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"A drop of green to keep your face healthy and clean." Medimix is made with an ayurvedic formula of herbs used to keep skin soft and pimple free with a glowing complexion. 50ml.Ayurvedic Face Wash, Medimix (50 ml)
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New Hare Krishna World Parts 1 & 2 DVD
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New Hare Krishna World Parts 1 & 2 DVD

Profile of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness at the turn of the milliennium. ITV travelled the world for three years to record the activities and people involved in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON movement. Stunning images, fascinating personalities, enthusiastically received by all who have seen it. A crowd pleaser, good for parents, and a great gift. Color, 110 min.

Price:  $9.95  $7.95 
Format: DVD

The Hills of Varsana
 $11.95  $7.75 


The Glories of Govardhana Hill
 $11.95  $7.75 


Sri Radha Kunda, the Most Sacred in the Universe
 $11.95  $7.75 


The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking


Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 7.5")
 $89.00  $59.95 


Mridanga Drum - Tilak


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excellent service and

I bought small mridandga and Krishna Art book. Both were packed well and arrived as ordered promptly. Mridanga is being used for daily family prayers in the evening. Excllent mridanga to own. Krishna ...

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By Hemant Bhatt

Great product

The oil and insense are wonderful. I was so impressed with the care that was put into packaging my purchase. Thank you so very much. I highly recommend their products!

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By Teresa Parkerson

Super Service and Products

I received my products 4 dhotis and three kurtees a few weeks ago. What a wonderfull set of items. Everything fits well and is sized in american sizes, the dhoti's are very nice material and even thou ...

(read more)

By Jeffrey Harris

Heavenly Incense only from Krishna Store

Love the Vrindavan Flower incense. Products reached on time and my home has the sweet fragrance of Temples. Hare Krishna

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By Michelle Vasandani


I want to thank Prabhupada's devotees for all the wonderful, personalized service I receive with every order. All of our Guru Maharaja's original books, cds, dvds, and photos are truly inspiring and a ...

(read more)

By Robert Gilpin

Very Happy With My Purchase

The books are really perfect and of exclusive quality. I am very satisfied and happy. The support is great too. :-) Thank you very much! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all sincere devotees of ...

(read more)

By Yury Plashenkov

So Grateful

I just want to thank you for your timely deliveries of my precious books, cd's and photos. Everything was in perfect condition. You made my purchases very easy to obtain, your website is so user-frien ...

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By Joy Golding


Hassle free service, fast delivery and great product!

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By Simon Day

Great Karatals

I bought some karatals from Krishna Store recently and I was very happy with them. They chime very nicely and I am very happy with them. All glories to your service to the Vaisnavas and the general pu ...

(read more)

By Nicholas Francis

Good products for a fair price

I ordered the simple mala bag and bell metal hand cymbals. Both were received promptly and were good quality for the fair price. I also like the fact that any profits are going to a good spiritual cau ...

(read more)

By Archie Lovell (Siddhartha)

Vrindavan comes to Missouri!

This is the 2nd time I have ordered from Krishna Store and I absolutely rave about the great customer service and speed of that service. Living in rural Missouri it is hard to find Krishna oriented it ...

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By James Hash

own-personal experience

Hare Krishna, I come across this site in search for a photo of the dear chaitanya mahaprabhu, once finding the desired photo i placed an order and received the parcel in Australia approximately a wee ...

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By Gagan Singh

tilaka and other things

I received my kanthi mala as well as my tilaka. now I want to buy the arati puja set as well as the offering plates so badly it is crawling in my skin. cant wait to save up to buy it. =]

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By Alex


I want to thank you so much for providing this service, as a lone devotee here in my town, you are a welcome balm to my heart and eyes. I love how my parcels come from Vrindavan, I even keep the envel ...

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By Joy Golding

Mrdanga Tilak meets all my expections!

I received my new, red Mrdanga Tilak on monday. My excitement when it arrived was similar to that which i felt opening christmas presents as a child. I gave it a first go for my wednesday kirtan gro ...

(read more)

By Colm Gannon

VRINDAVAN LAND OF KRISHNA Krishna appeared in Vrindavan, India, 5000 years ago, and His places of pastimes have been beautifully captured in this film. 
In SRI CHAITANYA?S PURI, award-winning actress Hayley Mills takes you on a tour of the holy places of Puri. 
THE GOLDEN AVATAR documents the life of India?s great saint and incarnation of Krishna, Caitanya Mahaprabhu. 
His place of birth on the banks of the sacred Ganges is featured in BENEDICTION MOON. Color 102 minutes.Pilgrimage to Krishna's India DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

Polish Woodstock 2004 drew over 400,000 young people, and Hare Krisha devotees were there for the annual cultural revolution.Hare Krishna Festivals in Poland -- 2004 Festivals
 $9.95  $7.95 

Deep in the jungles of South India lies the remains of Hiranyakashipu's palace. In a wildlife reserve haunted by tigers, bears, cobras, and other creatures, nine holy shrines housing Deities of Lord Nrsimhadeva await the adventurous pilgrim. Dhruva, a young, spiritually ambitious Nrsimha bhakta, has visited the area extensively. He knows the trails intimately. He is your guide on the most detailed darshans ever recorded. Color, 38 minutes.Pilgrimage to Ahobilam DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

"Temple of Understanding" documents the opening of the huge Hare Krishna temple in Durban, South Africa. Also includes "Does Ford Have a Better Idea" where Alfred Ford and Elizabeth Reuther at the opening of the Fisher Mansion Hare Krishna temple in Detroit.  "Deep in the Heart of Texas" shows us the Dallas, Texas Hare Krishna Temple.Does Ford Have a Better Idea DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

The great original, irreplaceable primer on ISKCON. DVD also includes Deprogrammers: Ted Patrick Vs. Hrdayananda, Maranatha, Garbage In Bed,Hare Krishna People DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

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