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With these Keychains and brooches you can remind yourself and others of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra throughout the day. Included is a set of 3 brooches (Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra) plus 2 more Jagannatha brooches and 2 Jagannatha Keychains.Jagannatha Keychain and Brooch Mixed Set (7 pieces)
 $6.49  $5.25 

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Kirtan Instrument Lessons on DVD: DVD music lessons empower you to play kirtan musical instruments like the mrdanga, kartals and harmonium. Musical accompaniment is very important for kirtans and bhajans and these DVDs will enable you to master traditional kirtan instruments and soon you will be a proficient kirtan leader.
Devotional Music Lessons: Mridanga, Kartals and Harmonium (4 DVD set) Devotional Music Lessons: Mridanga, Kartals and Harmonium (4 DVD set)
For the aspiring musician or the serious player, this DVD collection is ideal. These great instructional DVDs will teach you to play three classic Indian instruments: (more)
Price:  $25.00  $18.75  

Mrdanga Lessons DVD Mrdanga Lessons DVD
Expert rhythm masters, Krishna Kirtana Dasa and Nityananda Prana Dasa demonstrate the art and science of playing this clay drum. Color 110 minutes.(more)
Price:  $9.95  $7.95  

Harmonium Lessons with Vaiyasaki dasa & Visnujana Melodies DVD Harmonium Lessons with Vaiyasaki dasa & Visnujana Melodies DVD
Nine lessons beginning with rudimentary scales to progressively more intricate exercises will have you playing bhajans of the great masters in no time. Also on this video, (more)
Price:  $9.95  $7.95  

Kartal Lessons with Krishna Kirtan dasa DVD Kartal Lessons with Krishna Kirtan dasa DVD
Bangladesh's premier kirtana musician demonstrates the proper techniques for creating complimentary rhythms and sounds on these hand-held brass cymbals. Color 40 minutes. (more)
Price:  $9.95  $7.95  

Harmonium Lessons (with Sri Prahlad dasa) Harmonium Lessons (with Sri Prahlad dasa)
Our own Sri Prahlad dasa, famous for his transcendentel renditions of the Hare Krishna mahamantra and other Vaisnava songs, shares over 50 of his favorite tunes in an (more)
Price:  $9.95  $7.95  

Harmonium Lessons II (with Niranjana Swami, Vatsala, Yadubara, B.V. Govinda Swami) Harmonium Lessons II (with Niranjana Swami, Vatsala, Yadubara, B.V. Govinda Swami)
Niranjana Swami, Vatsala dasa, and Yadubara dasa share their favorite tunes in an over-the-shoulder demonstration of the melodies. Niranjana Swami is joined by B.V. Govinda (more)
Price:  $9.95  $7.95  

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you are doing good service for the devotes, to selling Prabhupad

I have received the books in a very good condition, and the the service you do is good, thank you for the service. HARE KRSNA.

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By Andres Rodriguez Garcia

Excellent service

The order was dealt with efficiently and when had problems with the post office de;ivery staff were excellent in helping me track the items. Highly recommended

(read more)

By Ron Staff

Arrival of Lord Jagannatha

Hare Krsna Prabhu!!! Please accept my respectful obeisances. After some primary complicacy Lord Jagannath found His new home on my little altar. I like your shop very much, Devotees heart can f ...

(read more)

By Lalita dd

Good service

Good service ,quality goods

(read more)

By Les Maull

Good Quality of Products

I bought Jagannath deity dress and two cotton kurtas. Both were of high quality and perfect fit and tailoring. The shipping time was also reasonable. Customer service is good.

(read more)

By Syama Candra Das

Deties Gaura Nitai

I bought clothes for the deities Gaura Nitai, they look so nice. I will most likely purchase more items for this website. Thank you. Hare Krishna

(read more)

By Janette Flores

Lord Krishna brought to my home with fanfare!

The true meaning of Chant Hare Krishna and be happy! I was truly overjoyed to receive the products from Vrindavan. Excellent packaging in keeping with religious sentiments of being perfectly delivered ...

(read more)

By Madhumala Madhavan

Thankyou for my gorgeous Sri Sri Radha Shyamdundar

Hare Krishna :) Thank you so much for my very nicely packaged items for worshipping our new family members Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar, Whom I also received from your website! I recieved all quali ...

(read more)

By Pritika

Prabhupada's audio library

I love this Audio library , it helps me everywhere to think about Krishna all the time . I have All perfect bajans , kirtans and Praphupada's japa in 3 dvd now . I am really very happy . All glories t ...

(read more)

By Silvija Galdikaite

Wonderful Deities of SriKrishna and RadhaRani

HareKrsna! Jai to KrishnaStore.eu for helping the devotees to be blessed by Krsna's Mercy. I received a beautiful pair of deities(Krsna and RadhaRani) from Vrindavan through KrsnaStore. The finis ...

(read more)

By Anu

Best customer service and deity clothes.

I have been a longtime customer of this website. I first started out buying books and deity clothing sets with jewelry for my Gaura-Nitai deities. I was very pleased with my purchases. When the high e ...

(read more)

By Bhaktin Jeannette

pleased with purchase

Good quality incense stcicks.Well packed.

(read more)

By Carmen Ornia

Gaura Nitai Dieties

Very p;eased with my first Dieties.....they are truly beautiful. Excellent service and very nicely priced.... i am soooo pleased..THANK YOU!!! HARE KRISHNA!

(read more)

By Bhakta Dean

Great product

Great service! Prompt and efficient. The incense sticks are all labelled and they smell divine - they have that authentic incense stick that you dont get with commerically bought sticks. I recommend t ...

(read more)

By Smiley

High Quality Insence - Vrindavana Flower.

Very high quality insence which are all hand made in Vrindavana, India. The package shipped from India within a few days. Hare Krishna!

(read more)

By Andrew Casserly

Devotional Music Lessons: Mridanga, Kartals and Harmonium (4 DVD set)
 $25.00  $18.75 


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