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Kurta -- Jute, Cream

Best quality cream jute kurta. Some devotees prefer jute to plain cotton as it is a softer material. You can choose between long or short sleves and this kurta is availabe in a wide range of sizes.

Price:  $15.95  $10.95 
Clothing Size:

Kurta -- Jute, white
 $15.95  $10.95 


Kurta -- Cotton Jute, Plain Solid Color
 $18.95  $13.95 


Yogi Pants Jute Colored
 $16.49  $12.49 


Kurta -- Color Jute
 $18.95  $13.95 


Gamcha, Khadi, large size (200x100 cm) -- Traditional Indian Bathing Towel
 $8.95  $4.25 


Choli (stretch - Abhi Brand)-- T-Shirt / Blouse for wearing with Sari
 $10.49  $7.95 


Kurta -- Jute, Cream

Men's Kurta Sizes:

You need to note there will be some shrinkage when washing the first few times.

The general rule with Vrindavan clothing is to order one size bigger than you think you need.

Men's Kurtas are intended to be loose fitting, so the size you need will be bigger than for tighter fitting clothing.

Size Length Chest
SMALL 30" 42"
MEDIUM 31" 44"
LARGE 32" 46"
XL 34" 48"
XXL 35" 52"
3XL 35" 56"
4XL 36" 60"

Price:  $15.95  $10.95 
Clothing Size:
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