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Excellent quality real original Yak Tail chamara fan for Deity worship. These deluxe traditional chamars are the complete bunch of hair from a yak (which quickly grows back after being removed). These are in short supply and difficult to get. This is exactly the same style of chamara the gopis used to fan Krishna and Mother Yasoda used to worship Krishna. We have limited stocks and do not know how long we will be able to offer this product so if you want a real chamara please order it now.
 Chamara - Real Deluxe Yak Tail Fan / Wisk
 $109.25  $90.95 

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Learning Sanskrit: Learn Sanskrit and open the door to the timeless secrets of the Vedas. The Vedas, India's storehouse of knowledge, both material and spiritual, are written in the Sanskrit language. These books are your key to unlocking the mysteries of India's Vedic texts.
Amarasara: A Sanskrit-English and English-Sanskrit Pocket Dictionary Amarasara: A Sanskrit-English and English-Sanskrit Pocket Dictionary
The Amarasara Dictionary is a Pocket-sized Sanskrit Dictionary with Sanskrit-English and English-Sanskrit sections. It is considered to be a very good dictionary, considering (more)
Price:  $4.49  $3.49  

Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1 Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1
Introduction to Sanskrit provides both students and teachers with the perfect tool with which to start the study of the basics of Sanskrit, one of the oldest known and used (more)
Price:  $28.25  $19.95  

Introduction to Sanskrit Part 2 Introduction to Sanskrit Part 2
Introduction to Sanskrit 2, along with part 1, completes the 2 volume set. It provides both students and teachers with a tool with which you can study of the basics of (more)
Price:  $16.95  

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Lord Krishna Diamond Pendant with Black Thread Lord Krishna Dia

Thanks for the awesome gift. I am pleased by the great design a unique one and rare ... and also impressed by the packing. Overall i rate Krishnastore 10/10. Jai Shri Krishna ... !!

(read more)

By Soumya Pan

Krishna Store Quality

For our second purchase at Krishna Store we bought another stack of the finest quality and most beautiful kurtas we have seen around. Incidentally, although they are offered as “men's wear”, in ou ...

(read more)

By Alessandra Grazioli


Absolutely amazing, all the complete works of his Divine Grace in one place!

(read more)

By Saahas Punn

Their Lordships arrved an 11.1.'11

Hare Krsna Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. Thank you very much for this nice Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra deities, they will have a good home. eveything was perfect, short sh ...

(read more)

By Lalita Dd

I enjoyed shopping

The products on offer are thoughtful, inspiring. It was delivered promptly, very professionally.

(read more)

By Badri Krishnan

Fantastic service and value for money

I have recently ordered a few item's from Krishnastore.co.uk including Sandalwood incense sticks, Vrindaban Flower Dhoop sticks, scented oils and T shirts all on 3 separate orders and was amazed at ho ...

(read more)

By Keith McCann

Neem Malas Excellent for beauty and value

I ordered several Neem Malas at an incredibly good price. I was so pleased when they arrived! They are so very well made + well shipped.They are individually knotted between the beads! They are stur ...

(read more)

By Andrea A. Richmond

Mantra Meditation Kits

Hare Krishna!! My kits arrived today, thank you! One was for my mum who was as thrilled as I was. The beads are beautiful to hold and the bag is lovely. Also the booklets are very informative. I look ...

(read more)

By Jade

Krisha is all

Allway happy with my things

(read more)

By Robert Vandusen

Krishna's Mercy!

Since this site started, I have purchased many items purely because of the fairness and quality service, (both excellent Vaishnava tendencies), that you offer. You also offer Prabhupada's work as ...

(read more)

By Lewis

All items as described on the website.

All items are as described on the website happy with my order.

(read more)

By Rita Sharma

Service Plus!

Please allow me to express my great satisfaction of the expert service provided by Krishna Store.com. All the packages were very well wrapped with great care. I was also notified in advance regarding ...

(read more)

By Janardan Andrews


Excellent quality and fast service

(read more)

By Kevin Eden

Timely Transcendence.....

We received all items, in a timely manner.... of which the quality is first class.... Pukka!!!.... the only glitch was the local postal service..... When we 'thought' there was a problem, I was as ...

(read more)

By Kus Soumie

Your site is wonderful prabhu

Your site is wonderful prabhu simply because you are making available books with original purports by Srila Prabhupada which are now unfortunately not available at ISKCON or other places, so I could ...

(read more)

By Parimal Shah

Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1
 $28.25  $19.95 


Introduction to Sanskrit Part 2


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