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Krishna Computer Games CD-ROM
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Krishna Computer Games CD-ROM

Krishna games for computers with Windows operating system. This CD-ROM contains four first-class professionally produced computer games: Break the Makti (butter pot), Find the Way (get out of a maze), Grab the Pot (Get as many butter pots before the time runs out), Run Away (collect valuable jewels and aviod the poisonous snakes and Kaliya, the fire-spitting demon).

Price:  $6.95  $5.49 
Format: DVD-ROM for Windows PCs

Krishna Computer Games CD-ROM

Break the "Makti"

This is like a shooting game. You aim and try to break the Makti (butter pots) that the girls (gopis) are carrying. This game has many difficulty levels. This is a multi-character game, you can select any one of the characters. At the beginning of the game you have a limited number of stones to start with. You have to break the pots to earn more stones. Make sure you don't run out of stones. This game finishes on two conditions: either you earn the required points and you win OR you run out of stones. There is a timer to keep watch on players speed and accuracy.

Find the Way

This is a maze game, again this is a multi-character game. You can select any one of the characters. You have a start point and you have to find your way to the exit door. As you move around through the prison corridor you will come across locked doors, you have to collect the matching key to open these doors. This game also has a timer to keep watch on the time the players spend to find the exit door.

Grab the Pot

This game has 3 difficulty levels. Grab as many pots as you can to collect the points and move to the next level. This is a race against time, you have to collect the pots in the minimum time. Be careful of the bugs moving around. The player has three lives with a health indicator.

Run Away

This game has three difficulty levels. Collect as many points as you can by picking up the valuables. Keys to the next scenario are available only after you collect the desired points. Stay away from the moving poisonous snakes and the fire-spitting demon Kaliya. There are other obstacles like trees, houses, stones, cliffs; you have to move around them.


Price:  $6.95  $5.49 
Product Reviews
Michelle Mohan Fadrilan - 08/25/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
My eldest son love to play video games. Krishna games was his favorite one. Me and my son played together and we even race. Thank you so much for making this games. It was fun and easy. I hope that you will make more games.

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