Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Alananath Dasi of northcliffe western australia

Date added: 02/18/2016

Title: The best smelling package at the post office!

This is the first time I have ordered from Krishna Store, but will certainly not be the last! The service was extremely fast (approx. two weeks) and accurate. The clothing and other items were excellent quality, and the price was so cheap considering the quality. The best thing, though, was the smell of Vrindavan which filled my little country post office with the most glorious smell and made me so homesick for temple that I almost cried. Thankyou all for bringing a little bit of temple to my family and I. All glories to your wonderful service.

Testimonial by: Mia Lambert of Croatia

Date added: 01/29/2016

Title: Happy customer

I'm ever returning happy and gratefull customer. I'm very pleased with the quality of items I bought, mostly deity clothes and crowns, but also incense sticks, books, etc. Prices are also ok. It would be realy perfect if there were deity clothes for Ekadashi (red, silver) and for monday (white).

Happy customer
Testimonial by: Chris Colm of Belmont

Date added: 05/09/2019

Title: Always nice to support sadhana from Krishnastore

Very good products delivered to my door from the Holy Dhama of Vrindavan, like a gift from God.

Testimonial by: John Miele (bhaktijyoti) of NEW JERSEY, USA

Date added: 03/15/2022

Title: Delighted With My Purchases

Thank you so much for the Srimad Bhagvatam and Caitanya Caritamrta sets I have just received. They were received timely and were carefully packaged. Like a desire tree you have satisfied me fully! I look forward to the continued association with Prabhupada that these will afford me.

Testimonial by: Alexandr Stikachev of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/05/2017

Title: My order Drum Tilak (25'')

Hare Kṛṣṇa. The drum Tilak is great. We wery happy to buy it .We'll take it for use in harinama. Many thanks to the staff of the store. I hope this is not the last purchase. Hare Kṛṣṇa.

Testimonial by: Tini Rode of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/17/2014

Title: great

so beautiful and nice. all the the best for all of you. hare krishna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial by: Peter Banicevic of Sydney Australia

Date added: 03/08/2012

Title: good experience to back up the good prodcuts

the website is easy to navigate and its easy to purchase items, you get updates when posted, packaging is excellent and shipping is quite fast, and even if things go wrong, the owners of the site are reasonable and will look to ensure your experience improves, I can vouch for you getting a good experience

Testimonial by: Melissa Terry of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/19/2015

Title: i am very happy with my order

i ordered the neck beads wrap around three times and also the tulsi beads with silver, both arrived perfectly and i loved getting something straight from vrndavan! the tulsi beads are of great quality. i was afraid they might be cheaply made since the price was so low, but they are strung on quality material and the clasp works great. I can tell they will last me a long time! I can easily wear the neck beads all the time! The Krishna store is the BEST! I am so happy to have a reliable and beautiful place to buy all my Krishna needs. Jai Srila Prabhupada! All Glories to His devotees!

Testimonial by: Anu Sharma of NSW Australia

Date added: 07/02/2020

Title: Beautiful outfits for Radha Shyam

Beautiful outfits, so nicely made. My Radha Shyam looks great in them. Very easy to order and quality of products are so nice. The details and embroidery is so nice and professional. Colours are so amazing. A seller. Trustworthy and reliable. I will definitely order more. Thank you so much Krishna Store team Radhe Radhe

Testimonial by: Vanessa Pearce of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/08/2022

Title: Worlds most fragrant incense.

Have been buying regularly for over ten years. Friendly, fast and reliable ordering and what I believe is the worlds most fragrant selection of quality incense.

Testimonial by: Mike Lemmons of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/03/2018

Title: Everything I purchased was of the highest quality

I recently purchased the mantra meditation kit and e-book versions of the collected works of his divine grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and of it was fairly priced and far exceeded my expectations for quality.

Testimonial by: Anil Das of United Kingdom

Date added: 08/08/2021

Title: Hare krishna Thank you so much

Hare krishna Danvad pranam I would like to say thank you so much for my items The kurtas and yogi pants fit perfectly. The posters of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna are absolutely wonderful you can definitely feel Srila Prabhupada presence. And the Radha Krishna Diery dresses are absolutely just Gorgeous

Testimonial by: Padmanabh of Kentucky,Louisville (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/18/2020

Title: Good

I have always look forward to the wonderful anecdotes,products that you offer fpr purchases;i find the products that I need at a reasonable price and comfortable.Thank you for being there for us.

Testimonial by: Kevin Eden of England

Date added: 11/16/2013

Title: Excellent

Excellent quality and fast service

Testimonial by: Jade of UK

Date added: 01/12/2012

Title: I love Krishna Store

Excellent service, as usual. Thank you Krishna Store!!

Testimonial by: Miscadochelle Allen of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/09/2013

Title: heavenly incense

I've been ordering from the Krishna store for years and I'm always happy with the service and products. I love the incense and it's reasonably priced. Delivery was very quick too. Thank you Krishna store! I will keep coming back, michelle

Testimonial by: Maxim Zhukov of France

Date added: 07/20/2018

Title: Very good!

Very Good!

Testimonial by: Nisha Lakhani of New York , United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/11/2013

Title: Excellent quality!

I ordered a t- shirt (white with Om embroidery) which of excellent quality! I really did not expect it to be some lovely- so I'll definitely be ordering more! I also ordered several Radha And Krishna outfits for my idols and was so pleased with them! They are so beautiful! I will definitely be going back to the store for more items!

Testimonial by: Ryan Fletcher of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/26/2012

Title: A blessing on the senses

I found the materials a joyful experience to watch and listen to. His Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has many insightful words to offer the world and though I am yet to fully comprehend the full extent of Krishna Conciousness I feel I'm gaining greater understanding of what that is. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Karen Gibson of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/26/2020

Title: Amazing Oils

The oils I purchased are high quality and smell amazing

Testimonial by: Srimati Devi Dasi of Brisbane, Australia

Date added: 04/14/2016

Title: Set of Caitanya Caritamrta

Thank you very much for the beautiful set of Caitanya Caritamrta at a very affordable price :)

Testimonial by: Jurate Balseviciute of United Kingdom

Date added: 09/12/2013

Title: Perfect Gift

I bought several things from Krishna Store for my best friend and she was really happy with it. Especially she likes incenses as she uses it during her meditations. She said she never had such a good quality incenses before, so I am really pleased I bought it from here.

Testimonial by: Zlatko Cuk of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/21/2016

Title: Thank you, Krishna

Great incense sticks, great customer care. Peace!

Testimonial by: Roberto Ezequiel Arango Niebla of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/05/2015


Hari bol, Hare Krishna, all glories to Srila Prabhupada, thanks thousand thanks I have all this time ok, much ahead of schedule. Eternally grateful for the service they provide me. Happy Gaura Purnima Trying to serve: Gopisvara Mahadev Das.

Testimonial by: Jonathan of USA

Date added: 05/11/2010

Title: Thank you!

Hare Krsna! Thank you very much for your wonderful service. The Gauranga natural oils were as listed, the packaging was simply superb. It was delight to recieve it.

Testimonial by: Robert Covington of Flordia USA

Date added: 08/05/2014

Title: excellent artwork

i received each and every photo is excellent condition. All the artwork from BBT and other devotee artists is outstanding in its own way. i use the copies to give to visitors etc at the temple here in Alachua. My service. thank you again for all your hard work. Peace.

Testimonial by: Jyothi Prasad of Sydney, Australia

Date added: 01/02/2022

Title: Deity Clothings

All are nice and the ordered colours.

Testimonial by: Jose Medina of Jalisco, Mexico.

Date added: 03/02/2012

Title: Just excellent!

I ordered my items and I received them within 15 days as described in international shipments. I am very pleased with my purchase and I recommend as safe and reliable store to purchase devotional products. thank you very much to the team!. HARE KRISHNA!

Just excellent!
Testimonial by: Nina Priya of New York, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/03/2021

Title: Love Krishna Store!

I love the Krishna Store. The site is easy to navigate and any communication I've had with the staff has been very sincere and useful. I especially like the cotton chadars - they're big, soft (after washing) and so inspirational.

Testimonial by: Manusha Ramma

Date added:

Title: Good customer service

I had bought 1 product it had some defects..had communicate to the store had quick response i have been able to exchange for another product..the customer service and after sale service are amazing. Keep it up...much appreciated

Testimonial by: Philippa Kennan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/03/2017

Title: tee shirt

easy to use webbsite which I really appreciate. The tee shirt arrived quickly. It was just like the picture & good quality material & image. Thankyou

Testimonial by: Kathryn Frances of New Zealand

Date added: 04/01/2012

Title: Transcendental!

You guys rock! With all the transcendental goodies you have on hand you must be practically living in the Godhead!! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!!

Testimonial by: Caitanya Dev Das of Colorado, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/27/2017

Title: Excellent Service

Hare Krsna!! - I order 150 + Harinam Chadar(s) as one of the Gift Items for Janamasthami and the to my surprise the order arrived in three business days via DHL Express. It was nicely packed and delivered on time. I am very happy with Krishna Store service and commitment. Haribol

Testimonial by: Jodi Dale of N.S.W. Australia

Date added: 03/05/2017

Title: Radha Krsna Sublimeness, "THEIR TRUTH"

Hare Krsna . . . The life and characteristics of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are exactly like an ocean of nectar, one drop of which can please the mind and ear. (Antya-lila, ch.11, txt 106) This sacred literature is a "Transcendental Dimension to step into and BEHOLD", all Truths of ones own originally original origin "Hidden Within in every Sublime Transcendental Word". Humble obeisances to all devotees and vaisnavas, being and following their own personal knowing Transcendental Truth. . HARE KRSNA

Testimonial by: Kimberly Young of Massachusetts, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/24/2012

Title: A large beautiful mala!

The mala arrived on time and was absolutely gorgeous! A bit larger than I expected, but it was get a lot of use! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product! Namaste!

Testimonial by: Vinay of USA

Date added: 08/23/2011

Title: great

great... everything was sent nicely and prices were nice as well... no complaints. haribol radhe shyam.

Testimonial by: Prodip of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/03/2014

Title: excellent

excellent and fast shipping!!

Testimonial by: Shreekesh Madri of India

Date added: 03/17/2020

Title: In Search of Original Prabhupada’s books

I read on the Internet that Sri Prabhupada’s books were being slowly given unauthorised changes. So I was in search of the original books. I had seen one or two websites claiming to be publishing the original books. But how will I know, which is the original and what are the changes made, and so I did not take any action presuming that all these are just marketing gimmicks. I then saw the book changes website showing exactly where the changes are made. I checked them with my existing books and sadly discovered that all the books I had were the changed books. Again and again I would type Sri Prabhupada’s book changes to see what are the websites that would come up in google. Then I typed Original Prabhupada books. I went into Prabhupada’s and reached your website. This time I decided to buy few books first and you got my first order. I found the Teachings of Lord Chaitanya and Bhagavadgita Gita to be Originals. Then I confidently gave you my second order and the third order ( yet to come). So, all I can say is that you are doing a great Service to Krishna and Sri Prabhupada by printing these original books. Please continue to do so. Hare Krishna

In Search of Original Prabhupada’s books
Testimonial by: Duane Core of NSW Australia

Date added: 08/28/2017

Title: Very Happy

It makes me very happy to visit Krishna store, always beautiful things to purchase, and knowing the store has good ethics to respond and deliver asap, in my case 2 weeks to Australia, I found my last purchase of the varied incense package of top quality, beautiful aromas, to me its the next best thing to being in wonderful Mother India, cheers Duane, Jai Krsna

Testimonial by: Jas of yorkshire

Date added: 10/17/2011

Title: Good service

I bought 2 tulsi neck malas and a Lord Narasingha braclet. They were really nice and were safe and secure when i recieved them.... Really good service, thank you Krishna store..Hare Krishna.....

Testimonial by: Anirvan Mitra of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/28/2022

Title: Excellent in all ways

I very happy with Krishna store. Delivery of ordered items was immaculate. I thought one of items was not delivered (small item wrapped in a large cloth hence missed). Not only Krishna store redelivered the item but also refused to take payment when I found the original one. I will definitely order from Krishna store in future.

Testimonial by: Jade

Date added:

Title: Mantra Meditation Kits

Hare Krishna!! My kits arrived today, thank you! One was for my mum who was as thrilled as I was. The beads are beautiful to hold and the bag is lovely. Also the booklets are very informative. I look forward to many happy hours of chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. Thank you Krishna Store!

Testimonial by: Yashika M Maharaj Jaharia of netherlands(Amsterdam)

Date added: 11/11/2016

Title: Everyday we feel ourself very blessed wit the Radha Krishna Deit

Hare Krishna, We are very happy with our Radha Krishna Deities.Every day we feel ourselves very blessed and blissfull to serve their lordships Apne apne gharana ka sab ka ho ko pier. Tumko piere sabbe gharana ko dhanye dhanye Raghubier Hare Krishna Hare Rama Yashika Maharaj &Krishnapriya

Testimonial by: Raymond Betz of london uk

Date added: 12/21/2015

Title: first class service

As usual the service was faultless.the dhotis and kurtas was of very good quality the incense as per usual was excellent especially the vrndavan flower incense.The delivery was made before the delivery date.I was also kept up to date with the progress of my order at all times.Would certainly use them again

Testimonial by: David Byron of Lancashire, England

Date added: 07/03/2022

Title: what i expected

this is easy, the deluxe , BG as it is, original , and the Prabhupada skull cap, excellent , quality , speed to get to me in UK, even the packaging , ive bought numerous things from them in the past, what ive said above about my last order, aplies to all my previous purcheses 5 star JAI SRILA PRABHUPADA

Testimonial by: Neil Jensen of Australia

Date added: 04/05/2021

Title: spiritual

products always arrive packed and secure

Testimonial by: Diksha Sharma of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 07/11/2024

Title: Highly recommended

Hare Krishna It was the second time I ordered gopi dress from Krishna store and it was above my expectations. Thank you so much. Hari Bol

Testimonial by: Kiren Chauihan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/16/2015

Title: Very happy with our purchase

Very happy with purchased items

Testimonial by: Gabriel Mercedes of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/04/2024

Title: Good articles

Excellent products

Testimonial by: Vladimir Malcev of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/16/2012

Title: Thanks for your work

Thanks for your work. Gaura Nitai Deities had no problems in way. They like Clothes too.

Thanks for your work
Testimonial by: Nick Dlugaiczyk of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/25/2012

Title: hari hari bol

HARE KRISHNA... JAI SRI RADHE !!!! ALL FINE... Thank you very much for your very fast and excellent service. I hope to do business with again very soon. Keep up the good work! It is a fantastic service to devotees worldwide. HARI HARI !!! NICK

Testimonial by: Dipen Kunverjibhai Patel of tennessee, united states

Date added: 11/06/2016

Title: simply amazing!

Hare Krishna! I am so much happy with my purchase. I had been looking for quite some time to buy the whole set for decent price. This is an unbeatable price. The delivery was amazingly fast. Extremely happy with my purhcase. thank you so much ! Hari Bol!

Testimonial by: Darryl Biggs of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/03/2013

Title: Really Great Product, Really Great Service.

Really Great Product, Really Great Service. Thanks.

Testimonial by: Martina Edler of Germany

Date added: 04/21/2017

Title: Amazingly fast delivery of 2boxes of books

Very fast delivery of 1box life comes from life and 1box beyond birth and death,also its perfect that each book is sealed in plastic ,very good ,its so nice to again ,thanks to your service to Srila Prabhupada ,to be able to again start doing some Bookdistribution after more than 30+ years of raising family and stuff.Yep what goes around comes around! The circle is closing and what i loved most at 20+ i can continue now,wow Krsna is so mercifull ! Sri Krsna Sankirtan Ki Jai SrilaPrabhupada Ki Jai All glories to the assembled devotees Hare Krsna All glories,all glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga y.s.mohini murti

Testimonial by: Lizz Roe of U.K.

Date added: 05/10/2016

Title: Fantastic service and item

Very fast delivery, excellent items, delighted with everything.mwill use again and recommend!

Testimonial by: Aman Pandey of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/11/2024

Title: Wonderful Products

It's amazing shopping with Krishna Store.

Testimonial by: Petteri Ödner of Finland

Date added: 02/02/2022

Title: ~15 years of orders, KrishnaStore has always delivered!

This 30 Vol. Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam edition is the one Śrīla Prabhupāda lectured from. The pages are thinner (taking about 20cm less space) than the previous KBI print of this set. A bit heavier and the covers and binding are top notch. Fast delivery and the price is amazing.

Testimonial by: Brahmaloka Das of UK

Date added: 01/23/2012

Title: In the service of Sri Guru

AGTSP PAMHO Haribol! I have purchased very nice clothing from Krishna Store, which was delivered perfectly and all items fitted well. I am pleased that Krishna Store is doing such nice service to all devotees everywhere and I will continue to purchase items from them as I feel that they are doing a great service for Krsna also! Ki jaya! Your servant Brahmaloka Das

Testimonial by: Ivaylo Bozhkov of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/01/2015

Title: Good deal

I liked all Items I've purchassed especially the insensce- hard naturall base- and aroma that brought to my home, the vision of the beautifull fields on which naturall aromas are gathered, my favorite is rose inscensce. I confess myself very satysfied that for once I have been able to get nice inscense and not the usual black, sticky, horribly badsmelling based insensce you get allmost everywhere these days. Thanks a lot!

Good deal
Testimonial by: Amrita Gopala Dasi of United Kingdom

Date added: 04/14/2015

Title: Fantastic service!

I am so thrilled with my purchase from the Krishna store. The service is excellent. To receive a package from Sri Dham Vrindavan is most exciting. I received my package in a very timely fashion, and I was very impressed to get tracking information before it arrived. Well done, dear servants of the servants of the most beloved Lord! Hare Krsna!

Testimonial by: Lincoln Austin of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/03/2015

Title: The Chadar is perfect

I couldn't be happier with the purchase I made from Krishna store, the Chadar I received is wonderful and dealing with Krishna store was a breeze.

Testimonial by: Deepak Chand of London, UK

Date added: 11/04/2017

Title: great product, great quality and great price

One of the best buys. The quality is amazing compared to ones I had bought from another shop in Wembley a few years back. I will continue to purchase my Indian clothes from Krisnastores, plus recommend to my family.

Testimonial by: Ajit Kundanani of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/23/2016

Title: Very satisfied

I am always satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism displayed in handling orders and will continue to buy spiritual books Etc. as and when I need the. I highly recommend the.

Testimonial by: Kakudo of Austria

Date added: 03/11/2018

Title: Everything perfect

Thank you for your products. Everything was perfect. Beautiful stuff.

Testimonial by: Vladimir Malcev of Russia

Date added: 04/15/2013

Title: Thanks

Thanks for your service. Best regards. I shall order from you something in future.

Testimonial by: Sukhaprada of Sweden

Date added: 06/29/2018

Title: Good service, good prices

I ordered kurtas, pants and waistcoat. They arrived within the time estimated for delivery. All goods of excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering from the Krishna Store again! All glories to Srila Prabuphada! Hare Krishna! Sukhaprada das

Testimonial by: Catherine Cunliffe of united kingdom

Date added: 11/15/2014

Title: varindavan flower incense

My yoga teacher recommended i try your varindavan flower incense and i have to say they are now the only ones i will use. They help me to meditate and i love how my home smells of these beautiful sticks. Your service is amazing. Delivery is so quick and i love using your product. Much nicer than any others i have bought as the smell is not overpowering. Simply wonderful. NAMASTE.

varindavan flower incense
Testimonial by: Merete of Bergen, Norway

Date added: 08/01/2018

Title: Fantastic service and fast shipping

I am very happy for your service and fantastic shipping. The product were carefully wrapped and in perfefect condition when it arrived. Thank you so much! Hare Krishna from Norway

Testimonial by: Gregory Topalian of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/30/2019

Title: Excellent service

Some lovely products dispatched in a timely fashion.

Testimonial by: Nicolas Pinvin of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/09/2013


Thanks so much KrishnaStore to let us bring a few of Vrindavan at home so as to make our link to Krishna a window of paradise on earth Japa mala are very well done with this typical flagrance of Tulsi and this sweet wood that maintain the connexion to Sri Lord Krishna Thank all the devotees and shall be the memory of Prabhupada be honored Hari Bol

Testimonial by: Jayesh Kulkarni of Maharashtra, India

Date added: 02/11/2019

Title: Great

Very nice aromatic fragrance

Testimonial by: Jaine Chapman of Australia

Date added: 07/12/2016

Title: Love

I was very very pleased with my order and it didn't take long to arrive at my door... I will be ordering from you again at some point. Haribol an Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Dean Smith of ENGLAND

Date added: 03/20/2011

Title: Lovley People!!!

I have used this site for a couple of years and it is excellent in all respects... Quality, prices service... Everything. A pleasure to deal with. Hare Krishna.

Testimonial by: Deva-Sanga Dasa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/15/2016

Title: Thank you!

Hare Krsna! All of the goods I've ordered have arrived quickly and in perfect condition. My service is enhanced with your high-quality and low-priced products.

Testimonial by: Peter Morgan of uk

Date added: 06/05/2015

Title: Silver Kavacha large

Lovely item and super fast delivery.Happy Present

Testimonial by: Ravindranath Dasa of Victoria Australia

Date added: 12/11/2012

Title: Happy Divalli

Living in rural Australia makes it difficult to purchase clothing for Their Lordships. I ordered Radha Krishna dresses and Laddu Gopal Deity dresses. I was not sure about size as this varies a lot. Just in time for Divalli a package arrived. The clothing was colourful and opulent. The sizes were perfect and the qualiy was amazing. It was great value for money. My Gaura Nitai Deities look radiant in the Laddu Gopala dresses. The perfect garment for a festival. I will be sure to check this site first when looking to purchase any devotional items in the future. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Testimonial by: Bhakta Aniruddha of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Date added: 08/24/2019

Title: I am extremely grateful to; Bhaktivedanta Ar

Dearest Śrīla Prabhupāda, please do not leave us, for without your lotus feet we have no shelter. We are trying to distribute more books. Your eternal servants at Sydney Mandir.

Testimonial by: Chris Macur of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/24/2021

Title: Excellent book

The book was a very good quality and so where the extras that came along. I would shop here again.

Testimonial by: Chandresh Parmar of Dubai

Date added: 02/06/2012

Title: Great

Wonderful publications on iPad. Look forward to more books for iPad from other acaryas such as Bhaktisidhhanta Goswami Maharaj and Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura etc.

Testimonial by: Sangeeta Latchman of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/28/2018

Title: Beautiful Service

Very good service, received Musk in one week after placing order, very trustworthy to do business with, perfect keep it up well done

Testimonial by: Pavan Kumar of India telangana

Date added: 05/07/2022

Title: Very Good


Testimonial by: Yadava Hari Das of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 03/17/2015

Title: Very Pleased!

Hare Krishna! I am very pleased with all that I received, a flawless arrival by Krishna's mercy! I just opened it and my kids were so excited to see all the tilak that came. Everything came in wonderful condition and I appreciated very much how everythhing was packaged, it was surprise after surprise! I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you so much!

Very Pleased!
Testimonial by: Hitesvara Saravan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/06/2015

Title: Wonderful Clothes

I purchase clothing, kurta short sleeves and dhoti before I travel to India as the prices from Krishna Store are comparable to what I can get in rupees in India and the convenience to buy and pack before I travel, plus short sleeve kurta not generally available even in India. I just returned from South India and wore all that I purchased and received many compliments.

Wonderful Clothes
Testimonial by: Blayre :)

Date added:

Title: Krsna is love

I really like this website a whole bunch. I use a local Krsna website also, but that dont have things i want always. So when im in need of more spiritual stuff i come here :) The prices are good && affordable. Another website with Krsna stuff i went to once was extremely expensive && out of my budget. Everything ive ordered from here i have been pleased with :) I love my deities i bought from here soo much! I can see Their lovely smiling faces as we speak.

Testimonial by: Heiko Helbig of Bavaria, Germany

Date added: 05/12/2017

Title: Everything was perfect.

Om namaha shivaya, dandavat pranams dear Vaishnavas! Nice onlineshop, cheap prices, good service! Everything you need for your devotional service, you will find here! Hari Om Shiva Dasa

Testimonial by: Tulasi of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/21/2023

Title: Great product with lightness and good sound

Easily Tunable: Indicates that the drum can be quickly and effortlessly adjusted to achieve the desired sound, a feature particularly valuable for musicians who need to fine-tune their instruments regularly. Lightweight: Suggests that the drum is easy to handle and transport, making it ideal for performers who travel or move their equipment frequently. Portable: Reinforces the ease of transportation, implying that the drum is designed for mobility, possibly with features that enhance its portability, such as compact size or a carrying case. Overall, the review portrays the drum as a convenient and user-friendly instrument for musicians who value ease of tuning and mobility.

Testimonial by: Alexander of Virginia, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/03/2020

Title: Great yoga pants

I love these pants for lounging.

Testimonial by: Alisa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/31/2019

Title: Great Company!!

Krishna Store is my one stop shop for all my needs. Excellent customer service. Great selection. Thank you!!

Testimonial by: Michael Cicchi of New Mexico, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/12/2012

Title: Very happy with my order

My order came very quickly and in perfect condition. The Following Srila DVDs are very interesting.

Testimonial by: Nina Eikemans of Netherlands

Date added: 04/21/2023

Title: Wonderful

Every once in a while I order clothing via the website. I just love the gopi dresses; they are beautiful. My order is always shipped quickly which makes it arrive at a very reasonable time! I am very happy with this website, since the products are usually not available in my country. I am very thankful.

Testimonial by: Linda Johnson Fulcher of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/12/2019

Title: Outstanding Service.

I am so grateful that I am able to purchase quality items from your online store. I ordered Ladies bead bags, Neem Japa beads, Japa counting beads, copper tongue scrapers, and copies of Path of Perfection. Most items are being given as gifts, so it's very nice that they are well made and arrived in excellent condition. All products were securely packaged, and delivered a timely fashion. I will definitely order from this website again. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Subal Das of UK

Date added: 12/12/2012

Title: Outstanding

Prompt delivary, Excellent service, Transcendental products =) I wrap myself in the Harinam Chadar when chanting my rounds each day, the Jagannatha sticker adornes and brings life to my guitar. Thank you Krishna Store, Jai Sri Krishna!

Testimonial by: Wesley Silva of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/02/2023

Title: It’s great!

Really enjoy the pants. Wearing it right now! Gets hot where am currently living and these pants are nice and allow the Vayu (wind) to flow through. Krishna store sells really affordable things! Really good quality as well

It’s great!
Testimonial by: Ragini of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/08/2018

Title: radhe radhe

Hare Krishna! All items i ordered from Krishnastore so far are very good quality and wonderful! thank you very much!

Testimonial by: Anandamaya Dasa of France

Date added: 03/21/2017

Title: Very practical

Whatever is needed in our daily practice we find it there.

Testimonial by: Sue of United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/25/2012

Title: Prompt delivery

Very prompt delivery & value for money. The pictures and book are wonderful. Wish the cholis and petticoats came in XXL. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Dean Cary of New Zealand

Date added: 04/01/2015

Title: Dhoti purchase

I ordered two pairs of dhoti from Krishna Store. THey arrived within the stated timeframe and in fact I was alerted by email of the attempt to deliver (no one home) before I was aware they ahd arrived. Brilliant tracking system. Having uplifted the package from the courier dept, I opened it and received two nicely made, very robust dhoti. They were securely packaged. I tried them on, then after initial washing I wore each one for my early morning devotions. One of the dhoti (the one pictured) I wore to Holi festival recently. It is no longer original colour but was very welcome for dancing and celebrating in the hot weather. Thanks so much for these excellent products. Hare krsna.

Dhoti purchase
Testimonial by: Amir Alendar of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date added: 05/18/2012

Title: Thank you very much

This website was simple a blessing. The order cam relatively quick and in great condition. All ordered items came in within two weeks and my other items quickly followed. I am in an area with no chance to by these items, and it is very nice to know that I have access to the world of Hare Krishna right from my computer. Thank You, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Testimonial by: Mary Walder of UK

Date added: 02/07/2012

Title: Thankful for a quick & easy purchase

I purchased Bhagavad Gita with bonus dvd from yourselves. It came not only with the Gita itself but several pamphlets full of Srila Prahbupads wisdom & the dvd. Fantastic value, packaged well, despatched quickly - one happy student! Thank you, Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Avinash Polra of Queensland Australia

Date added: 03/05/2021

Title: Marvellous

The best online sales experience I’ve ever had tbh. All products received are of top quality, reasonable shipping cost and efficient service overall. I always shop here for my needs. Thanks!! राधे राधे जी।❤️