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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Basu Gopal Das of Massachusetts, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/16/2016

Title: Srila Prabhupada's request please read and study my books

I love reading Srila Prabhupada's books..they are an essential part of my daily sadhana. First I read and study them because Prabhupada requests us. Second I have a strong desire to understand the true authorized meaning of the Krishna Consciousness Movement. Third -The teachings and pastimes are full of Bliss and simple wonderful. I read them and reread and reread them. Sometimes I understand them a little sometimes they are complex , but can always find on further study more meaning. Please -reread them and find they are ever fresh. Krishna store has many items for my devotional needs and I have my eye on many items that I will send away for in course of time. Their service is very prompt, courteous, and first class.

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