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Lists all questions and answers about the product : Neem Japa Beads -- Colored

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Question: Please could you tell me how quickly the delivery of 30 sets of these beads would be? We are having a mantra meditation evening on the 7th April & need them by then if possible. Hare Krsna

 Answer: These beads are shipped from Vrindavan, India. On average, for orders outside of India, it takes about 7-14 days for shipments to arrive. If there are any delays with customs it can sometimes take a bit longer.

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Question: 1 want to buy

 Answer: Thank you for your interest! Sure thing, please be advised to just add the item in your cart and proceed to check out.  be be identical or equivalent to More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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Question: What are the do\\\'s and Don\\\'t s for wearing neem japa beads

These beads are not for wearing, but for chanting.

Neem wood has a purifying effect. For any beads used for chanting there should always be some reverence, but you can\'t make offenses in the same way as with Tulsi beads. Because of this neem is suggested for new devotees who may not know all the do\'s and don\'ts yet.

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