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Sri Krishna TV Series Part 3 (25 DVD Set)

On DVD. Based on Srimad-Bhagavatam (Bhagavat-Purana)

Part 3 of the Krishna DVD set from the maker of the Legendary Ramayan television series Ramananda Sagar. Inspired by the English rendering of Bhagwat Puran by His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. New. Sealed Box. Episodes 121-221 of the TV series! Includes Story of Purndarik, Story of Pandavas, Speaking of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna reveals His virat-rupa (universal form). Hindi with English Subtitles.

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Sri Krishna TV Series Part 3 (25 DVD Set)

The Epic TV serial 'Shri Krishna' sings the glories of Lord Krishna and is based on Srimad Bhagavatam Mahapurana.

The life of Sri Krishna is not a simple subject since His life-span is spread across the endless ocean of immortality and eternity.

Sri Krishna bhakti (worship) is embedded in the soul of India since millions of years and His image has been nourished by innumerable generations of the common man.

Episodes 121 - 222
Episode 121 - Bhanumati with help of Yaksha, Gandharva & Naag Dev fights Raj Guru to save Pradhyuman
Episode 122 - Pradhyuman grows to Youth. Devi Rati takesh him to swarg lok
Episode 123 - Bhanumati teaches Mayavi Vidhya to Pradhyuman
Episode 124 - Pradhyuman kills Achambasur & Vithasur
Episode 125 - Sinketu killed by Pradhyuman
Episode 126 - Sidhyaketu & Ketumali killed by Pradhyuman
Episode 127 - Narad suggest Pradhyuman to stop Yagya done by Kumbhketu wife Yamini at his house
Episode 128 - Pradhyuman kills Kumbhketu
Episode 129 - Pradhyuman fights and kills demon Sambrasur
Episode 130 - Bhanumati gets darshan of Shri Krishna, attains moksh
Episode 131 - Story of Pondrak, imposter Krishna in patal lok begins
Episode 132 - Hanuman enters Pondrak's city
Episode 133 - Pondrak calls Dividh Vanar to catch Hanuman
Episode 134 - Dividh vanar gets darshan of Hanuman on Gandhmadan mount
Episode 135 - Hanuman enters and burns Pondrak city to a graveyard
Episode 136 - Balram kills Dividh * Pondrak performs Yagya to acquire Arth Shastra
Episode 137 - Krishna kills Pondrak, Duriay & Krutya
Episode 138 - Katha of Arjun, Bhim and Balram's ego begins
Episode 139 - Hanuman gets darshan of Shri Krishna as Lord Ram
Episode 140 - Shri Krishna's life recaptured as a flashback
Episode 141 - Story of Krishna and Pandvas begin * Draupadi vastra Haran
Episode 142 - Shri Krishna responds to Draupadi's plea and comes to protect her honour * Pandavas exiled
Episode 143 - Kauravas celebrate Pandavas departure from Kingdom
Episode 144 - Exile, ends * Pandavas invite Kauravas to Abhimanyu's wedding
Episode 145 - Duryodhan and Arjun seek Krishna's help
Episode 146 - Karn meets his father, Sun God * Sanjay gets divya drishti (divine sight)
Episode 147 - Arjun reluctant to fight
Episode 148 - Sermon of Gita by Shri Krishna begins * Arjun's yoga of despondency (Vishad Yoga)
Episode 149 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 150 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 151 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 152 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 153 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 154 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 155 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 156 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 157 - Recap : Dyut Sabha * Vastra Haran * Vanvaas * Shanti Doot * War
Episode 158 - Arjun still refuses to fight. Sermon of Gita by Shri Krishna
Episode 159 - Sermon of Gita
Episode 160 - Conclusion of Sermon of Gita * Arjun, now ready to fight
Episode 161 - Yudhishtir declares commencement of war
Episode 162 - Shakuni incites Duryodhan against Bhishma Pitamah
Episode 163 - Sanjay narrates the events on the battle field to Dhirtarashtra and Gandhari
Episode 164 - Arjun agrees to fight Bhishma
Episode 165 - Demon Hambus joins battle and fights giant Ghatotkaj the son of Bhim
Episode 166 - Bhishma Pitamah is wounded seriously and is placed on bed of arrows
Episode 167 - Devi Ganga appears in front of Bhishma Pitamah
Episode 168 - Indra to save Arjun, approaches Karan for his Kundal and Kavach
Episode 169 - Guru Dronacharya created the army formation of a Chakravyuh
Episode 170 - Abhimanyu gets trapped in Chakravyuh and is killed mercilessly
Episode 171 - Recap : Story of Krishna and Sudama Katha
Episode 172 - Arjun humbled by Krishna who helps him rescue Brahman's Children from Yamlok
Episode 173 - Recap : Divine prophesy / Krishna born in jail / kaliya Mardan / lifting of Goverdhan Mountain / Maha Raas
Episode 174 - Recap : Krishna leaves Gokul
Episode 175 - Krisha and Arjun console Subhadra on Abhimanyu's death
Episode 176 - Arjun vows to kill Jayadradh before sunset to avenge Abhimanyu's death
Episode 177 - Jayadradh Vadh by Arjun
Episode 178 - Dronocharya kills king Drupad * Bhim kills elephant Ashwatama
Episode 179 - Grieving Dronacharya killed
Episode 180 - Krishna reveals to Karn the secret of his illegitimate birth
Episode 181 - Kunti meets Karn, seeks assurance of safety of her five sons
Episode 182 - Ghatotkaj vadh by Karn
Episode 183 - Fight between Karn and Bhim, between Arjun and Karn
Episode 184 - Karn's jeevan daan to Yudhishtir who is spared by Karn
Episode 185 - Karn and Arjun back in battle again * Arjun kills Karn
Episode 186 - Duryodhan grieves over Karn's death * Shri Krishna lauds bravery of Karn
Episode 187 - Duryodhan visits Bhishma who is on shar sajja army
Episode 188 - Nakul kills shakuni. Bhim kills Dushasan * Yudhishtir kills Magadh Raja Shalya
Episode 189 - Duryodhan flees from battle field
Episode 190 - Nakul hides himself in a pond using his Jal Vidya
Episode 191 - Gada fight between Bhim and Duryodhan who is seriously injured
Episode 192 - Pandavas and Shri Krishna visit Bhishma to seek his blessings
Episode 193 - Dhrithashtra and Gandhari mourn Duryodhan's death
Episode 194 - Shri Krishna's sudarshan chakra shields Abhimanyu's son Parikshat in Uttara's womb
Episode 195 - Ashwathama's plan to terminate Pandava's clan by destroying the foetus in pregnant Uttara's womb is foiled.
Episode 196 - Shri Krishna and Balram kill demon King Mura
Episode 197 - Bhishma consoles Dhritarashtra and Gandhari
Episode 198 - Pandavas learn from mother Kunti that Karan is their brother
Episode 199 - Yudhishtir is crowned King in Kaurava court * Bhishma Parva
Episode 200 - Shri Krishna shows his Chaturbhuj roop to Bhishma as he breathes his last
Episode 201 - Dhritarashtra and Gandhari proceed with Vidur for Vanprasth
Episode 202 - Sage Ved Vyas advises Yudhishtir to perform Ashwamedh Yagya
Episode 203 - Pandavas bid tearful farewell to Shri Krishna
Episode 204 - Maharishi Uttang Curses Shri Krishna
Episode 205 - Shri Krishna reveals his chaturbhuj Roop to Maharishi Uttang
Episode 206 - Shri Krishna and Balram meet vasudev and Devaki
Episode 207 - Shri Krishna brings back the six children of his mother Devaki on her request
Episode 208 - Shri Krishna gives darshan to Vajranath's grandmother
Episode 209 - Shri Krishna's son Pradyuman marries Prabhavati and they become parents of Anirudh
Episode 210 - Demon Banasur pleases Shiva gets boon of Invincibility
Episode 211 - Banasur becomes very proud of his invincibility
Episode 212 - Banasur arranges swayamvar of his daughter Princess Usha who is secretly in love with Anirudh
Episode 213 - Banasur warns Krishna against encouraging love between Usha and Anirudh
Episode 214 - Narad motivates Anirudh and accordingly Chitralekha sets out to abduct Anirudh
Episode 215 - Shri Krishna narrates the story of Chitralekha
Episode 216 - Chitralekha abducts Anirudh
Episode 217 - Usha and Anirudh elope with Chitralekha's help
Episode 218 - Enraged Banasur starts search for Usha and Anirudh
Episode 219 - Anirudh confronts Banasur Anirudh captured by Banasur
Episode 220 - Krishna seeks Shiva's blessing to kill Banasur
Episode 221 - Krishna vanquishes and humbles Banasur in fight
Episode 222 - Krishna reveals Viraat Roop. Prayers by Devtaas

Shri Krishna DVD Set Part 3 Back Cover

Mini Biography of Dr Ramanand Sagar

Dr. Ramanand Sagar was born as Chandramauli Chopra on December 29, 1917 at Asal Guru Ke, near the city of Lahore, Pakistan (then part of Hindustan).

During the British Rule itself, Ramanand began his film career with a silent movie called "Raiders of the Railroad" (1936). Subsequently, he went on to make, what is now known as a masterpiece, "Aur Insaan Mar Gaya".

Following freedom of India from the British, Ramanand launched his very own production company during the year 1950, calling it the Sagar Art Corporation, and began this by making a movie called "Mehmaan".

Sagar Art Corporation and Ramanand Sagar have to their credit over 50 Hindi movies, including blockbusters such as "Insaniyat", "Ghunghat", "Peghaam", "Aankhen" (1968) "Geet", "Bagavat", "Lalkar", "Kohinoor", "Zindagi", Aarzoo" are just to name a few.

Ramanand created history when he made the television serial "Ramayan", reportedly the longest running serial in India, which featured the life and times of Bhagwan Shri Ram, and his eventual conquest over Lord Ravan and his evil empire in Lanka.

He was presented India's highest Honor "Padamshree", and became known as Padamshree Dr. Ramanand Sagar.

He used to reside in his family home called "Sagar Villa" in Juhu, Bombay. Before that they lived in a flat behind National Hospital in Dadar (West), Bombay.

At the age of 87, Ramanand had not been keeping good health, and unexpectedly passed away on Monday December 11, 2005 in the evening.

His funeral procession consisted of several hundred family, close friends, and Bollywood's actors like Arun Govil, Deepika (who played Ram and Sita respectively in Ramayan), Poonam Dhillon, Bhagyashree, Ravindra Jain, etc.

The funeral pyre was lit and last rites performed by Ramanand's eldest son, Subhash, at the Juhu-Vile Parle Crematorium on the morning of December 12, 2005.

Ramanand is survived by his wife, a daughter, and four sons (Subhash, Moti, Prem, Anand).


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5 out of 5 stars Reviews

 5 of 5 Stars!
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These DVD are excellant. We enjoyed watching. The DVD were received within two weeks of ordering. Very satisfied.These DVD are excellant. We enjoyed watching. The DVD were received within two weeks of ordering. Very satisfied. Read less


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