japa Beads
Mridanga Shaped Tulsi Japa Beads
Barrel Shaped Tulsi Japa Beads
Japa Counting Beads
Japa Counting Beads - Big Round
Kadhi Japa Bead Bag
Extra Large Kadhi Japa Bead Bag
Panca Tattva Japa Bead Bag
Panca Tattva Japa Bead Bag
Japa Bead Bag -- Katia Silk
Ladies IALOT Beadbags Pack of 5
Colored Silk Japa Bead Bag
Harinam Beadbag Pack of 5
Nitai Pada Kamala Japa Bead Bag
Velvet Japa Bead Bag

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