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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Ravi of tx, usa

Date added: 07/27/2011

Title: Excellent service with reliable delivery of quality products

I recently ordered Little Krishna DVD, Srila Prabhupada's Audio CDs, and incense sticks. They arrived in excellent shape within a week. The packaging is phenomenal and the lady who put the items together had taken exceptional care to ensure contents were superbly wrapped with bubble-wrap and tape. I was notified by email when the items were shipped out from India along with expected date of arrival in US. I got it ahead of schedule! The pricing is the best on this site for these products. I would gladly recommend the services and shopping experience to anyone who wants to purchase these transcendental inspirations! I will shop again soon and order new products.

Testimonial by: Poonam of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/19/2014

Title: Beautiful!!

Beautiful clothes and jewelry for the deities. I love my purchases from here and will be ordering in the future as well. It's exciting that it comes straight from Mathura

Testimonial by: Anil Bhargava of Delhi, India

Date added: 10/29/2020

Title: Perfect beginning

I called the header to be perfect beginning. Book is of great quality, original but the book size is small. Not A4 sheet type paper. Had it been with A4 paper it would have been excellent. But that's a small thing, it's Original, that's the main thing.

Testimonial by: Thierry Phillips of WV, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/29/2014

Title: A source for the ORIGINAL, unedited Bhagavad Gita:As It Is

This is spiritual perfection in the material world- a source for the ORIGINAL, unedited Bhagavad Gita:As It Is. Oh, and lots of other real stuff centered around KRSNA. Many, if not most, of the prices are very reasonable.

Testimonial by: Ineta Rubule of California, United States

Date added: 01/30/2011

Title: the pleasure is all mine

Thank you very much! The products are great, but best of all I liked personal communication with you. It's so sweat to contact the real person not just an answering machine : ) Haribol!

Testimonial by: Prama Mitra of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/13/2018

Title: Lovely Canvas

I am so happy with my order!! These are the exact canvas I was looking for and they make you're room so beautiful. From the color to the frame size everything is perfect about them. I am looking forward to order from here. Hare Krishna!

Lovely Canvas
Testimonial by: Becky of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/13/2014

Title: Loved every product

Had fun purchasing new products at really cheap prices. When the products arrived I was amazed at the value and each item packaged individually. All the smells were fantastic.

Testimonial by: Tom Lee of London, UK

Date added: 09/21/2014

Title: Always a great service

As ever, a super speedy delivery and extremely reasonable prices. Quicker and more efficient than most online stores.Will always be my 1st choice for buying these sorts of items. thank you very much!

Testimonial by: Buddy Gastineau of Arkansas, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/18/2013

Title: eBooks

Haribol. I recently download a eBook collection to my Android. It was very easy to purchase. Very easy to download, and the quality of the downloads were awesome. Krishnastore rates a 5 star with me. Your servant.

Testimonial by: Shyam Maharaj of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/11/2014

Title: Great Experience!!!

The dhotis arrived in time. Krishna Store was very prompt in dealing with the little mix up the post office made. Nonetheless the dhotis arrived and were in great condition. Considering the price I paid, the dhotis were in great condition. I wore one the very next day to yagna. :)

Testimonial by: Gary Weimer of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/26/2021

Title: sri chatanya caritamrta

Hare Krsna received Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta after being encouraged by you to make the investment and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed with thankfulness I feel. thankyou for remembering my spiritual welfare Hare Krsna

Testimonial by: Margaret of NZ

Date added: 05/05/2013

Title: good dependable service

My order of Tongue Scraper -- Copper (Pack of 6) and Incense, Dhoop, Candle Holder are very good value for money and arrived promptly direct from India. I noticed an immediate difference after using a copper tongue scraper. Much more efficient than using a toothbrush or a plastic scraper.

Testimonial by: Sajanthen Mahalingam of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 02/23/2016

Title: Great service

Everything went really from purchasing online to recieving the books at my door A++

Testimonial by: Alina Green (Ananda Buddhi Devi Dasi ) of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/23/2017

Title: Always pleased.

Have been a long time customer. My latest order was Gopi Chandan for a godbrother, and a "singing" Srila Prabhupada japa box. Always first quality items, well packed, and shipped promptly. Customer service is great. Looking forward to my next purchase.

Testimonial by: Dan Slater

Date added:

Title: Very happy with Tilak Mrdanga

Received my Tilak mrdanga today in super-fast time and it was very securely packaged. It's a really great product and well-made. Even with my total lack of mrdanga experience I managed to tune it well and in no time I got some good music going with it! My thanks to Krishna Store!

Testimonial by: Gopi of london

Date added: 04/07/2011

Title: kindle download of all of hdg srila prabhupada's book incredible

this is an amazing to your computer within a few minutes to put ALL of srila prabupada's books on the kindle..for less than a price of a few books..thank YOu so much everyone should buy a kindle to get these gems of books on the Kindle for practical, easy and blissful relishing of his divine graces' books..thANKS AGAIN

Testimonial by: Silvija Galdikaite of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/08/2012

Title: Prabhupada's audio library

I love this Audio library , it helps me everywhere to think about Krishna all the time . I have All perfect bajans , kirtans and Praphupada's japa in 3 dvd now . I am really very happy . All glories to Srila Praphupada :)

Testimonial by: Sarah Wallace of UK

Date added: 01/03/2014

Title: Incense

I regularly buy incense from Krishnastore. The incense is excellent quality, and delivery prompt. Would recommend!

Testimonial by: David Jones of Little England.

Date added: 07/18/2019

Title: Vrindavan flower incense

Love these incense bring back fond memories of my youth & spiritual bliss the fragrance of Vrindavan is Heaven esp as you enter a room & one has just burnt refreshingly melon lemon with passion of the Vrindavan Delivery was fast this time under a week.Usually 2 weeks.Thanks again Hari bol....

Testimonial by: Nandini Venugopal of Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Date added: 01/05/2019

Title: Purchased variety of products from KrishnaStore

I am very grateful to KrishnaStore to provide such wonderful products for all devotees. I really loved all the products I purchased from KrishnaStore and they are quality products. I also loved the acrylic stands which looked much more beautiful than in the picture. Thank you very much, Nandini, Bangalore, India

Testimonial by: Dean Cary of New Zealand

Date added: 04/01/2015

Title: Dhoti purchase

I ordered two pairs of dhoti from Krishna Store. THey arrived within the stated timeframe and in fact I was alerted by email of the attempt to deliver (no one home) before I was aware they ahd arrived. Brilliant tracking system. Having uplifted the package from the courier dept, I opened it and received two nicely made, very robust dhoti. They were securely packaged. I tried them on, then after initial washing I wore each one for my early morning devotions. One of the dhoti (the one pictured) I wore to Holi festival recently. It is no longer original colour but was very welcome for dancing and celebrating in the hot weather. Thanks so much for these excellent products. Hare krsna.

Dhoti purchase
Testimonial by: Padmanabh N Desai of louisville

Date added: 08/07/2017

Title: fragrance oils wonderful

I have been ordering the 12/15 bottle fragrance oil sets since the last few years for prayers and annointing the dieties and they are wonderful.

Testimonial by: Omar Villavicencio of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/06/2017

Title: Good and satisfied

Very nice service and good prices, fast shipping to

Testimonial by: Suelynn Claven of Philadelphia, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/21/2017

Title: Absolutely Satisfied!

I love the Krishna store and will be returning to buy so much more. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Mike McDade of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/15/2016

Title: A comprehensive translation and explanation

I am completely new to the concept of Kirishna Consciousness, the Vedas and the Mahabharata. Having read up briefly on ISKCON, I decided to obtain this copy of the Bhagavad Gita, and was not disappointed. AC B haktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has given and excellent translation and purport of the original, which brought to life the message contained in the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. I am grateful for the effort and he provisions in place to bring this gem to the wider public.

Testimonial by: Francesco

Date added:

Title: Incenses

I purchased Many different kinds of incenses and all are very very good I m rally satisfied foto qualità and price

Testimonial by: Stefan Borg of Goteborg, (Sweden)

Date added: 07/14/2017

Title: A delight

Very satisfying purchase. Good quality, in material, colour and the way they are done (short & long armed kurtas, men). I've bought kurtas from Krishna Store for several years and I haven't been disappointed yet. I just wish they will not get to expensive by time, right now affordable to me. Thanks, Stefan Borg.

Testimonial by: Romina Gigliotti of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/27/2017

Title: 100% satisfied

I'd make two orders since now, the second of which was quite important (60 books plus scent oils) split in different parcels. Despite I'm living in the Canary Islands (Spain) where it's often difficult to make and receive orders from the rest of the world, I received almost everything in a couple of weeks a part one packet stoped at the border: it has been easy and inexpensive to released; it just delated the delivery. About the products, I'm totally satisfied: authentic, fine quality at a bargain price, each single item very well packed, perfect conditions and corresponding to the meticulous website descriptions. I also appreciate the customer attention in every aspect of my purchasing. I'm feeling confident to keep going ordering on this website.

Testimonial by: Zlatko Cuk of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/21/2016

Title: Thank you, Krishna

Great incense sticks, great customer care. Peace!

Testimonial by: Ramona Barrett of North Carolina, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/12/2012

Title: Wonderful store for all!

I recently made a purchase and am beyond happy with my experience! My products arrived in a very short time and I love the follow up emails I get from you! I feel like I have made new friends here, not just a customer-seller relationship! I will continue to shop here! You have enlightened me in a way no other ever has! Hare Krishna!

Wonderful store for all!
Testimonial by: Malaga of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/09/2018

Title: Very Happy with Krishna Store!

All items ordered were received as expected, good quality (specially the posters) and all delivered in a safe and well packed manner. I just placed another order yesterday! Will be using Krishna Store for now on! Thank you, Haribol!

Very Happy with Krishna Store!
Testimonial by: Stefan Borg of Goteborg, Sweden

Date added: 09/03/2015

Title: Good products

For some years now I have bought kurtas and I have been satisfied with them all. They have all been well done and the fabric and pattern design are nice.

Testimonial by: Sunil Kalia of London, United Kingdom

Date added: 02/02/2011

Title: Beautiful

I am happy with the products that were sent to me. They were sent in decent packaging and arrived efficiently. The product itself is beautiful. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Tirtha Sevana Das of Croatia

Date added: 07/18/2012

Title: Gamchas

I have ordered gamchas and to my surprise were delivered in only ten days. very good quality and fair price. My recommendation!

Testimonial by: Ken Glanville of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/10/2013

Title: Great service

Easy, quick and quality goods

Testimonial by: Daniel Lessard of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/02/2014

Title: Hare Krishna!

My tulasi necklace is awesome!! It is very nice and thank you all so much for your service!

Testimonial by: Sara Hutchison of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/12/2015

Title: Great store

I have placed several orders with Krishna store. The quality of the products are great. I have purchased several canvas prints that I am very happy with and this is my go to site for Japa malas. The shipping usually takes a while but that is understandable as it is coming from Vrindavan to Hawaii. Thank you for all your hard work it is much appreciated!

Testimonial by: Sarnaduti Brahma of Vermont, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/24/2020

Title: Amazing Service

Hare Krishna! I am very satisfied with all the products I ordered from I have ordered many items from in the past and hope to continue to do so in future. All the items are very nicely packaged which show the amazing dedication and service of the team towards Srila Prabhupada! Especially is a unique source for original Srila Prabhupada content which is so vital for an aspiring devotee and follower of Srila Prabhupada. Currently, I ordered the Srila Prabhupada Complete DVD Set (I like its packaging, which is like a book) and the Audio DVD Set, which accompanied by a portable DVD player (available from electronic stores), are amazing to watch and hear anywhere and at any time. Haribol!

Testimonial by: Gregory Ruming of New South Wales AUSTRALIA

Date added: 03/09/2018

Title: Brilliant service

Great time...better then I expected....again thanking you very much....and the discount too. Regards,Gregory

Testimonial by: Guy Gratton of canada

Date added: 10/26/2020

Title: Quality,

The T Shirt is well embroidered and seems well sowed together, The Ganesh tapestry is very beautiful. The shipping is relatively fast, and you know by ordering throw Krishna store that you are helping out devotees of God. The shipping cost are expensive a bit. but the quality is very good. I recommend this precious site. Haribol.

Testimonial by: Stephanie Bouchard of British Columbia, Canada

Date added: 08/22/2013

Title: Prints are great!

I ordered a few items from this site, 2 being prints. I just received them yesterday and was amazed by the quality and the care that was taken to ship the. Thanks so much!

Testimonial by: charles sedan of san antonio tx

Date added: 05/07/2010

Title: Very Happy with the Cookbook!

Just recived the cookbook, The Hare Krishna Vegeterian Cookbook, and am very happy with it. Many other vegetarian cookbooks I've bought are written solely for health, or solely spirituality, but this one contains both. It is true that when the body is healthy, so is the soul and vis a versa. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Michelle of united kingdom

Date added: 11/30/2015

Title: Heavenly scent

Thank you for a wonderful, value for money product. I always order my incense from your site as it smells divine. Thank you for prompt delivery too, best wishes

Testimonial by: Sean Khang of Minnesota, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/04/2015

Title: Great product and fast shipping!

I ordered the wool shaw. Arrived fast and the product is very beautiful! Made a very big difference during meditation. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Mika Tuominen of Turku,FINLAND

Date added: 07/10/2014

Title: Haribolo!

Thanks for Nice Krishna store products. I have Nice and Amazing feeling When i wear Tulasi and listen SrilaPrabhupada

Testimonial by: Robyn Justo of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/24/2017

Title: Always a blessing...

It is always a pleasure and a blessing to receive anything from The Krishna Store. The energy is beautiful, infusing the items with Divine love!

Testimonial by: Lucia of NSW Australia

Date added: 04/26/2011

Title: Sensationally Tasty

Well I was told by a friend to get "the book" and eventually I did. From the order, to the arrival, service has been most efficient. BUT more importantly the Vegetarian recipe book is a joy to have on my recipe book shelf. It is beautifully illustrated and explained rather like reading a novel than a recipe book. I have only made a few dishes so far, but what I have made has been very very tasty indeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lucia

Testimonial by: Michael Wysmierski of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/28/2013

Title: eBook purchase

I purchased the complete collection of Srila Prabhuapda's original books (25), conversations, letters, classes, etc. in ePub format at the unbelievably low price of $9.95. What a blessing to be able to read Srila Prabhuapda's inspiring words on my ebook reader/tablet each and every day. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Maggie Milliette of Wisconsin, United States

Date added: 12/05/2011

Title: pleased with my purchase and service

Thank you Krishnastore for sending me the set for doing vedic ritual. It was a nice brass wiht many small details that others in the states did not have with their sets, such as individual pieces, heavier brass, sea shell and other special things from India. I'm so grateful also for your wonderful prompt service. Namaste,Maggie Milliette WI, USA

Testimonial by: Paul C of New Zealand

Date added: 08/15/2014

Title: A blessing from the Divine

Good quality products. Hassle-free delivery. Thank you for the service. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is is not to be missed. One of the most informative religious texts in this era on this planet. I bought Sri Isopanisad as well, an excellent complimentary text to understanding the Gita. May all be inspired by these wonderful and important teachings. All glories to Sri Radha Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Hari-bol!

Testimonial by: Liliane Coppens of Belgium

Date added: 01/31/2015

Title: Great service

Thank you for the good service and fast delivery. Items were as described and very beautiful. I am a satisfied costumer.

Testimonial by: Mindy Haber of New York (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/08/2017

Title: Excellent product and service

I love the products that I have purchased and your service is excellent. Products come wrapped securely and never damaged. I believe this is the second purchase I have made and I am very satisfied.

Testimonial by: Robert Alexander of u.k.

Date added: 08/04/2015

Title: Very happy with service & products

Nicely packaged and fragrant

Testimonial by: Kashi of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/21/2020

Title: Great Service

I love the Krishna Store. Shopping online for the items I need is so easy!

Testimonial by: Srikar Chunduri of Texas, USA

Date added: 11/21/2015

Title: Krishna Arjuna Picture

Jai Sri Krishna, I ordered 40 copies of Krishna-Arjuna picture for our Bhagavad Gira class. Since I placed the order after the class has already started, I requested a faster delivery. The divine souls at Krishna store sent the entire order very quickly and we were able hand them out to the students. Srikar

Testimonial by: Chris Bartolotta of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/20/2019

Title: Excellent Website

My order arrived earlier than expected, everything was in great condition, well packaged, all brass I ordered shined beautifully. I was shocked at the quality of everything I got and it makes it even more meaningful that it came straight from Vrindavan. I will definitely be ordering again!

Testimonial by: Guillermo Visser of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/23/2012

Title: Very happy with the service of

I'm perfectly satified with the products I bought at Everything I ordered came to me in a good state. Because of their good service I'm able to serve Prabhupada, GaurNitai and RadhaKrishna at my home altar. A online shop like is Krishna's merci to all the people in Europe with have the desire to serve Him. Haribol, Rafael

Very happy with the service of
Testimonial by: Simon Pearson of Norfolk, England

Date added: 04/26/2019

Title: Excellent service

I wanted a copy of Bhagavam Gita asit is specifically, ended up ordering 7 or 8 items to make up free postage. Arrived in 3 lots ranging from 2 days to about a week even for the ones from India. Well packaged and delighted with the additional booklets I ordered. Very pleased with service, Simon, England

Testimonial by: Hayati Shah of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/15/2021

Title: Very beautiful

My daughter is very happy with the little krishna and radha and all other soft dolls.. Thank u so much for the timely delivery which made the day perfect for my daughters birthday.

Testimonial by: Kathryn Frances of New Zealand

Date added: 04/01/2012

Title: Transcendental!

You guys rock! With all the transcendental goodies you have on hand you must be practically living in the Godhead!! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!!

Testimonial by: Arun Rajhesh Venkataraman of MA, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/05/2012

Title: Easy Purchase Experience

It was very easy to place an order and also follow up. nice experience, no problems at all. Will shop again

Testimonial by: Carolyn Brown of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/03/2012

Title: A happy Canadian eh

My orders had to be separated, but both made it in speedy time; the tulsi beads are wonderful and I am looking forward to using them and the necklace is dainty and just right. The yoga pants are so comfortable that I am planning to purchase a few more pairs in the near future, and have had compliments wearing them. They are light and airy. Everything was packaged in a former box that held incense, so when I opened it up, all the products smelled just lovely! Thank you again.

Testimonial by: Tarun Krsna Das of Australia

Date added: 01/21/2021

Title: Great Service

I recently purchased a couple of bead bags, counting beads and a cookbook from KrsnaStore dot com au. After a small wait for everything to come from overseas my package arrived, wrapped in layers of protection to ensure perfect condition. I was very pleased with the online transaction and I'm already planning another purchase. Top marks KrsnaStore. tarunkrsnadas

Testimonial by: Brionna Micciche of Oregon, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/06/2021

Title: I loved using this store to make my altar. Everything is perfect

Very fast delivery! Excellent beautiful Krsna worship items

Testimonial by: Lucie Lange of Austria

Date added: 07/31/2016

Title: Excelent Service

Hare Krishna dear Devotees and Krishna Friends! I´m totally happy with my purchase! Every item is really beautiful and the order arrived on time. I totally recommend the store! Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Arun Jps of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/07/2021

Title: Wow nice product

Everything is good.i love it

Testimonial by: Biraj Tim of Ontario, canada

Date added: 02/25/2021

Title: Prabhupadas mercy.

Not many people know what is krishna consciousness movement. But who knew and who are willing to join will definitely get prabhupadas mercy. If you can buy expensive shoes, phones and go to restaurants to spend huge money. Just buy prabhupada books and read and see how your heart gets filled with the bliss. Gauranitai haribol, jaya prabhupada hare krishna.

Testimonial by: Andres Ramirez of Florida, US

Date added: 02/02/2011

Title: Great product, great service

Always easy and fast transactions, quick delivery and good prices. Site is easy to navigate and usually find good deals. Variety and quality products. Customer service is fast and accurate. Thank you

Testimonial by: Danistha devi of Australia

Date added: 04/20/2010

Title: Thanks for the Mrdanga!

Just wanted to say thanks. The mrdanga arrived and its wonderful. Love your service. Hare Bol.

Testimonial by: Gerard Champlin of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/22/2014

Title: Very satisfied

Easy to order and fast delivery. Got exactly what was ordered! Thanks!!!

Testimonial by: Krishna of Alberta, Canada

Date added: 03/25/2018

Title: Peacock Fan

I am ordering my second 10 inch Peacock Fan - I am so delighted with my first fan which I picked up from the post office today. Packaging was attention to detail. Colors are vibrant and sharp. Fan is stunning, and I do mean Stunning. OM OM Hari Om

Testimonial by: Induraj Das of FL, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/28/2017

Title: Excellent service, lovely packages from India

Thank you for your excellent service! Today I picked up the last item from USPS office. I do love receiving packages from India, as, these days of fake Chinese plastic, they are carefully packaged by hands and nicely decorated. I appreciate you help with addressing the missing packages. Thank you so much! Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Robert Brugioni of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/18/2014

Title: Small order, Priced right, Executed well

Just a note to say that your product, service, and the experience on KrishnaStore was all good. Thanks.

Testimonial by: Justin of CA

Date added: 03/10/2013

Title: Great Customer Service

Everything I've ordered from the Store has been great quality. Those items sent from within the USA arrived very quickly. When items from an Aroti set I purchased were missing or damaged, I received replacements that were in perfect condition. Thank you Krishna Store for helping to make my spiritual journey more wonderful!

Testimonial by: Rivik Dasa of Bangalore India

Date added: 07/22/2019

Title: Downloaded tape

Paid with debit card (India Bank) for a recorded CD, after payment received, downloaded easy instructions and have Srila Prabhupada speaking to me within 10 minutes, living guru indeed! Great service with decent prices!

Downloaded tape
Testimonial by: Ricky Morgan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/01/2012

Title: Couldnt be happier

Excellent quality, perfect.

Testimonial by: Andres Rodriguez Garcia of California, United States

Date added: 01/31/2011

Title: you are doing good service for the devotes, to selling Prabhupad

I have received the books in a very good condition, and the the service you do is good, thank you for the service. HARE KRSNA.

Testimonial by: Dhi Rainbird-Savin of West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Date added: 12/27/2020

Title: Fantastic service!

Beautiful products, infused with Love of God and devotion. Thank you so much Krishna store. Hari Bol, Jaya Srila Prahbupada!

Testimonial by: Mary of UK

Date added: 07/23/2011


The most beautiful incense you will find anywhere will have you ordering from nowhere else! An excellent comprehensive site dedicated to spirituality with everything you need to lift your heart to Krishna and inspire your soul. Excellent articles on vegetarianism for all those vegetarians and vegans out there giving the spiritualy perspective. I love this site. Hari Krishna.

Testimonial by: Pavle Novakovic of BELGRADE, Serbia

Date added: 01/24/2019

Title: Krishna connects people

Hare Krishna good people! I must admit, that since I started ordering devotinal needs from Krishna store, my experience and relationship with God has gone to another level. I am really starting to connect to the words of our Shrila Prabhubada. My life is becoming better, and I hope I can live up to the expectations of my fellow devotees. Here at Krishna Store I can escape matirial world, and enjoy in a thought that I might get a chance to satisfy our God Krishna. Your products are amazing, and they always arrive in time! Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare!

Testimonial by: Swati Verma of India

Date added: 05/25/2016

Title: Very nice devotional site n devotees

Hare krishna.all glories to srila prabhupada. Its the only site which has complete archives n sweet memories of srila prabhupada, it has everything to practise krishna consciousness at all times n for everyone Dandavat pranam Hari bol

Testimonial by: Malati of Hawaii, USA

Date added: 10/09/2017

Title: Wonderful products directly from Vrndavana!

I have ordered from Krsna Store many times now, and I am never disappointed! That means that I will always try new products from their store, because the quality is always pretty good. I must say the sitting mats that I ordered were even a bit more opulent than I expected! Especially for such a low price! I ordered them to be sitting mats around my wedding yujna, and they couldn't be more perfect! I must say that receiving packages that look like they are directly from India, with the beautiful words, 'Vrndavana' on them, it gives me a special thrill! I think that is really cool that we receive our orders directly from Vrndavana, how wonderful is that! Thank you Krsna Store for your quality standards, authenticty of products, and good quality for a good price. Where can you find this anywhere? I appreciate your site and hope you will always continue. This is a great service for people worldwide to aquire rare and wonderful items from India. Namaste'

Testimonial by: Nisha Lakhani of New York , United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/11/2013

Title: Excellent quality!

I ordered a t- shirt (white with Om embroidery) which of excellent quality! I really did not expect it to be some lovely- so I'll definitely be ordering more! I also ordered several Radha And Krishna outfits for my idols and was so pleased with them! They are so beautiful! I will definitely be going back to the store for more items!

Testimonial by: Satya Prema Paz of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/22/2012

Title: My Sari..... My beautiful Sari's.........

I am extremly pleased with how my order was handled. I want to dress according to how I spiritually feel. I wanted to find a sari that was simple and elegant. 'When I received my sari's, I was blown away. The pictures on the web, don't really show how beautiful, the sari's are. My order was very large. I ordered at least 1 sari from each catagory. I could see my self buying more. I also brought a couple of handbags. I can't tell you how many people ask me where did I find them. THE HARI KRISHNA STORE IS THE SORCE!! HARI BOL!

Testimonial by: Christopher Hamm of Missouri, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/09/2013

Title: Very Pleased!!!

I must say that my experience with KrishnaStore has been fantastic! Both of my items ordered arrived quickly (though a bit longer ship time for my shawl from India) and in great condition. My shopping experience was excellent, with no hang ups or any problems. I'm very pleased with my meditation shawl and picture. Both are high quality and were very affordable. I would definitely patronize KrishnaStore again.

Testimonial by: Kaushalya Mayi Devi Dasi of GEORGIA, U.S.A.

Date added: 04/09/2021

Title: Such nice devotee behavior

Dear wonderful devotees of the greatest place on this planet Sri Vrindavan, India. Our order was very professionally handled, even though I forgot to up-date my latest address changed. We just love the first-class incense, spiritual neck-beads and we are very excitedly waiting for our pictures of Lord Srila Prabhupada honoring prasadam! Thank-you so much for your wonderful service of supplying this very confuse world with the Supreme Divine Merchandise to glorify Lord Sri Krishna. We will definitely be purchasing from your company in the near future. All Glories to Lord Srila Prabhupada!

Such nice devotee behavior
Testimonial by: Eva Varallyay of Budapest, Hungary

Date added: 07/06/2014

Title: A gift for my daughter

Haré Krishna! Thank you for the opportunity that i could order from your site. I have ordered a beutiful tulasi-silver necklace for my daughter. She opened the box with pleasure, and she was really happy when she saw the shiny, filigree necklace. Ever since she wears it happily.

Testimonial by: Parimal Shah of Mumbai, India

Date added: 06/12/2010

Title: Your site is wonderful prabhu

Your site is wonderful prabhu simply because you are making available books with original purports by Srila Prabhupada which are now unfortunately not available at ISKCON or other places, so I could not help myself and therefore simply had to buy a few other books too with Srila Prabhupada's nectarian purports, after all this is real wealth for people like us. I also ordered the DVD where book distribution is being explained as you mentioned as it is quite important to understand the proper technique as we want to try and approach other people properly with the correct mindset and attitude so as not to give anyone a chance to insult these Holy books and/or Srila Prabhupada's purports.

Testimonial by: Christian Hergenroeder of Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Date added: 01/28/2016

Title: Great quality and service

My first package arrived, directly from Vrindavan! The products I ordered are first class quality. I have been in Vrindavan and I know that you don't necessarily always get first class products, but from here... Great! It's very easy to navigate the site and to order. I can warmly recommend this site...

Testimonial by: Rmorgan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/08/2012

Title: Supreme

Could not be happier with the painting. Hare Krsna

Testimonial by: Gadadhara Pandit Dasa of Szeged, Hungary

Date added: 06/04/2017

Title: Excellent service

Very happy with my shopping experience at I recently ordered the full set of Caitanya Caritamrta. Not only was it better priced than anywhere else, but it arrived sooner than expected, and in pristine shape. You're doing an excellent service for the devotees. Haribol!

Testimonial by: Garry Russell-Smith of Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Date added: 12/20/2014


SRILA PRABHUPADA LILARMTA AS IT IS Just before he went on a Christmas vacation, a Haré Krishna devotee friend gifted me with this book. As I began reading it that night, I marveled at the work put into it, the lengthy and committed exploration into so much material so we can read and come to know more-truly this amazing man, Mr. Srila Prabhupada. The book itself is a quality publication; the paper’s nice and won’t discolour/go a shade of brown over time, and the colour pictures are all glossy, classy. It is also generous, meaning that it holds enough wonderful information in it to have become two books. There are so many gems of wisdom in the book, and I’ve just begun! As a Dad, one that really impressed me was that a parent can be their own child’s enemy if they don’t teach them about God; something so simple, but I’d never thought of it in those terms before. The book I have was packaged intelligently, which means that it is in perfect condition. If one is a follower of Mr. Srila Prabhupada and doesn’t yet have this book, it is surely worth the purchase. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll have another piece of holiness in your home. I am grateful to have a copy of this book, to the Haré Krishna gentleman who had the vision to bring it to pass, and for KrishnaStore making it available to the world. Blessings – Garry.

Testimonial by: Katarína Hajabáčová of Slovakia

Date added: 03/16/2016

Title: I can only recommend

I have very good experience using Krishna Store. The prices are reasonable and the quality is very good. The shipping does not take so long considering the distance and the choice of goods is also excellent. I have already recommended this e-shop to many of my friends. I would like to express my thanks to everyone in Krishna Store. Thank you for making our worship possible by possibility to order necessary things even from a country such as Slovakia. Radhi

Testimonial by: Anil Raja Das of Reading United kingdom

Date added: 10/12/2017

Title: 10 out of 10 service

Hare Krishna, I just wanted to say a big thank you for my order it was exactly as described, i orderd The kurta tops, Narashimha dev and aum hoddie, set of 6 tulsi Mala, Gaura Nitai bead bag and a dhoti to give as Diwali gifts they came really will wrapped perfect condition. Anybody wants to buy Devotional items for your temple or your house this is the place to come Thank you once again Anil Das

Testimonial by: Tiffany Jones of Barcelona, Spain

Date added: 03/14/2016

Title: Lots of products and fast delivery

I've been looking for Tulusi beads online and I discovered the Krishna store - and I found I could buy other products at a reasonable price. Very happy with the selection, the products, the delivery. Thank you very much. By keeping the postage price low, you'll keep Europeans interested.

Testimonial by: Pramada Dd of United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/04/2017

Title: Beautiful Jagannatha deities

I ordered 6 inch Jagannatha deities as a gift for a family. They arrived safely and I am told they are beautiful, and the family is very happy with them.

Testimonial by: Astha Aggarwal of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/30/2016

Title:, a transcendental site!!

After coming across various sites, I must say that on my search finally ended. At this site only the very original works are available without even a dint of manipulation, and that too at very reasonable prices. Service quality is unmatched. The whole set of 30 books got delivered within a day only. Customer support is very quick and commendable, which is the major feature for a user. Such a cooperative and friendly staff is not available at other places, and this is so because it is being run by pure Krishna conscious persons. The whole website is very beautifully designed in order to infuse true knowledge to devotees. Purchasing products and placing order is extremely easy here. After all, its fully dedicated to the service of Lord Krishna... So at the end I would like to say that stay in touch with .. Hare Krishna!!

Testimonial by: Hemant Bhatt of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/17/2012

Title: excellent service and

I bought small mridandga and Krishna Art book. Both were packed well and arrived as ordered promptly. Mridanga is being used for daily family prayers in the evening. Excllent mridanga to own. Krishna book paiting and description given is detail explains story and significance from Bhagvatam. Excellent book to own and just read and study at leisurely one picture at a time. Very heavy book for coffee table but because its made with good material and contents.

Testimonial by: Bhakta Mike of New Mexico, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/21/2016

Title: Very easy and effecient.

The Krishna Store is surprisingly easy to use while searching and ordering items. The orders are filled very quickly and they always arrive sooner than I expect them to and they are so well packaged that they always arrive in mint condition. I am always happy with my orders from the Krsna Store, thank you. Also, there is no Vaisnava temple in Albuquerque for me to visit so I really appreciate this opportunity to see Srila Prabupada on video to gain some association of him and of the devotes.

Testimonial by: Jay Bhakti Dasa of Wynnum, Australia

Date added: 03/10/2018


Such nicely packed, open to find beautiful made dhoti with nice sent of sandalwood. Every time I buy from Krishna store I am always impressed. Thank you to all the devotees involved in this store. Haribol

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