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Radha Krishna Dress with Embroidery
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Radha Krishna Dress with Embroidery

Outfits for Radha Krishna Dieties available in many sizes and colors. These are nice hand made dresses with  embroidery. Deity size is measured from the bottom of Krishna's base to the top of His head. Sizes are intended for brass Deities.

Price:  $2.95  $2.49 
Color: Dress Size:

Radha Krishna Dress with Embroidery

Pictures of Radha Krishna Deity Clothes

Deity clothes we have are handmade and the exact patterns and shades of color can vary from item to item. The pictures give the example of the style though the dresses can differ a bit.

Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Dark Pink
Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Dark Pink

Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Orange
Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Orange

Radha Krishna Dress Wit Embroidery -- Red
Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Red

Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Yellow
Radha Krishna Dress With Embroidery -- Yellow

Price:  $2.95  $2.49 
Color: Dress Size:
Product Reviews
Sonia Bonfanti - 07/24/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Economical and arrived in a short time. Hare Krishna!
Monina Conanan - 05/17/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Than you for this wonderful outfit. shipping was fast nd things were packed nicely.

Small Aroti Set (8-9" tray with Bell, Incense Holder, Flower Tray, Conch, Ghee Lamp)
 $19.95  $16.95 


Blowing Conch Shell (6.5")
 $49.49  $45.95 


Medium Aroti Set (11.5" tray with Bell, Incense Holder, Flower Tray, Conch, Ghee Lam
 $35.25  $29.25 


Fragrant Natural Aromatic Flower Oils - Mixed Pack of 12
 $19.95  $15.75 


Dhoti, Rasgulla Jute -- No Borders


Prabhupada Vyasasana Figure (7.5")


Currently viewing:  Radha Krishna Dress with Embroidery
Good service

I had a really positive experience using this service. Everything arrived punctually and i was really pleasantly surprised when my Tulasi beads arrived all the way from Vrindavan! Within 2 weeks as we ...

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By James Russell


Outstanding in all respects. They were quick with sending all the items. The books are beautiful (including the extra books which were a bonus!). Good customer service.

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By Anj

Arrival of Sri Mrdanga!

Jaaaayyy prabhu!!!!! Today is a very special day because I have received Sri Mrdanga! It is very beautiful and its sound is wonderful. Thank you and Hare Krishna Your servant Atmavidya das

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By Atmavidya das

Super Deal

Got all the books I need for this lifetime for few euros. It works on my Kindle. Thanks.

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By Sasa


These shirts are so AMAZING i love these shirts they catch a lot of attention and a lot of positive attention i recommend these shirts and you to buy them shipping is fast and the way they come is so ...

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Krishna's Mercy

The first books I purchased for my Kindle were Srila Prabhupada's books. What else do I need? Imagine, all of Prabhupada's books in my back pocket, to take everywhere I go. Krishna's Mercy!

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By Padmanabha Dasa

Serving the customer and serving krsna

A delightful purchasing experience Efficient, fast, and exactly what i ordered The only time i have had a quality issue, my money was refunded straight away and an apology was forthcoming Tha ...

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By Neil Taylor

Krishna Store is great!!!

I regularly order from Krishna Store and am always pleased. Everything is always packaged beautifully and arrives in perfect condition. I will continue to order as there is always something new. ...

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By J

Superb service...every time!

Hare Krishna, I just wanted to thank you (again) for the superb service. Every order I've made with Krishnastore has been quickly/safely dispatched and gratefully received. Thank you all so much for ...

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By Steven Hughes

Good service

This online store offers excellent customer service. I can recommend it. Oh, and the Nityananda Gauranga bead bag is beautiful :)

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By Nava

Krishna Our Father

Krishna is our Father. Tonight that fact hit me with full force. Before this was mercifully revealed to me, I was tortured with anxiety which is nothing but fear and doubt that our Lord was either not ...

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Back to godhead

Hare krsna this is probably the best book i have ever bought. Once i pick the book up it is very difficult to put it down. Service were very good and staff at krsna store are very supportive. Than ...

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By Amit

Service Plus!

Please allow me to express my great satisfaction of the expert service provided by Krishna Store.com. All the packages were very well wrapped with great care. I was also notified in advance regarding ...

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By Janardan Andrews

Nice service and item

Hare krishna Thanks for the quick delivery of product and prompt responses to my inquiries. Hari bol

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By Atul Purohit

Great product

Great service! Prompt and efficient. The incense sticks are all labelled and they smell divine - they have that authentic incense stick that you dont get with commerically bought sticks. I recommend t ...

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By Smiley

Radha Krishna Clothes & Jewelry (including Krishna's Flute)
 $22.25  $18.49 


Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 7.5")
 $89.00  $59.95 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Blue Thread Work & diamond / gold look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Deluxe Radha Krishna Deity Clothes
 $35.75  $29.75 


Crown and Necklace Set -- with Thread Work & Peacock Feather (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 9.5")
 $119.00  $79.95 


Crown and Necklace Set -- Red Stones with Gold and Diamond Look (pair)
 $27.95  $23.25 


Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 12")
 $129.00  $89.95 


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