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Message of Godhead

When one is fully developed in consciousness, one concerns himself with things beyond ones own self and the world where one lives: One seeks to understand the Absolute Truth.

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Author: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Format: Paperback, 4.8" x 7.2", 40 color plates
Pages: 82

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Message of Godhead

The Absolute Truth regulates man as well as the world, and knowing Him the transcendentalist regulates his activities on the right path. This regulating process is commonly known as a system of faith or religion.

All over the civilized world we find some form of religion. Indeed, when man is devoid of any religion, he is nothing but a beast. Religion may be delineated according to different countries, times, and people but in all cases it more or less aims at the objective of the Absolute Truth.

The Absolute Truth is one without a second but He is viewed from different angles of vision by different religionists or transcendentalists under different circumstances. Some transcendentalists view the Absolute Truth as an impersonal force, generally known as the formless Brahman, while others view Him as the all-pervading localised aspect of God dwelling within all living entities and generally known as the Paramatma, or Supersoul. But there is another important group of transcendentalists who understand the Absolute Truth as the Absolute Personality of Godhead, possessing the potency of being impersonal and all-pervasive simultaneous with His Absolute Personality.

At the present moment the word religion is being sacrificed on the alter of materialistic tendencies. The human race is more concerned now with subject matters related to eating, sleeping, defending and gratifying the senses, much like the lower animals. The general tendency is to avoid transcendental subject matters as far as possible or, in any case, not to go into the details. Even the biggest political leaders have been heard to say that a hungry man finds no meaning in God and religion. People in general, under the leadership of such materialistic men, are gradually descending to the status of lower animals, devoid of all transcendental realization, knowing nothing beyond their material bodies and the material world.

Price:  $1.95  $1.25 
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