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ISKCON Video Collection USB Stick

More than thirty-six hours of television programs and documetaries on ISKCON. The complete history of ISKCON in flim and video. Includes sections on ISKCON Temples, Children of Krishna, the Deprogrammers, Interfaith Preaching, ISKCON Gurus and ISKCON in Russia.

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Format: 32GB USB Thumb Drive

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ISKCON Video Collection USB Stick

A comprehensive collection of more than 36 hours of films and videos on the development and histroy of ISKCON. This collection focuses on ISKCON temples and the preaching activities of the ISKCON devotees over the years.

ISKCON Temples

A wonderful collection of films and documetaries on ISKCON temples, including a very large colletion of programs on the New Vrindavan Farm community and Srila Prabhupada's Palace of Gold. 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' covers the Dalas, Texas temple, 'Does Ford Have a Better Idea' covers the opening of the Detroit temple, 'Temple of Understanding' on the ISKCON Durban temple, 'The Simple Temple' on Radhanatha Swami's Chowpati temple, and more...

Children of Krishna

Includes the NBC News feature on the Los Angeles Hare Krishna children and the Australian '60 Minutes' show on Krishna's children. Also includes the more recent ISKCON gurukul documentaries: 'Cost of Silence' and 'Faith and Fear'.

Deprogramming Hare Krishnas

During the 1970s when so many young people were joining the Hare Krishna movement some parents were upset that their sons and daughters decided to become Hare Krishna devotees and they employed deprogrammers like Ted Patrick to kidnap their sons and daughters and brainwash them into rejecting Srila Prabhupada and Krishna.

There are many shows including a televison debate between the deprogrammer Ted Patrick and Hriydananda Swami and the editon of the very popular television show 'Lou Grant' on the Hare Krishna movement.

Krishna Consciousness in Europe

A collection of very interesting films and documentaries covering the preachign activities of ISKCON in Europe during the 1980s and 1990s. Includes 'Hare Krishna in Holland', 'Hare Krishna in Italy', 'Krishna Consciousness in Northern and Central Europe' and a Swiss Television program on the Zurich temple.

Krishna in Russia

An amazing collection of documentary films on ISKCON in Russia including 'The Peace Formula', the best documentary on the history of Krishna consciousness coming to Russia, documentaries on the devotees preaching in Ukraine under the communist government, the 1992 Hare Krishna Festival in Moscow featuring Boy George and an amazing 2009 film by the late and great Krishna das 'Yuga Dharma -- Sri Harinam Yatra', and more also...

Interfaith Preaching

Many programs on ISKCON devotees preaching to other religious groups including 'American Religous Town Hall', 'Challenge My Sermon', 'An Inside Look at Hare Krishna', 'Perspectives', 'Religion of Smiles', Tamal Krishna Gosvami on 'Houston Live'.

And much more...



Price:  $39.95  $29.95 
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