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Hare Krishna People USB Stick

A large collection of films and videos on a USB thumb drive focusing on Krishna devotees who dedicated their lives to spreading Krishna consciousness all over the world. This collection includes shows on Hare Krishna People, Hare Krishna Bands, Plays and Dramas, George Harrison, Hare Krishna in the Movies, Pilgrimage Places, etc.

Price:  $39.95  $29.95 
Format: 32GB USB Thumb Drive

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Hare Krishna People USB Stick

A wondeful collection of films and videos including the following sections:

Hare Krishna People

Includes the classics,  'Hare Krishna People', 'World of Hare Krishna', 'New Hare Krishna World' along with others like 'Hiders and Seekers' a television documentary from Australia, 'Hare Krishna Youth Festival', 'My Hare Krishna Family', etc.

Dramas and Plays

Hare Krishna devotees performing some very good plays and dramas including Australian and French versions of 'The Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva', 'The Kidnapping of Rukmini', 'Ramayana' (in French), 'PAMHO', etc.

George Harrison

Includes the last recorded interview with George Harrison and a collection of shows produced by devotees glorifying the service of George Harrison and his help in spreading Srila Prabhupada's Hare Krishna movement around the world.

Hare Krishna Bands

An inspiring collection of devotee bands including the long lost documentary 'Planting the Seed' with Dhrstadumnya Swami and the Hare Krishna band at the Sweetwaters Festival in New Zealand, 'Nirantara Live at the Pyramid House', 'Nityananda Band', 'Transcendence Band Show', etc.

Hare Krishna in the Movies

Includes the original and new 'Hare Krishna in the Movies' shows and the first ITV Film Festival.


There is a big collection of films on Mayapur on this USB stick including: 'Benediction Moon', 'Journey to Krishna's India', 'Lord Caitanya's 500th Anniversary', 'Example to the World', 'Mayapur Festival', 'Mayapur Samadhi Inaguration', 'Merciful Nrsimha', 'Panca-Tattva Maha-Abhishek', etc.

Pilgrimage Places

A great collection of shows on Indias holy pilgirmage places including: 'Dwarka Darshan', 'Govardhan Parikram', 'The Glories of India', 'Jagannatha Puri -- City of Lord Caitanya', 'Kumbha Mela 1986', 'Kumbha Mela -- The Nectar of Immortality', 'Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu -- The Golden Avatar', 'Pilgrimage to Ahobilam', 'Timeless Village of the Himalayas', 'Vrindavan, Land of Krishna'.



Price:  $39.95  $29.95 
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