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Installing Prabhupadas books on your Kindle

1) Download the 70 MB zip file.
2) Extract the files by right-clicking on the file and selecting extract files or something from the menu [depending on their computer and operating system].
3) Plug your Kindle into their computer with the USB cable that comes with it and it will come up on your computer like an external hard drive or a memory stick.
4) Find and open up the "Documents" folder on the kindle (Or "Publications" folder on your Nook.) and copy the Prabhupada Book files into that folder.
5) When it is done you can start reading Prabhupada's books on their Kindle.

The kindle creates a full-text index of the books so the search will work fast and that takes some time so for a little while, until it has created that index, the search will not work completely. But they can still use it and read the books and it will be working in the background indexing the books.

If you have any problems at all please contact us.

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