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Testimonial by: Dean Cary of New Zealand

Date added: 04/21/2013

Title: The perfect shopping experience

I am not the world's most enthusiastic shopper. The introduction of on line shopping hasn't changed how I feel about it, especially when it comes to clothing. Materially, I'm a typical guy. I'd rather shop at Super Cheap Auto or Repco in rags if I could get away with it! But, as part of my spiritual journey, I decided to invest in a kurta and dhoti set. By the grace of Krsna, I was directed to the Krishna Store. I struggled through the on line registration process, which was, actually pretty straightforward. The staff at the helpline gave me lots of help, in a warm, friendly gentle manner. What I may term spiritual professionalism - quite different to the kind I usually experience. Once I ordered the items, they arrived in amazing speed, well wrapped and packaged. The items themselves have been outstanding. To sum up, my experience has been great. I will be back again and again. You have a very satisfied customer.....hare bol!

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