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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Archie Lovell (Siddhartha) of California, United States

Date added: 12/13/2011

Title: Good products for a fair price

I ordered the simple mala bag and bell metal hand cymbals. Both were received promptly and were good quality for the fair price. I also like the fact that any profits are going to a good spiritual cause. Thank you

Testimonial by: Anu of helsinki finland

Date added: 04/22/2012

Title: Wonderful Deities of SriKrishna and RadhaRani

HareKrsna! Jai to for helping the devotees to be blessed by Krsna's Mercy. I received a beautiful pair of deities(Krsna and RadhaRani) from Vrindavan through KrsnaStore. The finish of the pair of deities is also quite good and nice. The service offered by the online store is genuine and very affordable. Also the packaging and the Time of delivery was very quick. The CustomerSatisfaction is also quite great. I strongly recommend that this is the best place for online purchase of deities. Wishing KrsnaStore continues its great service. HariBol! Anu

Wonderful Deities of SriKrishna and RadhaRani
Testimonial by: Elvira Didoni of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/24/2014

Title: great prodtucts and service

i'm very happy that i found this webstore as he offeres items that otherwise very difficult to find in usa exp. Thankfully

Testimonial by: Naomi Porter of United Kingdom

Date added: 01/30/2011

Title: Excellent

Excellent service, beautiful products. I have ordered products a few times from the store and I am always very impressed with the excellent service. Hare Krishna.

Testimonial by: Aquiles Brayner of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/11/2016

Title: Great poroduct, Great Service!

I am very happy with the products I purchased and am particularly happy with the speed of delivery!

Testimonial by: David Lewis of Nottingham U.K.

Date added: 12/02/2015

Title: Another matchless gift

I've used since 2009 and every time has been a smooth, trouble free experience, with excellent communication about the order status from the devotees. The prices as always, are amazing. What more could you possibly need to know? As far as I'm concerned, there's nowhere else I would buy my Krsna items from. All glories Srila Prabhupada and the mercy he showered upon us and all glories to the devotees involved in this service. It genuinely is matchless. Hare Krsna!

Testimonial by: Sharon of Australia

Date added: 12/08/2015

Title: Incense experience

This is not the first time I have made an order. I have been buying incense for quite a while now, and have my favourites. This time I bought Sandal Supreme, Rose and Kesar Chandan. They are all exquisite. Kesar Chandan is really special, mellow and sweet. My all time favourites are Vrindava Flower and Parijat. They are all quite heavenly! I also purchased a silk scarf, this is the second one I have bought. I gave the first one as a gift and will probably do that again. The silk is very fine and the colours are beautiful. I also purchased a mobile cover. It is really nice a little small for my phone. It could also be used as a money or key purse as it has a little string to go over your shoulder. Plus I always find everything arrives promptly and in good order.

Incense experience
Testimonial by: Eoghain O' Horgain of Cork, Ireland

Date added: 01/22/2013


My experience is a very pleasant one. I ordered two books, an activity book for my 4 yr old daughter and the Bhagavad Gita(as it is, without the recent changes to translations). My four yr old loves both books and when its time for her bed, she prefers me to explain the pictures to her in the Bhagavad Gita instead of regular books. She also loves the Little Krishna Cartoons. I had to email the krishnastore because the Bhagavad Gita was late arriving.. but I trust Krishna knew this. my reply was full of respect and love, and within a few days my book arrived by post. Thank you. The Activity book for children arrived from India(what a suprise) it was especially wraped in padding and I felt the love and divine energy being transmuted with the respect that is given to these holy books. Thank you, your books are beginning to change our lives.. and we talk about Krishna all the time. I am currently studying the Bhagavad Gita.. at this point in my life I feel Ready for it. Namaste Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Mark Lorange of North Dakota, USA

Date added: 03/26/2011

Title: Excellent Reproduction of THE Original

This is a great reproduction of the original BhagavadGita As It Is. The quality of the book is superb. There are some changes made by the editors in the newer editions of As It Is so this is a good reference to have on hand. Plus, it's just nice to have the original, un-changed edition which was so much a part of the Hare Krishna explosion of the late 60s and early 70s!

Testimonial by: Ka Moore of Kentucky, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/21/2016

Title: Excellent purchase experience

very quick turnaround, from ordering to receiving

Testimonial by: David Beeman of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/29/2012

Title: High Quality

All the products were of extreme high quqlity, and they were sent directly from Vrendavan; which msde it even more exciting.

High Quality
Testimonial by: Colette Cronshaw of Manchester, United Kingdom

Date added: 04/02/2016

Title: Wonderful :-)

Arrives quickly and packaged well, everything safe and sound ( I've even had an handwritten thank you note, a welcome personal touch). I'd only ever had shop bought inscence before, your product is far superior in quality. It's beautiful.. Thank you so much. Love and light

Testimonial by: Luke Reeve of British Columbia, Canada

Date added: 05/17/2019

Title: Happy with products

Hare Krishna, I was very happy with my products, the Tulasi necklace I got as well as the bead bag and incense were all very nice and I couldn't be happier. Haribol!

Testimonial by: Bhasker Patel of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/11/2018

Title: exceptional service and great teaching books

I ordered on line. received the books on time. The books taught me great lesson of daily practical life. I just about half of the book and i learned a lot, Simple english for a person like me to read.

Testimonial by: Alba Tukah of nz

Date added: 03/28/2011

Title: my love of krishna consciousness

i recently spent some time on the krishna farm and loved the whole experience. the structure and philosophy was most exciting to embrace. This i will treasure for life.

Testimonial by: Sajanthen Mahalingam of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 02/23/2016

Title: Great service

Everything went really from purchasing online to recieving the books at my door A++

Testimonial by: Carin Eisen of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 05/02/2018

Title: Divine Scents

We love receiving our incense from Krshna store, lovingly packaged straight from the birthplace of Krsna. The kids always ask for their own box of incense! The house fills up with devotional practice. Hare Krsna :)

Testimonial by: Caitanya Dasa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/10/2012

Title: An excellent service

Hare Krsna Thank you devotees for your wonderful service in providing Krishna Conscious content for us. even when I had a problem, you solved it without fuss. Thank you

Testimonial by: C. Matthews of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/01/2017

Title: Love and gratitude

Thank you for your concern: My order took some time, yet i am blessed they came from India. Thanks again. Hari bo

Testimonial by: Rita Gupta of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/24/2017



Testimonial by: Lawrence Grealis of Gloucester, UK

Date added: 03/25/2014

Title: Aromatic Incense Sticks

I have made several purchases from the Krishna store, and the items always exceed expectations: I would not consider purchasing my chosen items from any other supplier: Krishna stores are reliable, prompt, and of good quality: Haribol

Testimonial by: Lawrence Wong of Queensland, Australia

Date added: 07/06/2018

Title: Sri Namamrta

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for sending the Sri Namamrta. I have put plastic adhesive cover on the book. The book is now at the temple and can be read daily. Krsna willing, it will keep its pages together. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Lawrence.

Testimonial by: Purana Das of Sydney Australia

Date added: 03/05/2018

Title: Flash of Light

I smile when I receive emails from your shop during a day otherwise consumed by the intense and serious consideration of legal conflicts and certainty over their impact on the future. I am reminded of being Krishna Consciousness and the chance of transcending those suffocating clouds of passion and ignorance and a glimpse of appreciating that they are as real as reflections on water which disappear with the lightest breeze of time. Beside that your help to bring Krishna conscious from the back room into the front office.

Testimonial by: Christina Aquila of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/29/2014

Title: Thank you!!

Thank you for the wonderful service. The products were of a wonderful quality and it was so nice to receive a package from Vrindavan. Haribol!

Testimonial by: Yvonne Champniss of uk

Date added: 05/07/2014

Title: lovely t shirts and hoodie

so pleased with t shirts and hoodie perfect fit good quality the colours are beautiful thank you for such well made garments I will definitely buy more from you the price is so reasonable

Testimonial by: Ravi G of Illinois, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/22/2013

Title: quality incense that burns long

Ordered the incense and it came within a few weeks. Also was surprised to learn that it burns pretty long as my morning prayers/puja lasts around an hour. That is a plus. Good fragrance (I ordered Tulsi and also Mt Everest incense), I will definitely order again in the future. Hari Bol.

Testimonial by: Carolina of España

Date added: 04/02/2013

Title: Excelente servicio

[Excellent service. Quick delivery. They sent exactly what I ordered. Good quality. 100% recommended." --Translated from Spanish] Excelente servicio. Rápida entrega. Enviaron exactamente todo lo que pedí. Buena calidad. 100% recomendable.

Testimonial by: Daragh Henchy of Australia

Date added: 11/06/2017

Title: Mrdangam

Good service, promptly delivered. Good product, would shop there again thanks very much

Testimonial by: Vikram Ranga of New Delhi, India

Date added: 09/04/2016

Title: Excellent

I was little sceptical about it when I ordered it and remained so before its first wash. After its first wash the real texture and smoothness came to the Kurta. I love its feeling and this color looks really nice. The only thing which I felt missing is : its length but its just my preference. So in this price this kurta is unbeatable!!!

Testimonial by: Tulsi Priya of Tennessee, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/24/2017

Title: Great service!

Loved this items I received. However, the ladies kurtas were cut rather small. When I contacted customer service, they gladly offered a refund and told me to simply pass on the ones that didn't fit me to someone else. So now there is one young devotee who got two very nice kurtas for free! Thank you for such nice care and service. Will be ordering from you again. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Omar Villavicencio of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/06/2017

Title: Good and satisfied

Very nice service and good prices, fast shipping to

Testimonial by: Mark Slatter of united kingdom

Date added: 02/11/2016

Title: cotton kurta

I was very pleased with my cotton kurta,it was very well made and the style was very beautiful.The size fitted very well,thankyou to the krishna store.

Testimonial by: Precious Turner of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/03/2016

Title: Wonderful

Everything is great...and helpful...thank you every much:)

Testimonial by: Ricardo Ramnath of Ontario Canada

Date added: 01/07/2014

Title: Super

I love this Krishna store. It's great to buy all that you want for The Krishna Movement at you're own home. I recommend shopping on this site for everyone. But there is still some other good stores out there as we'll. I Made 3 Perches this online store and I am going to be making more.

Testimonial by: Jayasurya.S.M of tamilnadu,india

Date added: 10/30/2016

Title: i want to sale your products in my place

hara krishna i intrested to sell your prodects in my native place

Testimonial by: Maheswari of Quebec, Canada

Date added: 04/25/2011

Title: Radhe Krsna Gopala

I just received today my orders - a set of Radha Krishna 12" & a baby Ladu Gopal (smallest) & I'm amazed by the quality of the murtis!!! Even the clothes are gorgeous!!! They came home in very good condition & very fast too, only 2 weeks after the shipping date. Thank you so much for your nice service!!

Radhe Krsna Gopala
Testimonial by: Craig Jaensch of Auckland, New Zealand

Date added: 02/15/2013

Title: The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking

I found the cook book to be extremely helpful in the correct preparation of vegetarian dishes.

Testimonial by: Ujjwal Gurung of London, United Kingdom

Date added: 10/08/2017

Title: Krsna Kirtan Website

I am quite satisfied with the original books of Prabhupada I have brought from here. Communication has always been very good. There is nowhere else one can get original volumes of prabhupada's books/ full library of prabhupada audio. I am always very thankful and simply overjoyed when I receive the items ordered from KrishnaStore. All of the prabhuji/mataji who worked from Krishnastore have done great service for Prabhupada's movement. Hare krsna

Testimonial by: Ria Nambiar of Dubai, UAE

Date added: 01/10/2018

Title: Exceptional Service

Hare Krishna, Very pleased with the experience of buying products from this website, all products are 100% genuine, prompt and efficient delivery system. Staying outside India, this is the perfect website that brings my family closer to Vrindavan and perfect for all pooja supplies and other needs. Will be continuing to use this service time and again. Thank you so much! Hari Bol!

Testimonial by: Tulsi Puttaraju of Denver, usa

Date added: 10/31/2016

Title: Perfect ! Perfect ! Perfect !!!!

The ordering was easy , the product came in time for Karthika masa celebration. I could not ask more with perfect packaging and ofcourse perfect pictures.

Testimonial by: Anahi Ewing of Tulsa, OK

Date added: 08/01/2012

Title: we love the jagannatha hoodie!

I got a jagannatha hoodie for my husband´s birthday and he loved it, he is now longin for the weather to cool down so he can wear it, thanks a lot, we love to shop here!

Testimonial by: Tamika Jaja of Michigan, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/30/2019

Title: Quality Products

I have ordered a variety of products and they have all been quality well made items. It is easy to tell they come from a reliabe source made with quality ingredients and materials and alot of care goes into everything. i will definately be ordering again :-)

Testimonial by: Prasanth Kumar of Kerala,india

Date added: 01/02/2015

Title: great service

hare krishna. received the painting of lord vishnu that i have ordered. a most beautiful and devotion inspiring painting.i do want to order more stuff.thank you for the great service

Testimonial by: Simon Kitty of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 09/17/2012

Title: Happy Customer

Krishna store delivered my order in a reasonable time and it was exactly as ordered. I am happy with the quality of the product and the confidence it gives me. Definitely I would recommend Krishna Store as a trustworthy option to purchase from.

Testimonial by: Krsna Devi of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/06/2013

Title: Lithuania Krsna Janmashtami in Vilnius

Wow you are great you all ! I ordered these items to take to Eastern Europe and My Granddaughter actually got them in time via my son picking them up from my mailbox and taking them back home in time for Janmashtami. The Vilnius Program hosted Mana Mohini's Radha Krsna outfitted from Krshna Store's great selection of beautiful deity clothing. I will send you photos later.. Thanks again Hari Bol ! Mother Krsnadevi :)

Testimonial by: Robert Morison of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/11/2013

Title: great

allways a delight to shop here

Testimonial by: Maria of Scotland

Date added: 06/13/2014

Title: Best website on the internet!

Thank you for having such wonderful items, that would be difficult to purchase anywhere else and your prices are excellent! Fast shipping, items all as described and your incense is heavenly! Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Richard Smith of Idaho, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/12/2016

Title: Super excellent books!

I'm so grateful to have available to me, these first class publications of my beloved spiritual masters' presentations of Krishna Conscious knowledge, in the original unalloyed versions he wanted us to have. Srila Prabhupada will be pleased.

Testimonial by: Jonathan Piercy of birkenhead england

Date added: 03/15/2013

Title: very good qualitie

My purchase arrived well ahead of time and the quality of the product is very good. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Mireia Majos of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/06/2013

Title: the best incense

This incense is very good. I was amazing from the transport from India to Spain , very faster. I don't look more shops, because this is the best.

Testimonial by: Lincoln Austin of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/03/2015

Title: The Chadar is perfect

I couldn't be happier with the purchase I made from Krishna store, the Chadar I received is wonderful and dealing with Krishna store was a breeze.

Testimonial by: Priyanka Patel of Kent , uk

Date added: 05/04/2018

Title: Excellent ...

Very good service..

Testimonial by: Amit of london,uk

Date added: 07/31/2011

Title: Back to godhead

Hare krsna this is probably the best book i have ever bought. Once i pick the book up it is very difficult to put it down. Service were very good and staff at krsna store are very supportive. Thankyou to whole team at krsna store. Hare krsna Amit.UK

Testimonial by: Babulal Joshi of london u.k.

Date added: 07/24/2014

Title: Superb Spiritual Sugandh very impress will strongly recommended

we likede the products so much and want to live with it rest of lives as its peacefully senses its superb smells,products and packaging was ok and like it good for present,will surely order another one Thanks very much.

Testimonial by: Milton Jayasinghe of Montreal, Canada

Date added: 12/25/2013

Title: Feeling its Divine Express

Hare Krsna. Very humble, friendly and helpful service by all at Krishna store, I received all my orders within few days from USA and Vrindavan, India. Very nice hard cover bhagavad gita book plus gifts and Tulasi Japa Mala. I will reorder many things from Krishna Store for sure.

Testimonial by: Justin Connor of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/01/2016

Title: They put the B in Best (and Bhakti ;-)

I love ordering from this store for all of my devotional goodies. Always prompt, great service...HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Chant and be happy!

Testimonial by: Nandisha of Greensboro NC

Date added: 02/22/2011

Title: wonderful site

Thanking you again,for my beautiful deities of Sri Radha Sharad Bihari

wonderful site
Testimonial by: Parimal Shah of Mumbai, India

Date added: 12/06/2011


i ordered the Print Size posters of Mother Yashoda feeding Baby Krishna in 3 different sizes and also baby Krishna eating butter in 2 different sizes. I was expecting just some normal photograph poster print as the price that i paid was hardly anything ... but the product that i received was extremely impressive and very High Quality. The photos were shipped from US to Mumbai, India and they were printed from one of the top of the line HP printing houses in the US. It is really very impressive and inspiring to see how much effort is being placed on Quality at this web-site. I have purchased a few products in the past also and have always noted that product quality, price, shipping speed and packaging are really top notch. The overall service is probably as good as international shopping web-sites like, if not better. Really excellent Job guys! Please keep it up! Thank you very much! i really love these Krishna paintings and will continue shopping from your site! HARE KRISHNA!

Testimonial by: Romina Gigliotti of Spain, Canary Islands

Date added: 03/31/2017

Title: 100% satisfy

The items I ordered arrived in perfect conditions. Fast delivery, with no extra costs, even if I leave in the Canary Islands, which it often makes on line shopping more complicate and with extra duty costs. Not in this case! 100% satisfy.

Testimonial by: Yadava Hari Das of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 03/17/2015

Title: Very Pleased!

Hare Krishna! I am very pleased with all that I received, a flawless arrival by Krishna's mercy! I just opened it and my kids were so excited to see all the tilak that came. Everything came in wonderful condition and I appreciated very much how everythhing was packaged, it was surprise after surprise! I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you so much!

Very Pleased!
Testimonial by: Prashant Maheshwari of India

Date added: 03/09/2019

Title: Excellent and a must read

This is the kind of book that connects you to lord Krishna and the spiritual master if read with full attention!!!!!!! Feel really fortunate to have read this book!!! This is Srila Prabhupada's original book And i could not describe how good is this book so i recommend everyone who want to associate with Srila Prabhupada to give this book a try and you won't be disappointed!!!!

Testimonial by: David Cavall of Norh Carolina, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/24/2012

Title: Excellent Service,As Usual

You can always count on the Krishna Store to keep you updated on the status of your order and deliver it in a timely manner. They are responsive to any questions you have,always kind and helpful. I love ordering from Krishna store for their reasonable and low prices as well. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Tom Lee of London, UK

Date added: 09/21/2014

Title: Always a great service

As ever, a super speedy delivery and extremely reasonable prices. Quicker and more efficient than most online stores.Will always be my 1st choice for buying these sorts of items. thank you very much!

Testimonial by: Piyush Duddalwar of California, United States

Date added: 12/10/2011

Title: got a enchanting way to love krishna

thank you DML <> for such a precise collection of all these tutorials. amazing way to learn every instrument in very systematic way. hari bol!!!

Testimonial by: Eddy Abolhosn of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/05/2015

Title: This is my favorite site

Hare Krishna, You have amazing products here for Krishna Devotees. I received everything i ordered in half the time anticipated. I like your site because you offer everything a devotee needs to practice Krishna Consciousness at a VERY reasonable price. I appreciate your courteous business and will return soon to buy more of your products. Thank you kindly. Jai.

Testimonial by: Jeffrey Wallien of Colorado, United States

Date added: 01/30/2011

Title: Quality webstore with vast item collection

I ordered 'Little Krishna' DVD set and a few other things and was very pleased with the speed they arrived to my house. I also enjoy browsing through the website as there is a great collection of everything one would ever consider having in their homes or as possible gifts to others. Thank you for making such wonderful items available to the non-Eastern world,

Testimonial by: Conor Ryan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/02/2018

Title: as it should be

When I opened the package of books the smell of incense jumped out at me and I was transported to the spiritual world. Thank you for you service and keeping Prabhupadas words alive for us. Hare Krishna.

as it should be
Testimonial by: Toni Rosenow of Australia

Date added: 07/15/2014

Title: Guaranteed great service

I have ordered twice now and there was a small issue -very small but customer service treated me as though I was priority number one when it came to fixing the problem. I have been very happy with all products and have been recommending the store to all my friends. I will continue to order from Krishna Store for many of my needs.

Testimonial by: Tess Walker of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/10/2015

Title: Very pleased...

When I ordered a Kurta (Cotton Khadi Color Pattern) from the Krishna Store, I was delighted to receive it shortly thereafter. I received an email verifying the order, and another one saying the item had been shipped...great service! The products are true-to-size...not being familiar with the company, I ordered an XL which turned out to be a little "roomy" on me...but, better too big than too small! I highly recommend the Krishna Store and will be ordering from the website again! Tess

Testimonial by: Andrew Casserly of U.K.

Date added: 02/13/2012

Title: Excellent Quality Insence

Very nice insence which is made in Vrindavana, India. It shipped to me within a few days. The quality is high. When the box arrived, the insence was very fresh, almost moist, which is just how it should be. Overall, very happy with both this product and the service. I'd recommend 'Vindavavna Flower' to all. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Peter Smith of Australia

Date added: 05/03/2015

Title: A change in life.

Because this beautiful brilliant knowledge small book about the science of reincarnation changed my life permanently so that I have been able to be honest,trustworthy and helpful to others I try to let them have the same opportunity to become devoteed,Kind to all creatures and have a personal relationship with the SUPREME DEITY,by gifting it with an explanation. My gratitude to our past spiritual master Prabhupada.Regards ...Peter.

Testimonial by: Raj Singh of NSW, Australia

Date added: 11/08/2017

Title: Best Diwali gift ever

I've been long time customer to this website and recently ordered Hindi Bhagavad Gita As It Is. As the shipment arrived from India, so slight delay in arriving due to boarder security, but one of the best thing money can buy. It was so nicely packed and when the good thing is I could track the shipment using airway bill number. Thank you

Testimonial by: Ricky Morgan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/01/2012

Title: Couldnt be happier

Excellent quality, perfect.

Testimonial by: William Sawyer of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/14/2016

Title: Krishna S

I am grateful for an opportunity to read the original books that Srila Prabhupada humbly offered to the world for elevation in KRSNA consciousness. It is of import to help share this knowledge with future generations by purchasing physical copies of the volumes. You will not regret it. By having these books in your house, it immediately becomes a place of pilgrimage and refuge during Kali Yuga. I have purchased both Srimad Bhagavatam and Sri Caitanya-caritmrta sets. Krishna Store is of the highest quality in service, faithfully making Srila Prabhupada's authorized editions affordable to the world for distribution.

Testimonial by: Asha Chauhan of UK

Date added: 09/07/2011

Title: Great Service

Krishna Store provides excellent service and great goods! definately buy from them again !

Testimonial by: Sean Khang of Minnesota, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/04/2015

Title: Great product and fast shipping!

I ordered the wool shaw. Arrived fast and the product is very beautiful! Made a very big difference during meditation. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Christine Warner of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/01/2019

Title: Love My Kunti Mala & Choli

I purchased a choli, but then I got an email saying unfortunately the color I chose was not available, would I consider another color, or I could get a refund. So I chose another color. I also purchased the 6 strands of fancy Kunti Mala (neck beads). My order arrived within 7 days and I am so very pleased, the choli is of high quality, and the Kunti Mala (neck beads) are so beautiful! Many thanks to the Krishna Store employees excellent job!

Testimonial by: Brahmanda Ghat Das of CHILE

Date added: 08/23/2011

Title: Very Grateful!!!

I recieved my products in the correct date. I´m satisfied with my purchase, te Deity Offer cups are beautiful, the aroti tray also beautiful, and the deity clothes, beautiful too.

Testimonial by: Chris Bartolotta of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/20/2019

Title: Excellent Website

My order arrived earlier than expected, everything was in great condition, well packaged, all brass I ordered shined beautifully. I was shocked at the quality of everything I got and it makes it even more meaningful that it came straight from Vrindavan. I will definitely be ordering again!

Testimonial by: Matthew Cooper of Queensland Australia

Date added: 08/12/2014

Title: Perfect

I have had two orders from Krishna store and I cannot be happier. The first order took a little while to arrive but the second order was only a week and and it until it was at my door, the product are a very good quality for the price. Thank you Krishna store for providing devotional Items at a reasonable price.

Testimonial by: Garry Russell-Smith of Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Date added: 11/17/2014


Only after a few days of ordering, the first part of my purchase, 3 of Srila Prabhupada’s books, arrived this morning. Before even opening the box, I could smell a wonderful fragrance, which to me indicated the possibility that the books were kept somewhere pleasant. I imagine even the courier’s van smelling pleasurable. I opened the box to see that each volume was sealed in plastic and in perfect condition, which is wonderful because they are Christmas gifts for friends. While simply a vegetarian and not a Krishna Devotee, I have always been treated with respect by Devotees. Even my questions to this website have been answered respectfully, promptly, and succinctly. The sincerity that comes across is real. Blessings and thanks to all the staff – Garry.

Testimonial by: Carlo Pinotti of Quebec, Canada

Date added: 02/21/2019

Title: Good Quality at a good price

Hi! I recently ordered from Krishnastore and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the book that I ordered. The service was prompt and I received quality merchandise at a reasonable price, given that books from the U.S. are usually a bit more expensive. I received my money's worth!! Thank you!! C.Pinotti

Testimonial by: Dev Bhattacharyya of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/13/2015

Title: What an excellent service

I had ordered a book and a flute for Krishna and the original was delayed substantially. They took all the care to re-ship. I will certainly order from KrishnaStore when I need devotional items. They are the best. Besides, the flute is beautiful.

Testimonial by: Ashalata of Germany

Date added: 03/19/2014

Title: Outstanding!!

love Krishna Store! you get quality products for your money. I am very happy with the things i ve ordered so far. Very nice and kind support. Fair prices and shipping. JUst excellent. Please keep up the great service. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Wyverne Smith of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/17/2019

Title: High quality products and excellent service.

It was easy to use the website. My parcel arrived quickly and I am very pleased with my incense. Thank you very much.

Testimonial by: Maria Grinzato of Florida,United states

Date added: 01/30/2011

Title: 100 % Satisfaction guaranteed.

I love to shop at Krishna because, you buy exactly what you see, get good quality, delivery service serious and on time, good prices and get the best of the best!

Testimonial by: Chloe Skelton of United Kingdom

Date added: 07/01/2013


on EVERY occasion, I have received the most beautiful items, and packaged soooo beautifully!!! I am always thrilled with every thing I have received. The Devotees do an amazing job, in bringing this wonderful faith to us all. the website is a joy to behold, and so easy to use, and beautifully presented. I love shopping here!!! Hari Bol to everyone at Krishna Store, who do an INCREDIBLE job, may The Lord bless you all ...

Testimonial by: Shyam Maharaj of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/11/2014

Title: Great Experience!!!

The dhotis arrived in time. Krishna Store was very prompt in dealing with the little mix up the post office made. Nonetheless the dhotis arrived and were in great condition. Considering the price I paid, the dhotis were in great condition. I wore one the very next day to yagna. :)

Testimonial by: Karen Henneberger of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/29/2012

Title: Thank-you for the books and neck beads

Hare Krishna, we really appreciate all the wonderful Krishna concious stuff you have at My husband is elated that he has more books and pamplets to distribute and my son and his family appreciate the tulasi and silver neck beads my husband bought for them. Thank-you for being there, Krishna PEACE!!! and Pranam! Kirti devi dasi

Testimonial by: Trevor Rintoull of Queensland (Australia)

Date added: 12/12/2014

Title: Finding Krsna

I have many books written by Swami Prabhupada and the addition of the latest purchases adds to my library of spiritual literature. I first discovered Krsna books 27 years ago when I was in the depths of material madness and I am slowly working my way towards real enlightenment through these profound books. I praise Krsna and offer my humble respect and love to him and hope one day to fully serve the Lord in transcendental bliss. Without the books written by Swami Prabhupada I would stiil be deep in the hands of material madness. Thank you Swami. Hare Krsna.

Finding Krsna
Testimonial by: Darryl Biggs of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/03/2013

Title: Really Great Product, Really Great Service.

Really Great Product, Really Great Service. Thanks.

Testimonial by: Prema Sai Baba of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/13/2017

Title: Great Products!

The products i bought were received in excellent conditions, and great quality, totally satisfied with my purchase from this site!

Testimonial by: Chris Colm of Belmont

Date added: 05/09/2019

Title: Always nice to support sadhana from Krishnastore

Very good products delivered to my door from the Holy Dhama of Vrindavan, like a gift from God.

Testimonial by: Victoria Stavnitzky of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 03/13/2017

Title: Beautiful beads! Thank you!

Wonderful experience purchasing from the Krishna Store. Excellent customer service and beautiful product! Also arrived in an incense box so it smells great. :) Thank you so much! Will definitely be purchasing from the Krishna Store again.

Testimonial by: Logan John of North Carolina, Unites States of America

Date added: 05/11/2012

Title: A Blessing of a Website

This website was simple a blessing. The order cam quick and in great condition. My Bhagavad Gita came in within three days and my other items quickly followed. I am in an area with no temple right now and it is very nice to know that I have access to the world of Hare Krishna right from my computer. Thank You, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Testimonial by: Jurate Balseviciute of United Kingdom

Date added: 09/12/2013

Title: Perfect Gift

I bought several things from Krishna Store for my best friend and she was really happy with it. Especially she likes incenses as she uses it during her meditations. She said she never had such a good quality incenses before, so I am really pleased I bought it from here.

Testimonial by: Kimberly Wyer of California, United States

Date added: 01/06/2012

Title: First Order

My first order came in a very timely manner.....and very well packaged......I am just starting to learn the Krishna way of life.....when I use the beads I ordered...I start the day in such a positive light...Thanky You....Will use your service again.....Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Maggie Milliette of Wisconsin, United States

Date added: 12/05/2011

Title: pleased with my purchase and service

Thank you Krishnastore for sending me the set for doing vedic ritual. It was a nice brass wiht many small details that others in the states did not have with their sets, such as individual pieces, heavier brass, sea shell and other special things from India. I'm so grateful also for your wonderful prompt service. Namaste,Maggie Milliette WI, USA

Testimonial by: Elena McNulty of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 01/02/2016

Title: Thank you so much!

Hare Krishna! Thank you for your outstanding service. I ordered Radha Krishna Deities and insense. The parcel arrived in no time. All the items were wrapped very thoroughly and with such love! I was so lucky to find your store surfing net in looking for items for my home altar. Sandal sent sticks give wonderful smell to my house now. The best quality incense I've ever had. I will definitely buy from Krishna Store when I need something else!

Testimonial by: Primwatee Groover of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/06/2019

Title: Great Products

I love the quality of the products. I'm also very satisfied with how quickly I receive my orders. This is my favorite place to buy devotional items.

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