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Excellent quality real original Yak Tail chamara fan for Deity worship. These deluxe traditional chamars are the complete bunch of hair from a yak (which quickly grows back after being removed). These are in short supply and difficult to get. This is exactly the same style of chamara the gopis used to fan Krishna and Mother Yasoda used to worship Krishna. We have limited stocks and do not know how long we will be able to offer this product so if you want a real chamara please order it now.
 Chamara - Real Deluxe Yak Tail Fan / Wisk
 $109.25  $90.95 

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Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress
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Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress

Beautiful, very well-made simple set of clothes for Gaura-Nitai Deities. Can be used as a night dress or for any other time as well. Comes in a variety of colors suitable for 7" to 12" Gaura Nitai Deities. Deity clothes we have are handmade and the exact patterns and shades of color can vary from item to item. The pictures give the example of the style though the dresses can be a bit different.

Price:  $10.25  $8.49 
Color: Dress Size:

Gaura Nitai Deity Night Dress

Gaura Nitai Clothing - Night Dress

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Pink
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Pink

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Red
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Red

Gaura Nitai Night Dress Yellow
Gaura Nitai Night Dress Yellow

Price:  $10.25  $8.49 
Color: Dress Size:
Product Reviews
Mich White - 12/03/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Beautiful quality outfits for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai at a reasonable price. You can see all the work put into them, theyre supurb. Highly recommend!
Patricia Wolff-Keaton - 05/26/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent and beautiful deity clothes!!! I can't sew so this wonderful and in my price range!

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Everest Incense -- (225 gram pack)
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Srila Prabhupada's Original Delhi Bhagavatam Set
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Radha - Krishna Tulsi Pendant Necklace
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Dhoti / Chadar -- Cotton with Ganga-Yamuna Embroidered Borders


Dhoti White Jute with Color Border


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Thank you very much

This website was simple a blessing. The order cam relatively quick and in great condition. All ordered items came in within two weeks and my other items quickly followed. I am in an area with no chanc ...

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By Amir Alendar

Fulfilling Expectations!

Since I ordered prints, I was worried about damage occuring in transit. However, upon receipt of those prints, I was thrilled. They were in superb condition. Thank you for fulfilling my expectations o ...

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By Tamil Mani Kathiresan

Video and MP3 Library

Haribol! I recently ordered and received the Srila Prabhupada Complete Video and Audio libraries and it arrived so sooner than I could expect. Its the true nectar and true treasure to cherish for. I w ...

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By Soumya Mukherjee


I found it to a exceptional service and the product I bought arrived in perfect condition. I will be considering purchasing more items in the future.

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By Shari Lenway

Very Pleased!!!

I must say that my experience with KrishnaStore has been fantastic! Both of my items ordered arrived quickly (though a bit longer ship time for my shawl from India) and in great condition. My shopping ...

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By Christopher Hamm

Hare Krishna

Many Haribols,for making this kind of service Prabhu. I received Srila Prabhupad bust few days ago and it is simply wonderfull. I hope that the Deities of Gaura Nitai arrive soon from Vrindavan. ps ...

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By mika tuominen


Great service and lovely products!

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By Stefan Borg


Krishna Store is very helpful in every way and do their best to serve and please their customers. I have dealt many times with them and every time have had very pleasant experiences. Especially when a ...

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By Paul Fox


I have ordered gamchas and to my surprise were delivered in only ten days. very good quality and fair price. My recommendation!

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By Tirtha Sevana Das

Great Sstore

Krishna store is great! We are loving the Gita I received from a close friend of mine. It is great inspirational that the author/Pure Devotee of The Lord explains goal of life on each page! Rememberin ...

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By Subash Gupta

Great friendly service.

I enjoyed ordering from Krishna Store, the service was good and friendly. I was kept informed about my order. It was lovely to recieve the parcels from Vrindavan and I was very pleased with the produc ...

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By Jaya Dasi

Mercy that pours through the gifts!

Very happy and blessed to buy gifts from this place. The package was very well safeguarded and arrived on time. This is all because of the effort of all the devotees who work without false ego, ma ...

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By Vish

Couldnt be happier

Excellent quality, perfect.

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By Ricky Morgan


I have ordered a set of 15 incense packs and I'm absolutely satisfied by the great quality. And amazingly happy for a variety of different tastes.

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By Anton Rogov

Thank you

Thank you very much...the products are excellent and the information is life changing!

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By Laurel Cohen

Gaura Nitai Deity Clothes & Jewelery
 $29.95  $25.95 


Gaura Nitai Clothes - Deity Dress With Golden Round Pattern
 $10.25  $8.49 


Gaura Nitai Dolls / Deities (7.5")


Deluxe Gaura Nitai Deity Clothes
 $35.75  $29.75 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Blue Thread Work & diamond / gold look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Thread Work & Peacock Feather (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Crown and Necklace Set -- Red Stones with Gold and Diamond Look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Gaura Nitai Deities (7" brass)
 $110.49  $79.95 


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