Altar Accessories: Decorate your altar

Accessories for your Krishna altar. Many items that can be used for decorating an altar including miniature cows, peacocks, water cups for the deities, decorative shoes for Krishna and much more for your altar.
Deity Mirror for Darsana Aarati
Velvet Singhasan / Vyasasana 7x5"
Tulsi Maharani Dress for Pot (12")
Hand-Carved Wood Ganesh Figure
Altar Decoration, Om Sign, 2.7"
Deity Cup, White Metal, 2.5"
Big Kamadhenu Cow with Calf
Metal Parrot (set of 2)
Metal Elephants (Set of 2)
Kamadhenu Cow with Calf
Metal Peacock 3.5" (Set of 2)
Hand-Carved Wood Elephant Figure
Golden Elephant Set of 3 -- 3"
Marble Elephant (3" x 4")
White Metal Aroti Bell, 3" inch
White Metal Water Cup for Arati
White Metal Ghee Lamp Set
Deity Shoes -- White Metal, 3"

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