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Sandalwood Sticks (2 x 40g) Sandalwood Sticks (2 x 40g) Srila Prabhupada's Origianl Books Hare Krishna Audio Lectures, Bhajans, Kirtans and Classes of A.C. Bhaaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Hare Krishna Film and Video Hare Krishna Art Posters and Prints

Sandalwood Sticks (2 x 40g)

Sandalwood Sticks

Two Sandalwood Sticks for making Chandan paste out of the stick. The sandalwood paste produces a gentle fragrance and has a cooling effect and is perfect for applying to your beloved Deities particularly in the warmer months. Weight 80g approx. (2 x 40g); depending upon the stick size and cutting.

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Sandalwood Sticks (2 x 40g)

These Sandalwood Chandan sticks come from the sandalwood tress in South India. The Chandan Paste can be included in the charanamrta (water left after bathing the deities)

Please Note: This is sandalwood however now they are only taking branches from the sandalwood trees, not the whole tree like before, so the scent is not as strong as you may have experienced in the past. That very strong sandalwood is now not available, if available it is extremely expensive. So this is real sandalwood at a reasonable price but scent is less strong.

Price:  $16.95  $9.95 
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By SHAILENDER GAIROLA on September 26, 2021 
Good product, great price, value for money........Good product, great price, value for money........ Read less


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