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Krishna with Cow

Krishna playing his transcendental flute on a full moon night on the banks of the Yamuna river in Vrindavana. The beautiful vibrations coming from Krishna's flute drove the young girls, the gopis of Vrindavan mad and they had to come out to find Krishna in the middle of the night when they heard His flute playing.

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Krishna with Cow

While all the gopis were hurriedly leaving their respective places, their husbands, brothers and fathers were all struck with wonder to know where they were going. Being young girls, they were protected either by husbands, elderly brothers or fathers. All their guardians forbade them to go to meet Krishna in the middle of the night, but the gopis disregarded them.

When a person becomes attracted by Krishna and is in full Krishna consciousness, he does not care for any worldly duties, even though very urgent. Krishna consciousness is so powerful that it gives everyone relief from all material activities. Srila Rupa Gosvami has written a very nice verse wherein one gopi advises another:

"My dear friend, if you desire to enjoy the company of material society, friendship and love, then please do not go to see this smiling boy Govinda, who is standing on the bank of the Yamuna and playing His flute, His lips brightened by the beams of the full moonlight."

Srila Rupa Gosvami indirectly instructs that one who has been captivated by the beautiful smiling face of Krishna has lost all attraction for material enjoyments. This is the test of advancement in Krishna consciousness: a person advancing in Krishna consciousness must lose interest in material activities and personal sense gratification.

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