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Lord Krishna's Pastimes with Kaliya the Snake (Children's Story Book)

Krishna and Balaram with the cowherd boys and the calves and cows would go to the forrests of Vrindavan every day to find nice grass to feed the cows with. On this particular day Krishna met a great demon, Kaliya, in the form of a huge snake in the River Yamuna. This is a beautiful children's story book that tells this story.

Price:  $3.95  $2.49 
Author: Written by Cameri Dasi, Illustrations by Vijaya Govinda das
Format: 5" x 8"
Pages: 31
ISBN: 81-89564-11-0

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Lord Krishna's Pastimes with Kaliya the Snake (Children's Story Book)

This book is based on the teachings of and dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

'Is Krishna ready yet?' wondered the peacock with the pretty plumes as it watched the sun spread its glow on the simple village of Gokul.

Mother Yasoda wakes up Lord Krishna as the birds greet Him.

As the sun rose higher, the birds fluttered about chirping, "Tweet, tweet, Krishna will come out soon!"

The green trees, all laden with fresh fruits and flowers swayed happily in the gentle breeze.

Calves called out, "Moo!" "Moo!" "Moo!" in different tones as Krishna's friends prepared them to go to the forest for grazing.

With the bells on their necks going, "Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle," the calves trotted with great glee behind their dear Krishna. Some even got to rub their young tongues on Him.

After playing with his friends all morning, Krishna rested beneath a tree and played on His flute. Some of His friends took the thirsty calves to the nearby lake in River Yamuna.

Suddenly, Lord Krishna's friends ran towards Him shouting, "Krishna, Krishna! We are in danger. All our calves are dead. Come, come quickly!"

Krishna climbed on a Kadamba tree. Lo and behold! As soon as Krishna's feet touched it, it became lush and green with lots of flowers! "Don't worry. I'll be back soon," Krishna called back to His frightened friends.

Krishna jumped from the tree with a very loud splash into the lake. "Who dares to disturb Me?" shouted Kaliya and swam towards Krishna with great speed.

With His mighty hoods, Kaliya dragged Krishna into the water and tied Him up with his strong coil. But Krishna easily freed Himself and jumped up onto his hoods.

Ta ta, Te Te; Ta ta, Te Te - Krishna danced gracefully jumping from one hood of Kaliya onto another.

Kaliya's wives begged Krishna, "Oh, dear Lord Krishna, please pardon our husband." Krishna advised Kaliya to leave the Yamuna River immediately and go elsewhere.

"Didn't I tell you not to be afraid?" smiled Krishna, as He walked back home with Mother Yasoda, Nanda Maharaja, His gopa friends and calves.

Thus end the pastimes of Lord Krishna with Kaliya, the venomous snake.

Price:  $3.95  $2.49 
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