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Testimonial by: Lorraine Ann Groom of Malaga, Spain

Date added: 08/25/2012

Title: In Love with Krishna

Hare Krishna dear Devotees..All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!! Thank you so very much for all the books and cds and dvd and traveling altars you have sent as my is helping me so much to just be surrounded by Prabhupadas books wherever I look!! And I am reading some more each day, dipping in here and there, learning so much about the how tos to getting closer to Krishna each moment. Thank you so much for your devotion and life changing chanting of the MahaMantra which is miraculously helping me slowly drop bad habits of a lifetime as I become more engrossed in the blissful happy world of Krishna Consciousness.,, Haribol!!! Lorraine

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