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How to get the Folio working on Mac (OS-X)

The Folio is Windows based software so if you want it to run on Mac you need to use an Emulator.

An emulator is a program that lets other programs run inside of it, and makes them think you are running a different operating system.

The cheapest (Free) way to run the Folio on OS-X is with a program called WINE. WINE stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator". Despite the name it does work for our purposes.

If you follow this tutorial you will be able to install WINE, and the folio without to many problems: .

The most popular commercial system for running windows programs on a mac is called Parrallels. Parrallels is a much easier program to use, but it is not free. You can check it out here: .

If you are unable to get the Folio working we do have Prabhupada's books on PDF also avaliable for download but that does not give the searching and researching capabilities of the folio.

We also have Prabhupada's books available in the Kindle Ebook Format [which is called the mobipocket format]. And from they can download a free kindle reader for the Mac. Or you can also get the mobipocket ebook reader for the mac, also free software.

So there are many ways to read Prabhupada's books on a Mac.

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