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Testimonial by: Charles Peckham of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/02/2021

Title: Yogi pants that are just right.

I bought the saffron yogi pants some years ago here and was satisfied with the results. So I decided to go for a darker tantric red yogi pants and tried these to see how they would feel. They fit just fine and are made of high quality cotton. For these types of yogic type clothes: cotton, linen and hemp are best. India and China still has a tradition of quality cotton & linen wear. I DO NOT want polyester for clothes like these! So if you need proper yogi pants or shirts of quality cotton that will wear relatively well and will not tear the moment you put them on, then Krishna Store is a good source of quality cotton wear. Here is a photo of me wearing a Krishna store saffron shirt I have had for years, along my new Krishna Store tantric red pants and a Chinese Wudang linen robe. They are very comfortable and feel like a second skin. I wear these clothes as you see them all throughout the winter with no issues (since my yogic tapasya sustains me during the cold season).

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Yogi pants that are just right.