Chadars / Shawls: The traditional Indian way to keep warm

The traditional way to keep warm in India during the cold weather is to warp a warm woolen chadar or shawl around your body. This is a very practical and attractive clothing accessory and it is very versatile as it can also be used as a blanket to keep you warm at night.

Men's Pure Woolen Chadar / Shawl
Harinam Chadar Cotton
Jute Chadar, Thick
Harinam Chadar Super Fine Cotton
Men's Pure Yak Wool Shawl / Chadar
Narrow Harinam Chadar Pack of 5
Men's Pashmina Wool Shawl (Chadar)
Men's Raw Silk Chadar
Saffron Wool-Cotton Chadar / Shawl
Harinam Neck Scarf Big Letters
Cow Print Neck Scarf Cotton
Raw Silk Chadar (2.6m)
Embroidery Patka Chada
Yak Wool Stole Chaddar - Brown
Harinam Neck Scarf Small Letters
Woolen Neck Scarf

Woolen Neck Scarf

Men's Pure Woolen Chadar / Shawl
Raw Silk Mufflor / Scarf

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