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Lists all questions and answers about the product : Fragrant Natural Aromatic Flower Oils - Mixed Pack of 12

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Question: Can I use for deity worship, before bathing the deity?

If you oil your deities before bathing it is better to use some kind of milder oils. These oils are better suited for offering to the deities when fresh flowers are not available.

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Question: Can you tell me how to use these oils. How the bottles is to be used. Is there a roll on cap or that has to be bought separately?

 Answer: These oils are specifically sold by us to be used in deity worship. There is no roll on cap, so you will have to be careful when using them. It may be helpful to use a cotton ball or q-tip so it does not accidentily spill.

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Question: Is this can be used for temple use for deities?

 Answer: Yes

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