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More Information on small-medium-large sizes

We supply the clothing from Vrindavan which is a small village and most of our clothing is made in Vrindavan and is identified by the small-medium-large-XL-XXL-3XL system. It is hand made and we can not give exact sizes in inches or cm as there are often slight differences in the actual sizes due to the hand making.

On some of the clothing product pages you may find more detailed information on the clothing sizes and generally speaking the information on the product pages is all the information we have.

This is the system used for clothing sizes in Vrindavan and we can not provide US sizes, European sizes, etc. If you have purchased devotional clothing before you will have some idea of the sizes.

The idea is small should fit the 'average' small person, medium, the 'average' medium person, etc.

The general rule is Vrindavan sizes tend to be a bit smaller than Western sizes and also the cotton will sometimes shrink a little on the first washing. So if you are not sure about the size it is usually best to order the next bigger size to the one you think you should order.

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