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Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress
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Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress

Beautiful, very well-made simple set of clothes for Gaura-Nitai Deities. Can be used as a night dress or for any other time as well. Comes in a variety of colors suitable for 7" to 12" Gaura Nitai Deities. Deity clothes we have are handmade and the exact patterns and shades of color can vary from item to item. The pictures give the example of the style though the dresses can be a bit different.

Price:  $10.25  $8.49 
Color: Dress Size:

Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress

Gaura Nitai Clothing - Night Dress

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Pink
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Pink

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Red
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Red

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Yellow
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Yellow

Price:  $10.25  $8.49 
Color: Dress Size:
Product Reviews
Mich White - 12/03/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Beautiful quality outfits for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai at a reasonable price. You can see all the work put into them, theyre supurb. Highly recommend!
Patricia Wolff-Keaton - 05/26/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent and beautiful deity clothes!!! I can't sew so this wonderful and in my price range!

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Currently viewing:  Gaura Nitai Deity Clothes - Night Dress
Hare Krsna

This site not only offers great products, but great service. They have a wide inventory of needs for devotees. I find the DVD's of Srila Prabhupada to be a great tool to understand his teachings. I ha ...

(read more)

By Paul Anfuso

thank you.

After searching for months we found some perfect pictures. They are beautiful and service was very good.

(read more)

By Renu Marikinti

Beautiful Tulsi

I finally have my things in my hands and...HARE KRSNA! everything is even more beautiful than i expected, the kuntis are amazing, and the delivery was totally in time. thank you so much for everything ...

(read more)

By Parvati

Clothing order

Great clothing . Which spreads the message on . People are starting to ask what the clothing means.thanks. Hare Krishna Shaun ॐ

(read more)

By Shaun Thomas

its unbelievable

it unbelievable that i can get beautiful indian kurti delivered to my door for under 10 bucks. thank you krishna store for bringing krishna culture to my door for a real cheap price. you could easily ...

(read more)

By Aaron Debene

High Quality

All the products were of extreme high quqlity, and they were sent directly from Vrendavan; which msde it even more exciting.

(read more)

By David Beeman

My neckbeads were sent from India!

What an exciting experience to order genuine Tulasi neckbeads and have them delivered from India! I order two different styles at great prices and then waited about a week longer to receive them right ...

(read more)

By Thomas Haroutunian

Fast response, better than expected quality of products

I must say it was the first time I bought stuff from Krishnastore and it has proved to be a real reliable and efficient experience. Orders status was easy to see and updates were emailed. I love th ...

(read more)

By Rakesh Channaran

so amazing

your products are first class, I would like to thank you for your service. jaya Radhe! Jeremiah

(read more)

By Jeremiah Thomas

Excellent Service.

Delivery was very fast and efficient. I am so pleased with your service and the quality of the goods I ordered. I will be ordering from you again and again. Thank-you so much, for providing a valuable ...

(read more)

By Angela Thompson

Very happy with my order

My order came very quickly and in perfect condition. The Following Srila DVDs are very interesting.

(read more)

By Michael Cicchi


Overall Krishnastore is a great website to look for anything regarding the service of Lord Krishna. The basic needs of any devotee is available here. The website is easy to navigate through, especiall ...

(read more)

By Mabick

Awesome service!

I ordered a kurta and dhoti on line from Krishna Store. I was taken aback when it arrived within days all the way from Vrindavan, U.P. It was carefully and very securely wrapped. And I am enjoying wea ...

(read more)

By Dean Cary

Prabhupada's audio library

I love this Audio library , it helps me everywhere to think about Krishna all the time . I have All perfect bajans , kirtans and Praphupada's japa in 3 dvd now . I am really very happy . All glories t ...

(read more)

By Silvija Galdikaite

They will save you from wasting your life

I was really pleased by these items, as they are the original versions of Srila Prabhupada books, without any unauthorized changes. I recommend the thorough reading of these books to any person who ...

(read more)

By Avetis

Gaura Nitai Deity Clothes & Jewelery
 $29.95  $25.95 


Gaura Nitai Clothes - Deity Dress With Golden Round Pattern
 $10.25  $8.49 


Gaura Nitai Dolls / Deities (7.5")


Deluxe Gaura Nitai Deity Clothes
 $35.75  $29.75 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Blue Thread Work & diamond / gold look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Thread Work & Peacock Feather (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Crown and Necklace Set -- Red Stones with Gold and Diamond Look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Gaura Nitai Deities (7" brass)
 $110.49  $79.95 


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