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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Sadhan Chaitanya of United Kingdom

Date added: 02/04/2018

Title: This time I'm keeping the books .

I felt like quitting Krishna consciousness because my friend comes down here with a free breakfast of meat and I feel obligated to eat it so I was dumping the books onto charity shops but I was always drawn back to Krishna so I was ordering more from time to time . Swami Prabupadhu has interesting comments on desire, he says you can't kill desire but rechannel it for a higher purpose . Take the Buddha reaching nirvana didn't curb his appetite - you must have seen statues of the Buddha after enlightenment depicted as being fat . Also deep meditation can be dangerous as the Devil could get in tempting you . Mantra meditation is easier , so chant Hare Krishna ! - and be happy !.

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