Deity Worship Supplies: Everything you need for Deity Worship

Everything you need to worship Radha-Krishna, Gaura-Nitai and Laddu Gopal Deities including aroti trays, chamara and peacock fans, camphor and sandalwood powder, deity offering plates, conch shells (bathing and blowing) and gopi chandan tilak.
Blowing Conch Shell / Shankh 7.2"+
Deluxe Sandalwood Sticks
Peacock Fan for Deity Worship
Deity Mirror for Darsana Aarati
Sandalwood Sticks (2 x 40g)
Bathing Conch Shell 4"-5"
Sandal Chandan [Aastha Gandha]
Brahmin Thread Bundle
White Metal Plate 9"
White Metal Aroti Bell, 3" inch
White Metal Water Cup for Arati
White Metal Ghee Lamp Set
White Metal Single Ghee Lamp
White Metal Spoon
Ghee Lamp, Single Wick -- Brass
Conch Shell Stand -- Brass
Lota -- Brass

Lota -- Brass

Flower Tray -- Brass
Incense Holder -- Brass
Five Ghee Wick Lamp -- Brass
Brass Tray for Aroti Plate

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