Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Sheila Rand of Berkshire, UK

Date added: 10/27/2016

Title: Overall satisfied.

Gaura-Nitai outfits nice colour, fabric and very good value for money. I like to use them as a base for adding trimmings, embroidery, jewellery etc as nice day outfits. My photo illustrates the yellow 'Nightime' costume made up in this way. One chaddar slightly different colour, but offer of exchange was promptly made. Aratik set, tray very nice, items a little small to be practical and the lamp poor quality (again a replacement has been offered), but i only needed the tray, so no problem. A general comment is that particularly with Indian goods, labels are fixed using a glue that is difficult/impossible to remove without damaging surfaces. This is just some feedback on behalf of many others who find this annoying. The whompers are fine- i might even order the larger ones too! The karatala bags are really nice and a perfect fit for the instrument, would definitely recommend.

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