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Lord Krishna Tricks Back Brahma (Children's Story Book)

One day in Vrindavan Lord Brahma saw Krishna playing with His friends in Vrindavana. Lord Brahma thought he would play a trick on Krishna so he stole all of Krishna's cows and friends and locked them up in a mountain cave and put them to sleep. But Krishna had a much bigger trick that He played on Brahma. This children's story book narrates this pastime of Brahma's stealing Krishna's cows His cowherd boyfriends.

Price:  $3.95  $2.49 
Author: Written by Gandhari Devi Dasi, Illustrations by Vijaya Govinda das
Format: 5" x 8"
Pages: 31
ISBN: 81-89564-14-5

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Lord Krishna Tricks Back Brahma (Children's Story Book)

This book is based on the teachings of and dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

One day, little Krishna, and His cowherd friends went to the forest on a picnic along with their calves. After playing for a long time, they felt hungry.

"Look, that place on the river bank is so beautiful," Krishna said, "Let us sit there and eat."

All the gopas sat around Krishna and opened their lunch packs with great excitement. "Krishna see! See what I have!" Sridama called out. Krishna bit off a piece of sweet and said, "Mmmmmmm... so tasty."

Joking and laughing loudly, the boys had great fun eating with their very dear friend Krishna.

Krishna ate the curd rice and pickle that His beloved mother had packed for Him by holding some in His left hand.

Suddenly, the happy gopas noticed their cows were wandering deep into the forest. "Oh, no!" they sighed. Krishna smiled and said, "My dear friends, do not stop eating. I shall go and bring the calves back."

The gopas were not there! Krishna is Bhagavan thus he understood that it was Lord Brahma who had taken away all the calves and gopas and put them in a magical sleep in a cave. Brahma wanted to test the power of Lord Krishna who was playing just like a little boy. "What would Krishna do now?" Brahma wanted to see.

Krishna smiled and expanded Himself as all those calves and boys that Brahma had hidden. Each gopa and each calf looked exactly like the originals.

After a year, Brahma came back to check on Krishna. He was surprised! "What is this? Did Krishna bring back all the calves and boys that I hid, from the cave?"

Brahma watched Krishna. He tried, again and again, to understand which set of gopas and calves was real. All his four heads reeled in confusion

Brahma checked in the cave. They were still there sleeping. Brahma became confused.

All the gopas and calves with Krishna suddenly turned bluish in complexion. As the puzzled Brahma looked on, they all took the form of Narayana -- Krishna's four-handed form. And all of them entered into Krishna!

After seeing this, Lord Brahma hastily got down from his swan carrier. He fell down like a golden rod touching the lotus feet of Lord Krishna with the tips of the four crowns on his heads. Offering his obeisances, he bathed the feet of Lord Krishna with the water of his tears of joy.

Brahma prayed, "My Lord, I am just like a small spark in the presence of a great fire. There are people who say, 'I know everything about Krishna.' Let them think that way. O my Lord, I know now that it is impossible to fully know Your great powers."

Brahma went back to his abode after returning the gopas and calves as they were before.

The cowherd boyfriends of Krishna where not at all aware that they had been sleeping for a year, said, "Krishna, You have returned so quickly!" We have not eaten even one morsel in Your absence. Please come here and take Your meal without distraction."

Price:  $3.95  $2.49 
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5 out of 5 stars Reviews

 5 of 5 Stars!   
By Ravi Thaker on July 28, 2013 
This is a good book. We gave it to a friends child. We have not had a chance to read it. And we will buy more of this book.This is a good book. We gave it to a friends child. We have not had a chance to read it. And we will buy more of this book. Read less


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