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Lord Caitanya Instructs Chand Kazi

When Lord Caitanya was spreading the Sankirtan Movement the local Hindu Brahmins became envious of Lord Caitanya's popularity and they tried to stop His movement by getting the governer, Chand Kazi to ban Sankirtan in the city. The Kazi was convinced to ban sankirtan and this caused great agitation among the people. So Lord Caitanya organized the first civil disobedience movement. In spite of the ban on sankirtan Lord Caitanya organized a party of 100,000 chanters and chanted tumultusiouly the Hare Krishna mantra all over the city, finally arriving at the house of Chand Kazi. At this time there was a discussion between Lord Caitanya and Chand Kazi based at least partly on the Koran. The result of this discussion was that the Kazi lifted the ban on sankirtan...

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