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USB Stick VedaBase File



USB stick are also files for installing Folio Info base on a computer which is the Vedbase. And the files on this USB stick are coming from Bhaktivedanta Archives and they have all instructions regarding installing VedaBase here at this link:

Sometimes only the .NFO files are provided. You can find one where you can install the Vedabase program and then when you has that program installed on your computer that can open any of these .NFO files your referring to. This link will download the VB2019--with Program.exe

All the Vedabase files are included on our "Original Prabhupada Audio COMPLETE on 128GB USB Drive Original Prabhupada Audio COMPLETE on 128GB USB Drive. There is a folder on this USB stick called Vedabase-2019. 

Please be advised to click on that VB2019--with Program.exe file on your Windows computer and that will install the VedaBase program and then with that VedaBase program you can open any of the .NFO files.

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