Virabhadra Beheads Daksa
Virabhadra Beheads Daksa

Virabhadra Beheads Daksa Krishna Art Prints on Paper and Canvas


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When Lord Shiva heard from Narada that Sati was now dead because of Daksa's insult to her he became greatly angry. Biting his lips, he immediately snatched from his head a strand of hair that blazed like electricity. He stood up at once, laughing like a madman, and dashed the hair to the ground. There suddenly appeared a fearful black demon as high as the sky and as bright as three suns, his teeth very terrifying and the hairs on his head like burning fire. He had thousands of arms equipped with various weapons, and he was garlanded with human heads. That gigantic demon, whose name was Virabhadra, asked with folded hands, "What shall I do, my lord?"

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