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Testimonial by: Malati of Hawaii, USA

Date added: 10/09/2017

Title: Wonderful products directly from Vrndavana!

I have ordered from Krsna Store many times now, and I am never disappointed! That means that I will always try new products from their store, because the quality is always pretty good. I must say the sitting mats that I ordered were even a bit more opulent than I expected! Especially for such a low price! I ordered them to be sitting mats around my wedding yujna, and they couldn't be more perfect! I must say that receiving packages that look like they are directly from India, with the beautiful words, 'Vrndavana' on them, it gives me a special thrill! I think that is really cool that we receive our orders directly from Vrndavana, how wonderful is that! Thank you Krsna Store for your quality standards, authenticty of products, and good quality for a good price. Where can you find this anywhere? I appreciate your site and hope you will always continue. This is a great service for people worldwide to aquire rare and wonderful items from India. Namaste'

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