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Testimonial by: Jay Usher of Massachusetts, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/12/2017

Title: Every thing was sublime!

I have ordered with Krishnastore many times now and not once have been disapointed by any thing i have purchased online. Service has been great and even items that were shipped from India arrived in great condition and on a timely manner although slower than items shipped from the united states of course! But was worth the extra wait and packaged carefully to avoid breakage. I will order from their site again and urge others to also. Wide range of items to choose from and selection is outstanding from books to alter items to just about anything Krishna! So if you have an interest in Krishna this is the place and with many items to choose from including great pictures to choose from your mind will never be too far from remembering Lord Krishna/Govinda/Rama and Vishnu!! Oh did i forget Lord Shiva!! Keep Krishna(GOD) in your heart and mind and remember to always chant the Hare Krishna Mantra!! Best Wishes and Thanks Guys!! Hare Krishna!! Jay Usher..How's Mukunda doing??!!!!

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