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Excellent quality real original Yak Tail chamara fan for Deity worship. These deluxe traditional chamars are the complete bunch of hair from a yak (which quickly grows back after being removed). These are in short supply and difficult to get. This is exactly the same style of chamara the gopis used to fan Krishna and Mother Yasoda used to worship Krishna. We have limited stocks and do not know how long we will be able to offer this product so if you want a real chamara please order it now.
 Chamara - Real Deluxe Yak Tail Fan / Wisk
 $109.25  $90.95 

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New Hare Krishna World Parts 1 & 2 DVD
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New Hare Krishna World Parts 1 & 2 DVD

Profile of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness at the turn of the milliennium. ITV travelled the world for three years to record the activities and people involved in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON movement. Stunning images, fascinating personalities, enthusiastically received by all who have seen it. A crowd pleaser, good for parents, and a great gift. Color, 110 min.

Price:  $9.95  $7.95 
Format: DVD

The Hills of Varsana
 $11.95  $7.75 


The Glories of Govardhana Hill
 $11.95  $7.75 


Sri Radha Kunda, the Most Sacred in the Universe
 $11.95  $7.75 


The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking


Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 7.5")
 $89.00  $59.95 


Mridanga Drum - Tilak


Currently viewing:  New Hare Krishna World Parts 1 & 2 DVD
My treasure!

Dear team of Krishna Store, thank you very much for your great service. I have ordered a DVD 'Little Krishna' for my son and he just loves it! As result, a whole family ended up in front of the screen ...

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By Marina Mallia

very good service full of devotional enthusiasm

very good service full of devotional enthusiasm prompt reply quick shipment very good packing Hare Krishna all glories to Srila Prabhupada

(read more)

By Raj Khanna

Excellent service

The Krishna Store website is clear, attractive and easy to use. The service and delivery of products was excellent. The products arrived in good time well packaged. I would recommend the Krishna Store ...

(read more)

By Bimal Kumar


Hare Krishna! amazing shopping experience, swift, wrapped with care and love. the cookbook is beautiful,will be a pleasure to read and cook from. Hari Bol.

(read more)

By Thirza Rostant-Kuipers

hari hari bol

HARE KRISHNA... JAI SRI RADHE !!!! ALL FINE... Thank you very much for your very fast and excellent service. I hope to do business with again very soon. Keep up the good work! It is a fantastic s ...

(read more)

By Nick Dlugaiczyk

Best customer service and deity clothes.

I have been a longtime customer of this website. I first started out buying books and deity clothing sets with jewelry for my Gaura-Nitai deities. I was very pleased with my purchases. When the high e ...

(read more)

By Bhaktin Jeannette

Timely Transcendence.....

We received all items, in a timely manner.... of which the quality is first class.... Pukka!!!.... the only glitch was the local postal service..... When we 'thought' there was a problem, I was as ...

(read more)

By Kus Soumie

Tilak and Cymbals

I had ordered Gopi Chandan Powder for Tilak, Tilak Stamp, and Hand Cymbals. I was surprised that it came all the way from Vrindavan, Krishna's city!! It arrived pretty soon and I am very happy about i ...

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By Pradipta



(read more)

By Anil Rachwani

Prompt delivery/Excellent Products

Second time I have ordered products thru' the krishnastore website. Both times, received prompt delivery and excellent products. Tilak mrdanga from USA and hand cymbals from India arrived packaged wel ...

(read more)

By Sarjit

Servant to the Servant

The great strength of bhakti is service. This is what I perceive at the Krishna store. First class puja items e.a. direct from Vrindavan and everything very well packaged. Just felt very happy when it ...

(read more)

By Sakhya Devi Dasi


Excellent service, beautiful products. I have ordered products a few times from the store and I am always very impressed with the excellent service. Hare Krishna.

(read more)

By Naomi Porter

Hand cymbals, Aroti set

Hare Krishna...I'm pleased with the arrival of order

(read more)

By Kathryn McFrazier

Beautiful t-shirt... Beautiful fit.

Nice all-over printing on a t-shirt with nice attention to fit.

(read more)

By Canaan Albright

Your Prices Are Wonderful!

I would just like to say that I agree with Eka Das on how affordable it all is. I am not a devotee, but a Christian, and I'm a vegeterain, I was interested in the Bhagavad-Gita because of a study on G ...

(read more)

By charles sedan

VRINDAVAN LAND OF KRISHNA Krishna appeared in Vrindavan, India, 5000 years ago, and His places of pastimes have been beautifully captured in this film. 
In SRI CHAITANYA?S PURI, award-winning actress Hayley Mills takes you on a tour of the holy places of Puri. 
THE GOLDEN AVATAR documents the life of India?s great saint and incarnation of Krishna, Caitanya Mahaprabhu. 
His place of birth on the banks of the sacred Ganges is featured in BENEDICTION MOON. Color 102 minutes.Pilgrimage to Krishna's India DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

Polish Woodstock 2004 drew over 400,000 young people, and Hare Krisha devotees were there for the annual cultural revolution.Hare Krishna Festivals in Poland -- 2004 Festivals
 $9.95  $7.95 

Deep in the jungles of South India lies the remains of Hiranyakashipu's palace. In a wildlife reserve haunted by tigers, bears, cobras, and other creatures, nine holy shrines housing Deities of Lord Nrsimhadeva await the adventurous pilgrim. Dhruva, a young, spiritually ambitious Nrsimha bhakta, has visited the area extensively. He knows the trails intimately. He is your guide on the most detailed darshans ever recorded. Color, 38 minutes.Pilgrimage to Ahobilam DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

"Temple of Understanding" documents the opening of the huge Hare Krishna temple in Durban, South Africa. Also includes "Does Ford Have a Better Idea" where Alfred Ford and Elizabeth Reuther at the opening of the Fisher Mansion Hare Krishna temple in Detroit.  "Deep in the Heart of Texas" shows us the Dallas, Texas Hare Krishna Temple.Does Ford Have a Better Idea DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

The great original, irreplaceable primer on ISKCON. DVD also includes Deprogrammers: Ted Patrick Vs. Hrdayananda, Maranatha, Garbage In Bed,Hare Krishna People DVD
 $9.95  $7.95 

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