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Tulsi Neckbeads -- Jagannatha Pendant

Genuine Tulsi Wood -- Guaranteed

Wonderful Tulsi beads in a beautiful pattern with an adorable little Jagannatha pendant. It is standard practice for Krishna devotees to wear Tulsi beads all of the time. Now you can add Jagannatha's beautiful smile to your presence in this way.

Price:  $8.95  $7.49 

Laddu Gopal Deity Clothes
 $6.95  $6.25 

Assana for Meditation and Sitting (23"x24")
 $3.95  $3.49 

Childrens Stuffed Toy: Set of 3 Jagannatha - Baladeva - Subudra Dolls (10")
 $39.95  $36.25 

Srila Prabhupada Murti 10.5"
 $63.00  $49.00 

Silver Tulsi Necklace - Large Beads
 $27.75  $22.95 

Punjabi Suit -- Synthetic or Chiffon -- 3-piece (Top, Pants, Chadar)
 $37.49  $31.25 
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