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Lists all questions and answers about the product : Kurta -- Cotton Khadi Color Pattern

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Question: Which colors are shown in the picture above?

 Answer: I beleive these colors are Green, Blue, and Cream, however the pictures are for example only. The exact color and pattern will vary depending on what\'s available.

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Question: I would like to see the pic of cream white kadii kurta? Also can we pick these up . I am based in Sydney I am wanting blue and white khadi kurtas Thanks Rakesh


Many of the items we provide at KrishnaStore are hand-made and often they are unique. So every item is a little different. Therefore it is not possible to take photos of every item. All we can do is give you the chance to specify the style, the size and the basic color you require. We can not specify exact shades of color or exact patterns, etc.

Because the exact colors and patterns of the available cloth change very regularly we can not provide you with exact photos or exact colors. I know this is difficult for some and apologize for that. The advantages we can provide is that we provide the best possible quality items at the best possible prices. You will not find our quality, low prices and low shipping prices anywhere else.

But as far as the exact colors and exact photos we can not provide them. Our customers understand this and depend on Krishna\'s mercy and generally speaking everyone is happy with the results. We have been supplying clothing items to the devotees of Krishna for almost ten years now and the devotees are overwhelmingly happy with the items they receive from us. You can check out the reviews to confirm this for yourself.

So just try ordering from us by specifying the size, style and basic color of the items you require and I am sure you will be pleased with the results like the thousands of other devotees who are happy with our humble attempts to serve you.

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