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Kheera Chora Gopinath (Children's story book)

With this nicely illustrated book, you and your children can learn the story of Madhavendra Puri and Sri Gopinath. It is a famous story told by Srila Prabhupada, where Krishna came to steal Kheer for his devotees.

"After drinking the milk offered by the cowherd boy Madhavendara Puri took rest under the tree. He had a dream, In the dream Lord Krishna appeared and said: “Dear Madhavendara Puri, I am Gopal who brought you milk today. I am under the hillock nearby. Kindly request the villagers to remove me from that place and build me a temple..."

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Kheera Chora Gopinath (Children's story book)

Kheera Chora Gopinath Story Book:

Madhavendra Puri was one of the great devotees of Lord Krishna in the line of Madvacharya.

Madhavendara Puri woke up and gathered the villagers to help him find the deity. With the help of the villagers they cleared the place mentioned by Gopal. They found beautiful smiling Gopal undeneath the bushes. They immediately cleared the place and built a temple and installed Gopal.

Eventually two brahmins from Bengal came to Vrindavan. They were in the renounced order of life. They became very dear to Madhavendra Puri so he initiated them and entrusted the charge of Gopal and the temple to them. One day Gopal appeared in Madhavendra Puri’s dream and said…  “I was buried for a long time My body became very so kindle get Me good sandalwood paste from Jaganatha Puri and spear it on My body.”

This book is based on the teachings of and dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Price:  $3.95  $2.49 
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