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Australian Hare Krishnas on Television USB Stick

Australian Televison stations covered every aspect of the preaching of the Hare Krishna movement as it developed in Australia particularly in the 1980's. This is a collection of almost 100 television programs, news stories, etc. Most of these programs have never been released before. It is almot all postive and very inspiring.

Price:  $29.95  $19.95 
Format: 16 GB USB Stick Thumb Drive

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Australian Hare Krishnas on Television USB Stick

More than thirteen hours of television programs and news, etc, on the Hare Krishna Movemet in Australia mostly during the 1980's. This is a history of how the Hare Krishna Movement came to Australia in the eyes of the National Televison Networks. There is probably no country in the world where the Hare Krishna's enjoyed so much favorable television coverage.

It includes:

  • a number of "60 Minutes" programs on the Australian Krishnas
  • Television coverage of Prahlada and the Krishna Kids program to free the Russion devotees from prisons
  • Australias Travelling Temple, a bus program collecting signitures to free the Russian Hare Krishnas
  • full coverage of Food For Life
  • the wedding of Ambrisa dasa (Alfred Ford)
  • television coverage of a Ratha-Yatra festival in Sydney where at the beginning the wheel of the cart ran over one Indian Ladies head and killed her
  • debates between the Hare Krishnas and the Orange People (Rajneeshes)
  • the opening of 'Gopals Burgers', a fast-food Krishna restaurant in Melbourne
  • national television coverage of the Adelaide Hare Krishna Chanting Ban
  • many documentaris on 'New Govardhan', the Australian Hare Krishna Farm
  • Extensive televison coverage of the Hare Krishna Guru, Bhavananda
Price:  $29.95  $19.95 
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