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The Art of Transcendence

This is a wonderful sequel to the book entitled Krsna Art. None of the paintings in Krishna Art were reproduced in this new book, though in some cases another artist's version of a painting appears.

Price:  $130.95 
Author: BBT
Format: size 30 x 36.5 x 4 cm.
Pages: Hardbound with fine cloth textur
ISBN: 0-89213-957-9

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The Art of Transcendence

This deluxe Krishna artbook contains 145 color plates (24x32cm), with several paintings covering both pages. The left page contains a text from Srila Prabhupada's books that refers to the particular story. The name of the artist and the date of painting are also mentioned.

The Themes:

  • Lord Krishna, 
  • Lord Visnu, 
  • Lord Ramacandra, 
  • Lord Caitanya (many more paintings of Lord Caitanya than in Krishna Art), and 
  • Pastimes from the Srimad Bhagavatam. 

With almost 6 kg weight this book has also quite some spiritual weight, with ever-fresh, inspiring pictures for meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

Price:  $130.95 
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