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Testimonial by: Andrew Kyriacou of London, United Kingdom

Date added: 02/07/2023

Title: Just wow.

I am just blown away at how amazing the entire experience of Krishna Store has been. Not only do they have most if not all of Srila Prabhupadas most important, original books and audio files... at EXTREMELY generous prices... but the customer service has also been exceptional. It is evident that the devotees behind this are really living true to the attitude of service. Having ordered a fair few books, I kind of changed my mind as I wasnt sure whether I wanted to go ahead with it due to my "preferring" of other editions of the literature. I asked for a refund soon after I ordered. However, the very kind member of staff I asked to provide me a refund encouraged me to change my decision, and an inner feeling told me that he was absolutely right. However, I still took the refund. Later, realising I had made a mistake, I reordered the books... and more. Srila Prabhupadas original books contain THE ORIGINAL WORDS he wrote; and thus, each syllable is full of nectar. I am an enthusiast for the originals now over anything else... absolutely transcendental, life changing items. I will recommend Krishna Store to all of my devotee friends and aspirants who are interested in unravelling the nature of their true selves.

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Just wow.