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Prabhupada Cap -- Grey Woolen

First-class woolen 'Prabhupada cap'. This hat is made from wool in a grey color. Very warm and suitable for cold weather.

Price:  $8.95  $6.95 

Choli (stretch - Abhi Brand)-- T-Shirt / Blouse for wearing with Sari
 $10.49  $7.95 


Dhoti / Chadar -- White Cotton Fine, Thick Solid Borders, "Thillana"
 $34.95  $24.95 


New Prabhupada DVD Set -- Limited Edition Deluxe Boxed Set
 $79.00  $39.95 

Gopi Dress -- Wrap Around, 3 Piece -- Dupatta, Choli Cloth & Skirt
 $16.49  $12.49 


Prabhupada Cap -- Saffron Cotton
 $4.95  $3.49 

Prabhupada Vani Samadhi DVD-ROM
 $9.95  $1.95 
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Customer Questions and Answers:

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Question: Can you provide any diamentions on this hat please?

Answer: The measurement arround the head is approxiamtely 23 inches.The measurement arround the head is approxiamtely 23 inches. see less
By Vishvambar Das on Sep, 19 2020

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